Next on the Horizon….And into the Sunset.. Writing, Acting and Making Your Mark.

I am getting ansty. I get that way. I think a lot of people who have a creative spirit do. As most of you guys know I created a show called Redneck Weddings. Doing press and so forth which is all exciting . In some of these interviews I get that dreaded question. WHAT AM I WRITING NEXT…

Most recently, I had a friend ask me to write something for her which is very nice of her. She is has been in some cult movies of the past and is a very dramatic actress. I say that in a good way. So, being someone who has not written a great deal and has acted more so I get where she is coming from I quote what she said to me “Catherine I want to make a mark that I existed “now” not just thirty years ago. I want a role that I can sink my teeth in. I am so much more.” Being an artist.

Very heavy stuff. I can relate. I remember seeing my name in credits in a movie saying well someone 100 years from now will know hey who is this Catherine Natale???
Crowned Queen

So, in some way I have made a little mark in this universe. I bet you guys reading this never thought about that well I just thought that it was profound and something to express in the creative hub.

I am also getting antsy to get back on stage. Once you come up from stage you always have it in you. Being on camera is fine but not the same as getting that interaction with an audience. It is like going to Church. I always felt that theatre was like a symbol of church in a humanistic type of way. As an actress not only are you an instrument to the playwright and director but you have the opportunity to inspire and touch someone in a profound way. There is nothing like feeling a sea of humanity waiting to see what will happen on stage or not a pin drop heard from the audience because they are on the edge of their seats or hearing people cry in the audience because somehow you have touched them brought them to a place.

So I am thinking about my next script maybe a drama perhaps a film script. Always one for the challenge.

So in the meantime while I decide what I am going to write next.

I got written up my Max It Magazine on my show Redneck Weddings and the Music Video. Very cool. Feel Free to share.




“Redneck Weddings” Gets on Blog Talk Radio with Joanne Mathis from Mathis Interiors Radio Show on September 9th!

Well, I am spreading the word about Redneck Weddings! I will be a guest on Mathis Interiors Radio Show on September 9th 5:00pm Pacific Time & 8:00 pm East Coast Time. Yay!

Host Joanne Mathis is a funny, positive person you should be a fan of her show!

I was fortunate to speak with her this past week and what is really crazy is that she went to the American Academy of Dramatic Arts like me and she also was involved with the Roundabout Theatre where I once studied back in New York! Plus we are both from New Jersey.

Small world right!

Mathis Interiors Radio Show is about passion, positive vibe, following your dream in whatever it may be.

If you have been following my blog you know that my passion is Art, Writing, “Redneck Weddings” my Scripted TV Pilot and Acting.

We are going to cover all that in our interview and hopefully I can pass that “can do” attitude to you too.

Here is the link that day to listen September 9th West Folks 5:00 pm – East Folks 8:00 pm.


Catherine Natale IMDb Page: Feel free to like!


Redneck Weddings Facebook Page: Join the Fun!
Have a safe Labor Day Weekend!
me in green Revised

“Redneck Weddings” Gets On Vegas Unwrapped Internet Radio Show with Aaron Phillips & Ricky Cash!

Vegas Unwrapped Radio with Aaron Phillips and Ricky Cash, Catherine Natale and Peter Papageorgiou

Vegas Unwrapped Radio with Aaron Phillips and Ricky Cash, Catherine Natale and Peter Papageorgiou

Hi Everyone,

I had a great time with Aaron Phillips and Ricky Cash on Vegas Unwrapped. This podcast was special because my hubby was on too Peter Papageorgiou who also has a great TV pilot Late Bloomers. Since we both worked on each others shows it was great to chat with my Goonba’s from New York and New Jersey Phillips & Cash!


It was like a east coast reunion with a lot of laughs and just talking about the business of show. In case you have not heard of them they have a great entertainment show in Las Vegas KLAV AM and they talk about life, entertainment or whatever is happening in Vegas. I would also like to thank Andi Dupper KLAV AM amazing PR person who contacted us and assisted as before the show!

Interview on Vegas Unwrapped


Those of you who are just starting to follow my blog I wrote a show called “Redneck Weddings” that was inspired by a wedding chapel in Las Vegas so it was fitting to go on and chat with the High Priest (Aaron Phillips) and Moses (Ricky Cash.) We talked about how my husband Peter and I met to what TV shows we like to what the industry is doing now to a reality show that is about to come about called TV Pilot Wars that will be about us! That’s right! A husband and wife who have two different TV shows and the drama of getting our dream to become a reality (a reality show)! In Trouble Zone Productions will be involved in this show. How Exciting!

Catherine Natale & Peter Papageorgiou

Catherine Natale & Peter Papageorgiou

Late bloomers group cropped @750

Late Bloomers pilot: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DgMp2DLWCfQ

So, as you can see there has been a lot going on with Redneck Weddings. Besides the reality show…. I have a non – exclusive shoppers agreement with Panda Propaganda in Los Angeles and I may have another shoppers agreement in the near future.

Group shot of Redneck Weddings 400 with no title

Links: Music Video of Redneck Weddings:

Redneck Weddings Website: http://www.redneckweddingstv.com
Redneck Weddings Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Redneck-Weddings-Comedy/131800780233767
IMDb page: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1264695/?ref=fun_all_nm_1

Redneck Weddings Soup! Come and Get it!

Our Cast Photo of Redneck Weddings.

I am a pretty good cook.  Like most cooks, I just put in a little bit of this a little bit of that in the pot. Well….Meet the Characters was like that.  Way before we started shooting Michael and I would be like cooks preparing a recipe for the world.  Michael would call or ask me for more dialogue or those confessionals that the actor is speaking to the camera.  It’s set up like you the audience know their secret we call it in the business breaking the 4th wall.  A lot of shows are doing it such as The Office, Modern Family it keeps the audience invested.   It was done in some movies back in the 60’s.  I guess they were trying new ways to shoot.     The dialogue has to be on the spot and funny quickly otherwise it falls flat. 

So, at the time of shooting months before I had to write about five of them.  Give them to Michael for approval and then to the actors.  It was more work.  But it actually really made the piece  better.   The interviews again was like this is my secret world only you know (the audience).     And the scenes how to fit the scenes together with the confessionals and interviews so they are one story.   Uhmmmmm.

So, here I was months later in the edit trying to make that big pot of comedy soup! In the trailer, I (Breesy) opened the piece of Redneck Weddings but in Meet the characters it is sexy Caroline.  It felt right after all the chapel is the center of where everything happens! 

The opening credits were shot on location. Portraits shots of each character. That was Michael’s idea.  Low – Budget but it fit and you get a sense and a look of the show. So you see it is all in the recipe, planning or just putting all those flavors together.  The location again the Chapel where it all begins.   With Meet the Characters I wanted to get a feel of the south and the people so I took moments and kept switching back and forth. And with the great music from Peter (editor) we were still able to get the fun of the show.

But we had sound problems.   Some footage we could not use at all.  Interviews with Jack we could not hear very well.   So, we had to scrape that.   Some of my sound we doctored and of Michael’s voice wavered and he was not miked we fixed that.  At the time of shooting we just thought we would just get the actors response.  But at times it did not make sense what they were saying so we had to leave in the interviewers voice.  It ‘s pretty funny because he sounds like an outsider trying to get the scoop.    That edit went really fast. Within two weeks we had a good rough cut.  Michael continue to look at it and put down his thoughts but all in all we over came the problems had a good product.  

To take a look at Meet the Characters go on our website

redneckweddingstv.com  click onto the cast photo and it will come up.


An Update:

Recently, I have started doing a lot of press on the show.  All to achieve my goal to shoot six webisodes through Kickstarter.  We just launched last week.   So, everyone out there we appreciate your support even a comment on Kickstarter would be great. If you enjoy my blog and the process please do.    A lot of fans from all over the world have started to read about Redneck Weddings here on this blog.   It makes a world of difference to the cast, crew and me the writer.  I have been getting all of your comments and thumbs up though my e-mail.  But please go to “our launch” on the website and just comment on Kickstarter. If you are a lucky person by all means take advantage of the rewards package.    

It means a lot of us!

I thought it would be fun at this time to give you links of my press kit.




website:   redneckweddingstv.com 

 And a fan Rob Valle has actually composed an original song for Redneck Weddings!

Have a listen. 



Next Week:

the filming of my introduction for Kickstarter. It is so hard being yourself!

I will show some outtakes of me trying to get it right  and talk about a dog named penny that kept up-staging me.   Penny got cut out. Artistic Differences.

 How I came up with the website design!


Redneck Weddings Gets Launched!

Sorry that I was not able to put out a new blog yesterday.  I was busy trying to promote Redneck Weddings.

Peter and Me talk about Show Biz and our Project Late Bloomers and Redneck Weddings

You see I have just launched October 1st on Kickstarter.com.  I promised that I would blog about Kickstarter on an earlier post.   I felt that right now for all you people who have a great product or project just like mine I would give my insights and then start again talking about the edit on Friday!

Kickstarter is crowd-funding.  Own by Kickstarter and Amazon.com.  They are really strict so many guidelines to follow but if you go to Kickstarter school on their site you have a better chance of getting accepted.   People on that site are looking for funding, it could be an invention, an app, book, TV show you name it is up there.   Kickstarter is the top of the line as far as crowd funding.  Hollywood has beckon with Kickstarter.   Industry people who don’t want to wait for someone to say YES I have the MONEY go to Kickstarter to try to get the funding.

Our ActorsE-Chat interview on camera My husband Peter and MOI!


So it is very legit.   As a person with a project I have to promise that I will follow through. All proceeds go to the project (period).   So where do I begin?  Well first, you have to be very clear on what you are proposing it is a pitch.  It gets fuzzy when it comes to entertainment.  Because the  project is always developing.  But you must have a great video of the show or an introduction piece of your invention (shot well) that explains the show and the characters or what you are trying to show.  People want to know what they are giving money to.   Make it short.  People have ADD.  Next is a whole blank white screen about the project you  write about !

Make it visual and clear and also be realistic about the amount you want. If you have an amount and ask for the moon and don’t reached it that is a drag because you get nothing.

Rewards:  Think creatively.  It must relate to your project. You must promise an reward system if people donate to your project.  And you have a certain amount of a time frame to deliver that gift.  You can’t mention that if you give 5,000 dollars that you will provide an  luxury around the world trip to someone when your project is a cooking show.

A world trip

Bribing is not allowed.   Another thing:  take your time.  I opened the account in May and did not launch until October.  That was a lot of this and that until I got my description just right.   Take your time and you will be better for it.

Kickstarter has 30 or 60 days to keep your project on their site.   I went for the sixty days. Because I need to advertise the project.  Get on radio shows, podcasts, articles it takes time.

That is up to you.  But you do have a choice.

Requirements:  You must be a USA citizen you must have a major credit card.   Also have to open an Amazon.com account.  My advice is to set that up before you are accepted by Kickstarter.  It takes time for their approval and then you have to submit to Kickstarter for approval only not to launch your project.  So all of this takes time and use social media to get the word out.   Like I said at a past post the internet is great!  Years ago this would never would have happened giving average folks like me a chance.    There are other sites Indiegogo but Kickstarter is where everyone goes to.

Funding:  If you don’t reach your goal you get nothing.  If you do Kickstarter and Amazon take up to 7 percent of the funding.     There have been a lot of success stories but it is work.

But if you have the passion go for it I DID!

I hope that this helps on your passion project!  Go for it!

My website:  redneckweddingstv.com/

Wish me luck!    I will be on the Ben Wiggens Show from Accessfilms October 10th!

Taming the Beast……Redneck Weddings!

Michael, Peter and myself would be at the auditions.  First I had to post a casting call and find a location for auditions. Rehearsal space or space in general in Los Angeles, is very expensive.  But I found a place for nothing with some rules, but it had a camera and in a great location in Hollywood.   Like most actors the moment I see the audition is too far away I start to think.  Do I want to go? … unless it is a paid gig.   So, I started my breakdowns on Actors Access part of the breakdown services.  And a way I went.

You think writing breakdowns for your characters is easy to write!. No.  You have to be really specific as to what want you want. Actors need information.  I guess being one I understood and I can relate. What do they want???? You are always asking that.   And another thing once I get the sides if the material is not good that is a red flag. When I get the sides for projects I have read some really bad stuff and I am like ….do I really want to commit to this.

So,  I made sure that it was a few lines. Lines that would tell what the character was. And then had them do improv.  Coming from Second City Improv training that is important to me.  So, that day we put them through the ringers.  We saw fifty people in four hours.  Our Gus, Andrew Stubblefield was at another audition there when the director for that project he was auditioning for urge him to audition for ours.  As I came out to greet people our hostess that was managing the front insisted that I see Andrew.  Looking at him I say OK.  He was wonderful and at the right place at the right time.   And then lovely Liz Lytle, she came in dressed like Caroline and nailed it. She is from the Groundlings and not only talented but very sexy.  There is some suggestive nudity in the role. After all Caroline is a nudist.  In the trailer we don’t show it but it is mentioned.   Liz had no problem with that.  She has a role in a film that will come out called Act Naturally.

Here is a trailer of the film Act Naturally.


Preacher was hard to cast.  We saw some really great guys. Some could play instruments. We even saw a Elvis Look a Like from Palm Springs. When he walked in you knew Elvis was in the Building.  But Michael and I went for Denis O’ Mahoney.  He looks nothing like Elvis but he was dark and interesting and could sing a little.   You would think the we would go for Elvis the Look Alike.  No not us.

Preacher Evans. Behind the scenes. Denis O’Mahoney

With the cast finalized….the location of the chapel was still not decided.  LaCanada was far away and North Hollywood was closer. We had looked at other locations but the other location where the grooms died was at a closed down shopping mall in North Hollywood that once was open back in the early ninties. But the Northridge earthquake happened and rumor has it that the owner got a nice settlement from the goverment and left it the way it is today. So, we picked the North Hollywood house easy to get people to commit for one day then two.

The house in North Hollywood was dumpy. Small porch a busy street not good. But a good front yard.  The owner did not live there. It was a rental.  The renter pretended to be the owner but little did I know that a older woman that lived down the street was taking care of the property.  She saw us on the property.  Who are you? We introduced ourselves.  She was supportive and welcomed us.  You talk to me from now on not the renter. OK.  So the coming weeks, I only spoke to her little did I know it would bite me in the butt  (the renter that is).

That in itself is a reality show.  Our shooting date kept changing which is not good.   We still had no crew to speak of.  Our DP went back to Texas and now we were in search for another one.  There was so much to do.   Michael took care of getting the crew and cameras. I have no idea what I am talking about when it comes to tech. But he was getting frustrated.  I started working on the set design and art department. There were times it seemed hopeless trying to get it all done.  Like I said in an earlier post I do my best writing in conflict so I re-wrote the trailer script.

This time Michael wanted confessionals and the script had no wedding scene (what is wrong with me) and now with hearing the actors reading it I had to make some changes.  In the end it would be 13 pages.

Redneck Weddings was was taking shape through all the bumps in the road. The project was becoming a big monster that was always hungry and it needed direction and none of us knew where it would take us!