Redneck Weddings at the Hoboken International Film Festival!

Creator and Writer Catherine Natale on the red carpet

Creator and Writer Catherine Natale on the red carpet

My friends and I doing a selfie at the Hoboken International Film Festival

My friends and I doing a selfie at the Hoboken International Film Festival

Creator Catherine Natale before the award show at the Hoboken international film festival Paramount Theatre

Me at the theatre before show

At the marquee sign

At the marquee sign

Redneck Weddings got it’s debut at the Hoboken International Film Festival. It was my first experience as a Filmmaker/Creator being accepted at a festival. Out of 1500 entries only 150 were selected and only 14 TV pilots were chosen.

So, it was a big deal for everyone involved with Redneck Weddings!

I had a blast to say the least.

Here are some photos of my time in Middletown NY. Yes Middletown NY not Hoboken NJ. You see they had a fire at a theatre in Hoboken the festival Director Kenneth Del Vechicco was shooting a film up in Middletown and decided to hold the festival there! The Paramount Theatre is a beautiful theatre Redneck Weddings was shown in the big theatre. I was 50 feet tall!!!

Burt Young was honored at the festival among other celebrities that came out! It was quite a week.

Red Carpet Interview: https://vimeo.com/98828797

Redneck Weddings Creator and Writer being interviewed.

Redneck Weddings Creator and Writer being interviewed.

Hoboken International Festival

Hoboken International Festival

website: http://www.redneckweddingstv.com
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Redneck-Weddings-Comedy/131800780233767

“Redneck Weddings” will be on Vegas Unwrapped Radio Show!

Hope everyone is well!

I have been busy with my show Redneck Weddings and doing some continued press. Redneck Weddings is getting noticed and not confirmed yet…. but I might have another production company interested in shopping or pitching the show!

It always seems unreal or amazing to me that this little show that I started by little short stories about a wedding chapel would balloon to something bigger than I had ever thought. I think what I am trying to say is that you must have courage and believe and push forward no matter how bleak things seemed in the present or future sometimes adversity can be your best friend if you take a stand. I am stubborn my husband of 18 years is always telling me that!


I will be in a documentary called “Luck Be a Lady” by Kevin Silva that will open in theaters in the fall. I was interviewed by Kevin I had sent him an e-mail when I found out about his documentary which is about Wedding Chapels in Las Vegas! How perfect is that! He interviewed me on camera and I made the cut I will be in Luck Be a Lady!

Also I will be on Vegas Unwrapped it is a internet radio show on Klav 1230 AM that broadcasts from Las Vegas the hosts are Aaron Phillips and Ricky Cash I will be on Thursday August 15th between 7:15 pm to 9:00 PM (West Coast) my husband Peter Papageorgiou will also be on talking about our pilots yes we both of shows in development! His is Late Bloomers a wacky comedy about four guys who just turned forty and looking for a better chapter in their life. So they move from NY and give Los Angeles a shot.

be a friend on Facebook they have a page!

Late bloomers group cropped @750

Best of luck to everyone! Keep truckin!

You can find me on twitter and facebook through my website and get a taste of the show.

Redneck Weddings! Just A Creator of A TV Show in the Jungles of Hollywood

Hi Everyone,

The last couple of months have been exciting and filled with rejection.    I recently read an article in the Hollywood Reporter that the path of an successful creator of a TV show or writer in the world of TV is that failure is a passage for success.  The more you are out there and people are talking about you in some way you have success!

In Hollywood, nowhere else can you be one minute the toast of the town and the next be unemployed!  Being an actress well…forget about it….   let alone a creator of your own show.   I guess I am use to be rejected most people will cry or beat the wall I on the other hand think of it as a learning experience on what my completion is or what I can do to get better my “goals”.  The more No’s the more I get stubborn and say Yes I Can!  So, if this blog can perk you up I actually did my job.  Most very successful people have failed in some way.  

So for me it is the little things that add up to the big picture.   So, let me get you caught up since it has been a few months.   Redneck Weddings is on IMDb.  It has been getting hits on Rooftopcomedy.com  “under funny films”  got 5 stars!  

Folks are asking for more content because of lack of funds, I am now contacting productions companies and one has actually expressed interest in the project.  

I also got interviewed by Kevin Silva who is doing a documentary called “Luck be a Lady”. About wedding chapels!

 Always amazed at people who comment from all over the world about this show. Thank you for your support.

 I will be cutting a music video for Redneck Weddings with Bob Valle who wrote a song about the show called you guessed it “Redneck Weddings”. His band will be playing along with him and I will posted it on here when we get it up on the Redneck Weddings youtube channel.

I am also working on another project called “All About Manos”.  I co-wrote it with Eden Young who’s mom wrote “Little Darlings” with Tatum O’Neil in the early 80’s.   We are to star in it next month!   So, it’s about moving forward and not losing focus.

I will continue to keep you posted as I crawl through the jungles of Hollywood. I am sure to meet some interesting characters along the way as usual.


The Best!


Redneck Weddings IMDb

Show website: redneckweddingstv.com

Luck be a Lady IMDb http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2378367/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1

Redneck Weddings Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/redneckweddingstv

Redneck Weddings The Saga Continues!

Hi Everyone,

I am amazed at all my fans that continue to view my blog even though I took a hiatus.  I am slowing getting back so stay with me and I will continue I am sure with more information and funny stories.

On a sad note:

Redneck Weddings did not get funded on Kickstarter this past October.  I was disappointed but more determined then ever to continue my show.  I have sent it to a number of festivals and production companies!

But the fan base is growing by social media.

I am now embarking on Indiegogo  fundraiser in a month to shoot a few promo spots for the show a way to market the project and add to “Meet the Characters” the pilot presentation for Redneck Weddings.     So, the quest continues…..my plan B.

So for those who are new to this blog check out the link below.  We also got on Rooftopcomedy.com in “funny films”!


I am also in a film that I acted in called Wheels it is opening up the end of January with Christopher Hume from Pirates of the Caribbean I got to work with him he is sexy and very talented!  We have a fight scene he got beat up a little by me.

And I am co-writing a new webseries called ” All About Manos”  which I will be in with actress Eden Young.  A dark comedy about two women one is a stalker and the other character is a hoarder and they both live in Los Angeles!

So, if you are out there down and feeling un-inspired please..dust yourself off and press on!

Here is a funny photo to make your day!


She looks like me when I go shopping!

Take care!

Redneck Weddings Comes to Life! Our Shoot!

We were back on!  Michael called the Owner and gave her the riot act.  What we were going to do and so forth.   She was familiar with it all having had other crews at her place in the past.   She let us use her backyard  and her side area for catering and holding.   The only problem was now the shoot was two days not one day as planned.

Our death scenes in North Hollywood’s vacant lot would have to be filmed another time. It was just to far away and with close to about 12 pages to shoot in LaCanada that is a lot of dialogue even with a big budget.

The cast and crew were all on deck and LaCanada is where we would be!   I was so tired and stressed leading up to the day of the Redneck Weddings  our shoot, I was not as prepared as I could have been as an actress.      I had a audition the night before  and then it hit me as I drove home….

The shoot was happening and after six years it was a feeling of excitement, the bizarre and a nervous feeling at the same time.  I had to let others work on the “baby” and had to trust that it would all work out.  I could not be in different places at once on the set so finally I had to let it GO.  That is tough like a nervous mother seeing her kid go off to school for the first time.

That morning seeing everyone working and setting up it was a great feeling.  In a million years, I would could not have ever imagined that this little idea I had from a crazy place I used to work at would be shot.  Produced!   It was no longer in the drawer after all these years it was a” living organism”.   Now it had finally come to life!  Amazing day, because we got done with all the scenes the crew worked real hard and the cast was awesome.

Here is behind the scenes shooting of Caroline!


Some photos:

Shoot of Redneck Weddings

Redneck Wedding Scene with Actor Kyle Vale and Ariel Jutus

Our Shoot in LaCanada

Turning Los Angeles into Arkansas and Trying to Get Courage!

With my director in place, I wrote the second re-write of the promo/trailer for Redneck Weddings.  The trailer has to be less than four mins and you must have an idea of the show with five main characters who are being introduced and the style of the show.  It is so vital on Kickstarter to convey what your show is about after all you are asking someone to help fund your project.

 But how was I going to make Los Angeles into Arkansas?  

Because I did not have much money….  most of the scenes were outside. Ha!  Better lighting but to find a house with a porch, big enough  for action and a front yard without a palm tree was a challenge.  But that was least of our worries getting a good version of a script was on me.   I took some of the dialogue from the webisodes and some from the pilot but it did not work.  The characters were still developing and Winnie was still bothering me.  So, I brought back the fact that she was murdered at the chapel.   Finally, I delivered the script to Michael.  He said it’s getting there.   I put out a Craigslist ad for  locations one for the chapel and other exteriors.     Michael and I began to scout. We saw a few places but there were two that seem to be a good choice one was in North Hollywood and the other one was in La Canada CA.  

In the meantime, I had some personal depressing experience happened to me.  I got word that the house that I rented… my tenant skipped town on us.  Disappeared with the house keys and garage opener.  I told Michael I would be back in a week and we would start casting.   Not fully realizing what I was about to witness.    My house was destroyed.  As I traveled back, to look at the house I braced myself for the worse. As I opened the front door I got a view that no homeowner wants to see.  My home fixtures were taken, my personal belongings were stolen, holes in the walls  you get the picture. Things that I had in a corner in the garage like photos of my family were gone that can never be replaced an antique mirror and trunk from the early 1900’s that my grandmother brought over from the old country.  

That week we started cleaning and painting the house  and my husband and I talked about moving back.  I even applied for a job in town when I was there.  But the job interview was cancelled the last minute, was it fate?  I drove into town and saw the wedding chapel and stood across the street like I did six years before when I first applied as a wedding consultant. Still there.  I wanted to call Michael and tell him.  It was over.  All my work and his was for not. I didn’t want to waste his time.   I would go to call him and stop myself.  Kept thinking this was all a dream.   The work on the house would be in the thousands and between paying the mortgage and a rent in Los Angeles we had to make a decision.  It would take a least two months to fix it.  My husband still had a job in Los Angeles.  So we drove back. He would look for a job and I myself  would do the same and we would go back.    What money we did have had go into the house. 

As I drove home, I was resigned to put Redneck Weddings back in the drawer.  It was a pipe dream. It was never going to get done.  My husband and I did not say much in the car, after all he had a project too.  It was like a death.   You put so much work into it and you feel like a fool for believing.  As we got back to Los Angeles, I realized that Redneck Weddings was the only positive thing in my life besides my husband Peter and the dogs.    I needed to hold on to some belief and courage.

Something inside of me came out from that experience like a soldier going to battle and claiming my territory.  I was going to pull myself  up no matter what and continue…… and somehow things would work out.  I only hoped that I made the right decision.  I called Michael as soon as I got back.   He asked how was your week away?

It was hell Michael.  I thought to myself ….You have no idea how close I came, from calling it quits Buddy.

Nursing the Baby & Finding A Director For “Redneck Weddings”!

The New Year, did not start very well.  I lost another job and my husband’s job was on the skids.  As I celebrated I kept looking at these little scripts and my pilot.  Deep down I knew I could not do it alone.  I began asking my husband who he knew so we could just start shooting (something).  The one person who shot my husbands pilot had gone back to Costa Rica for good.  I needed a team.  We had an old camera that did not work well and the camera we borrowed for my husband’s TV pilot came from a friend that lives on the East Coast he was not going to ship it back since he needed it for another project.

I am very much a NOW person.  I hate to wait for people and I get really frustrated from time to time.  It’s almost like, I have six months to live.  I want it NOW.  Like a kid on a sugar binge.  That’s me.  And being an actress, we are constantly waiting for that e-mail or phone to ring with some good news so you can see how that goes with me.   As my Manager  likes to put it, I have no patience!   I began searching for a Director.  The director is really important.  He sets the tone and you need someone who is in charge for the cast and crew.  I dabbled in perhaps directing it.  That is always tricky.  Because as a writer, you have this image of what it should be but not always the best way since you have no other take on it or viewpoint.    I needed to trust someone with my baby.  But who?   I didn’t know anyone who was going to work for nothing.  I was asking for a lot.  And it had to be the right person.  So I ran an ad in Mandy.com.  Great website for entertainment base jobs.   Told a little about the project did not want to give it away.  Well I got over one hundred resumes.  People want to work and everyone wants to network.    That’s the thing not everyone is capable.  People were fascinated about the title “Redneck Weddings”.   Many thought that it was a reality show.  After all, there are so many coming up. But this show is different.  This show is scripted and the characters are not fully over the top they actually have wants and needs unlike some of the other shows.  I wanted to make this show have some class!  

 I started picking the resumes that I felt had some experience.    Setting up appointments.  I started to really think about how I wanted it shot.  That helps the director the style of the show  and what he can do.  This show would be shot like The Office, Modern Family or Arrested Development.   So, out of those 100 resumes I picked 5 people to see.  Yeah that is right.   The meetings were like a first date.  I had the webisodes with me at the meeting.  No, I did not  e- mail them the scripts  and have people run away with the loot! 

That does happened even if it  is copyrighted.   The hard copies were at the meeting and they read them before we even talked.   

Like a bad date some wanted to re-write the pilot and webisodes. No I don’t think so.  That was a signal that they wanted to own the show.  I own the show.  Some wanted to charge me a package deal….the little money I did have was not going to do it.

But there was one guy, who I will not named who stood out.  He had worked on some great movies “Stepbrothers” , “Borat” and “The Night of the Museum”  to name a few.   After reading my scripts, he sat down and said “you are going to get a lot of letters”.  I said “I guess you don’t like the project”.  No, I do” he said.  “I think it is great …..the characters… it has never been done before”.

The question is “Catherine are you going to be in it? ”  I had never thought about being in it.  Believe or not it never occurred to me.   What kind of actress am I???  It’s hard to be in something that you wrote and I know big and small stars do it all the time.  I was not feeling comfortable in being in it. 

  “I have not decided” I told him.      I left the restaurant knowing he was my guy.     That week he accepted the job.  But a few weeks later he declined.  He got a paid job.  Can’t blame him.  So now I was back to square one.     

I posted another ad for a director.  I another fifty resumes.  As I scrolled down and checked everyone’s IMDb credits I came across I guy named Michael Indjeian.  I like the fact that he shot commercials and had won an award for Best Drama at the Long Island Film Festival a short film he did. 

Michael Indjeian IMDb.


But another thing was that he came from New Jersey…Cliffiside Park.   He grew up about 10 minutes away from where I grew up in New Jersey as a kid.  So, if I could not trust a guy from Jersey, who could I trust?    We set up a meeting and I got my director!    He had just arrived in Los Angeles to live and was looking to make his mark.  He is about as driven as me.  In the coming weeks, my project was beginning to take form it was a start of a team.     Within that time, I set my sights on a site called Kickstarter.com.  It helps fund projects.  I would have to go back and write a trailer for this project.  But it was better than trying to shoot webisodes with no money.  A call to action.  My webisodes would have to wait for now.  You know that old Rolling Stones song you can’t always get want you want but you get what you need…

Below is Michael in the middle with  Actor Steven Boyce & Myself.

Redneck Weddings Shoot

Redneck Weddings ….The Call to Action the “Inner-Web”!

After the reading of my TV pilot at the end of October last year,  I realized that the Internet was my best resource, at least to continue to develop “Redneck Weddings”.  Today, anyone can create content with a lot of work and commitment.  Because of the internet average person like me can produce in a small way.  Years ago, it would be impossible to do!  What a lot artists do now on youtube etc.  I mean some projects don’t look professional but there are people who have really great content… they get themselves out there.   Technology has opened up a Pandora box.   Everyone is looking for content no one knowns the next big hit . Cable and Networks are always on the look out and the one place they go to is the Web.

  The web is like space “boundless”!

Even celebrity’s are getting involved with “web series” format.  Top agencies have whole departments for their clients so they can get exposure for bigger and better things.   But they have staff and the connections that I or someone who just has an idea does not have.  So, for me it is “grassroots” getting on to social media and working those boards. It is a job I am not going to lie .   Be prepared to WORK and the belief system from a lot of people and yourself.    And not everyone will like your project. Rejection at it’s best.  I guess being an actor, I am use to it to a point but writing is so personal that you can’t  help getting your feelings hurt after they read your masterpiece.  

Last year, around the time of the Holidays  I started writing those webisodes.  Not easy to do.  Webisodes are little stories that have a beginning and end within 4 to 5 pages.  When writing for the web it has to be quick.  Again, something that I had never done before another step on my journey to developing this show.  

When I create I do my best work when I have some conflict.  I don’t know why but when I am real happy I suck!  So, the holidays are a good time for me.   But also a sad time having lost most of my family. When I think about  my immediate family at dinner-time growing up  I am the only one left living at that dinner table now.   If you have lost anyone special in your life the holidays are always tough.  

So, writing this became my escape.  Comedy always comes from conflict.  The funniest comedians usually are the saddest people in real life.  Their mission is to make other people laugh so they can laugh too.

So, as I plow though these little situations (scripts)  my imagination took hold.  These scripts became a little bit more edgier.   I was getting more of the tone of the characters on how they would speak to one another and seeing it visually the way it should be shot and with the internet I could be edgy.   So, the project again was taking on a new life.  One that I could not imagine years before when they were just outlines of situations.   

My husband is always my best critic.  I began the re-writes of these six scripts in total.  My husband would ask me why this or why that.  “Get to the point please” he would say.  Back to re-write hell but that is the only way.   By the New Year all six webisodes were done and my tears and blood where on those pages! 

And now I was ready to put it all in motion .  Start Pre-Production. With no money to do it.  How was I going to this?  One of the biggest hurdles was seeing my characters on tape, come to life so to speak.     

“Redneck Weddings” almost ended up back in the drawer for a second time.  At the start of the New Year  this project would test my will and determination more than any role I had ever done as an Actress.

I had nothing to lose!   As one of the characters in “Redneck Weddings”   calls the internet the “Inner-Web” the internet would be become a great testing ground!   But how was I going to set it in motion?

I am a perfectionist and it has to be done right.

The call to action was about to take place.

Stayed tuned!

 Twitter:   @redneckweddings