“Redneck Weddings” will be on Vegas Unwrapped Radio Show!

Hope everyone is well!

I have been busy with my show Redneck Weddings and doing some continued press. Redneck Weddings is getting noticed and not confirmed yet…. but I might have another production company interested in shopping or pitching the show!

It always seems unreal or amazing to me that this little show that I started by little short stories about a wedding chapel would balloon to something bigger than I had ever thought. I think what I am trying to say is that you must have courage and believe and push forward no matter how bleak things seemed in the present or future sometimes adversity can be your best friend if you take a stand. I am stubborn my husband of 18 years is always telling me that!


I will be in a documentary called “Luck Be a Lady” by Kevin Silva that will open in theaters in the fall. I was interviewed by Kevin I had sent him an e-mail when I found out about his documentary which is about Wedding Chapels in Las Vegas! How perfect is that! He interviewed me on camera and I made the cut I will be in Luck Be a Lady!

Also I will be on Vegas Unwrapped it is a internet radio show on Klav 1230 AM that broadcasts from Las Vegas the hosts are Aaron Phillips and Ricky Cash I will be on Thursday August 15th between 7:15 pm to 9:00 PM (West Coast) my husband Peter Papageorgiou will also be on talking about our pilots yes we both of shows in development! His is Late Bloomers a wacky comedy about four guys who just turned forty and looking for a better chapter in their life. So they move from NY and give Los Angeles a shot.

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Best of luck to everyone! Keep truckin!

You can find me on twitter and facebook through my website and get a taste of the show.


Redneck Weddings TV Show Holy Cow!!! A Music Video Called Redneck Weddings!

Holy Cow! Summer is here already!

I hope everyone is having a great summer! Summer always brings people together! Cookouts, walks on the lake or swimming it’s a time to spend with the family or that special someone. I have been having a good summer so far! So much so, I wanted to share my new music video that we did called “Redneck Weddings”.

In my last post, I mentioned that it was coming out and we were working on it. Presto! Here it is. Rob Valle a great songwriter and musician! He wrote this song “Redneck Weddings” after seeing the pilot presentation “Meet the Characters”.

Rob Valle

Rob Valle

Rob was so inspired watching the presentation “Meet the Characters” that he wrote this song in twenty minutes. This song is a gift, a love note to my show Redneck Weddings. As I have said, in past blogs about this show “music” is key. This show needs a lot of music because it is just a fun show like the old TV shows of the past.

I remember the TV shows of the 80’s that theme song would come on and you knew right away without looking at the TV set what show was on. Theme songs are so important they brand the show and hopefully captured the tone or mood of the show.

I want to thank you Rob on such a great job and giving the show more life and your belief in the show “Redneck Weddings”.

Link to the music video Redneck Weddings:

Rob Valle link:!/robvalle

Kudos to my wonderful husband Peter Papageorgiou who put it all together.

I was recently interviewed on LA talk Radio the host Priscilla Leona “Question Reality” on Sunday’s channel 1 at 5 pm. (LA time)

I had a great time on the show June 9th you can listen to my interview on there website. Priscilla has become a fan of the show! Question Reality is a great show that centers on Entertainment and the business. Great for that newcomer or seasoned performer! Informative and funny! So, please check it out.

LA Talk Radio:

Thank you for all your support and my followers of the show it is appreciated!

Share, comment if you like the show and you would love to see more. After you see the Music Video “Redneck Weddings” you will be stomping your feet and singing out loud. I promise!

So my journey continues… you take care now!

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Redneck Weddings! Prepping for a Gunshot, Car Hit & A Heart Attack!

After a day of shooting in LaCanada the craziness and dust had settled.  As I look around all the props, dirty dishes from my catered meal (that I cooked) for about thirty people (crew) was starting at me.  It was a great shoot with a fantastic ending!

Now, I had to prepare for the second day of shooting.  It would not take place for a couple of weeks. I had my reservations about the location.   When you have no permits or lack of funding it is kind of guerilla filming.

The unexpected can happened… always.  There were three scenes (flashback scenes or montages) one is a car scene where the actor gets hit, one is a heart attack scene and the other is a gunshot scene.   I know what you are thinking how in hell are we going to pull off this one!

Michael the director and Raj the DP had gone to the site(s) which was one location but in different areas.  We had to make it look like Texas!   The setup is that Breesy ( main character) is from Texas and she is the “kiss of death” in her hometown.  Any man that ever asks her hand in marriage drops dead.  Actually the idea came from an Aunt that I had who had that problem.  It was a running joke in my family.

So, we had to re-create it.  DP and Director went through the paces before hand.  As I went along with them I notice guards driving around.  One even asked me what we were doing.  Oh nothing we are just tourists! Howdy we are from Texas.  We had no cameras at that time, but Raj had his camera that took photos  it kinda fit and the first Ad and me just laughed.

So, our second day of filming began two weeks later.  The day before filming, I went down there and looked around to see if there were any events happening down there.  Nobody was around except a gym and cars on the other side.   I was a little nervous because of the fake gun  but it look real.  You see  in one of the scenes the actor shoots in the air of course in post the shot-gun sound is done but cops in LA are pretty fierce.    We will have to sneak it!  Which meant less crew so we would not be noticed.   Daring I have to say.   I told everyone lets start real early after all it’s Sunday.  DP Raj was like” we need light”.  Yeah I know.    My sound guy from LaCanada was gone so I had to search for another one .  Not easy.  So, within those two weeks I got another posting up on for a sound guy.

Finally,  I convinced one sound guy and his partner to work for nothing.  Explained the project and situation.  OK so this is a passion project he said.  Yes. Please… I said.  Begging on the phone at this point I had gotten use to it after all these weeks in pre-production.  OK I will do it.  Thank God!   He is a really nice guy his name is Don Abernathy and Drew great guys!

This time it would be one camera not two, hand-held and I needed extras too.    Some of the extras returned from LaCanada and some were new.

My actors (husbands to be) were such good sports and my makeup person Molly Beall was going to be there.

I was lucky, I had Steve Boyce who had done stunts in some really big features so a car coming towards him was no big deal, Ted Sroka is a wonderful actor he will blast the gun and of course Benton Luke who was  instrumental in filming the chapel, weeks before was going to do his heart attack and fall to the ground.  My actors:

It seemed like  I was getting what I wanted and it would be done without a hitch.

Stay Tuned.

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Redneck Weddings! Gets A Place to Call Home.

The next morning as I stared at my messy desk in my office and all the messages on my phone from the night before, I felt numb.   My head was pounding from a migraine I gulped down some Avil to make it stop.   Downstairs was all my art work , the props that I made, the wedding dress that I got for eight dollars at a second-hand place and the wedding veil that I made from scratch. Reminders of all the weeks of planning.  I kept thinking how can I solve this.  There was an old foreclosed house next door maybe I could dress it and it could perhaps work.

My cell went off.   It was Michael.  Have you talked to the Renter?   That guy I said.  No. Forget it.  He keeps giving mixed messages first no then yes.  Like a game.  A nut case.  Listen, maybe we can dress the house next door.  No one will know.  It’s abandoned I said.  Dead silence.  How many years have you been working on this project?  Six I said.  Well, I have been working it for six weeks!  Get on the phone and call the second location LaCanada CA.  OK.  But it is too far.  Get on the phone and call them… said Michael.

Alright. I will.  I hung up.  Well I guess I have no choice.  Two day notice?  No way. The owner will not agree to it.   Oh what the hell.   Always save your notes and numbers because in production you never know.   So, I called them.  Well, the owner  picked up.  I continue to talk to her explain what we needed .   Her porch is awesome big and very country like.  Here is a video of the opening of the show and the chapel.

I remember you…. she said.   Well, if you allow us to film on your porch you will be a hero to everyone….. yes you can come she said. No problem.

I hung up the phone and could not believe it.   I called Michael and told him.  Great!  The 1st Ad and me will call the crew.  You let the cast and extras know.

It was actually a blessing.  A lucky accident that happened.  It really made our production looked like it had more production.  Wedding Drops Chapel had a new look a better one.   A bad situation that turned into a good defining moment.

Thank you, Emperor Nero (The Renter)

Turning Los Angeles into Arkansas and Trying to Get Courage!

With my director in place, I wrote the second re-write of the promo/trailer for Redneck Weddings.  The trailer has to be less than four mins and you must have an idea of the show with five main characters who are being introduced and the style of the show.  It is so vital on Kickstarter to convey what your show is about after all you are asking someone to help fund your project.

 But how was I going to make Los Angeles into Arkansas?  

Because I did not have much money….  most of the scenes were outside. Ha!  Better lighting but to find a house with a porch, big enough  for action and a front yard without a palm tree was a challenge.  But that was least of our worries getting a good version of a script was on me.   I took some of the dialogue from the webisodes and some from the pilot but it did not work.  The characters were still developing and Winnie was still bothering me.  So, I brought back the fact that she was murdered at the chapel.   Finally, I delivered the script to Michael.  He said it’s getting there.   I put out a Craigslist ad for  locations one for the chapel and other exteriors.     Michael and I began to scout. We saw a few places but there were two that seem to be a good choice one was in North Hollywood and the other one was in La Canada CA.  

In the meantime, I had some personal depressing experience happened to me.  I got word that the house that I rented… my tenant skipped town on us.  Disappeared with the house keys and garage opener.  I told Michael I would be back in a week and we would start casting.   Not fully realizing what I was about to witness.    My house was destroyed.  As I traveled back, to look at the house I braced myself for the worse. As I opened the front door I got a view that no homeowner wants to see.  My home fixtures were taken, my personal belongings were stolen, holes in the walls  you get the picture. Things that I had in a corner in the garage like photos of my family were gone that can never be replaced an antique mirror and trunk from the early 1900’s that my grandmother brought over from the old country.  

That week we started cleaning and painting the house  and my husband and I talked about moving back.  I even applied for a job in town when I was there.  But the job interview was cancelled the last minute, was it fate?  I drove into town and saw the wedding chapel and stood across the street like I did six years before when I first applied as a wedding consultant. Still there.  I wanted to call Michael and tell him.  It was over.  All my work and his was for not. I didn’t want to waste his time.   I would go to call him and stop myself.  Kept thinking this was all a dream.   The work on the house would be in the thousands and between paying the mortgage and a rent in Los Angeles we had to make a decision.  It would take a least two months to fix it.  My husband still had a job in Los Angeles.  So we drove back. He would look for a job and I myself  would do the same and we would go back.    What money we did have had go into the house. 

As I drove home, I was resigned to put Redneck Weddings back in the drawer.  It was a pipe dream. It was never going to get done.  My husband and I did not say much in the car, after all he had a project too.  It was like a death.   You put so much work into it and you feel like a fool for believing.  As we got back to Los Angeles, I realized that Redneck Weddings was the only positive thing in my life besides my husband Peter and the dogs.    I needed to hold on to some belief and courage.

Something inside of me came out from that experience like a soldier going to battle and claiming my territory.  I was going to pull myself  up no matter what and continue…… and somehow things would work out.  I only hoped that I made the right decision.  I called Michael as soon as I got back.   He asked how was your week away?

It was hell Michael.  I thought to myself ….You have no idea how close I came, from calling it quits Buddy.

Redneck Weddings, Web Series and My Memories of the South!

After looking at my reading on tape, the character of Gus still bothered me.  The british accent was not working. 

In real life, Gus was very dry and a little condescending but nevertheless  “funny”  in “I don’t care kind of way”  and that is why he could get away with taking photographs  of provocative poses with his subjects the (brides) and not get beat up by the groom which was pretty cool to me!  

 I wondered how far he could go before the Preacher would catch on or Dottie.   The fact he was gay helped too.  People in town just thought he was eccentric but I knew…. it was not hard to figure it out. Afterwards, he would always give me a wink as he handed me over the CD of the photographs that he took he gave it to me like it was  “million dollars” to show the couple, so we could up the commission. 

  As he went over the photos, he  would comment to the bride… how beautiful she was and how much she needed to have them so when she is older she can show everyone what a beauty she once was.   The groom just sat there looking like “can we get outta here”!   

So, as I sat there looking at the tape I realized that the accent had to go.  And to jazzed up Gus maybe he has a gift.  He can make any woman beautiful!  Maybe he is an outsider from another part of the south.  I still did not have a location really set in the pilot.  It kept being called Mayberry.  I know not very original.     This Norther has traveled to the south many times the Carolinas, Georgia the beautiful scenic views of Virginia and the Appalachian  Mountains like time has stood still.

 I have always been amazed at how friendly the people are down in the South.    We would park our car on one of our trips and get out of the car and people would start waving at us!  We did not know them and seemed odd to us.  We could have been murders or robbers but Howdy!   I also thought back on a step-grandmother on my Mom’s side named “Puss” and how it would take her weeks to clean her house and the many stories of her life.  

As I traveled across country to re-locate  I started driving through Tennessee, Arkansas and Texas.   

I saw great people who just were just so open and ready to give you the tour.   One woman in Tennessee, a waitress was serving me my grits, she just started talking to me about her family and how her ex-husband stole her credit cards and max them out and her boyfriend was trying to hunt him down with a gun.   She also mentioned that she had been shot and showed me her gun shot scars on her arm and this was early in the morning imagine in the evening. 

I decided to put this pilot in Arkansas.   Arkansas is really beautiful.   The landscapes of that state are interesting. It has wonderful trees and grass and then it has those very dramatic lake swap areas of the ” Hot Springs”  fit for a horror flick.    I love that.  So, it was Mayberry, Arkansas    There is no Mayberry in Arkansas.   Later on, I would change it to Cutler, Arkansas more original and no such town in Arkansas either. 

With another re-write of the pilot it seemed ready to go.  But to whom?  I started writing to networks.  The response in the mail  don’t bother us or they would not even open it since it was “unsolicited”.   With no agent or manager in literary, there was no way I would get my moment to pitch this show.     Production companies and producers always want a name attached.   So,  I thought of making this into a web series.  Yeah TV for the internet.   Another new adventure that I had never done before……  

Like Betty Davis said in the film  “All About Eve ” Put on Your Seat Belts. It ‘s Going to be a Bumpy Ride!

Our facebook page of the show:!/pages/Redneck-Weddings/131800780233767

My Strange Existance at the Wedding Chapel and the Ghost Named Winnie!

As I walked out of the Chapel, I looked around there was a seedy hotel in the back with a lot of young girls coming out they were dressed a little risque.  I looked at my watch four PM.  I put two and two together.  These girls were hookers starting there shift for the evening.  The place the courthouse across the street is where they clocked in and went elsewhere.  Ha.

My first day at the Chapel was meeting Gus the Wedding Consultant.  He was from Ireland. How did he end up here?  He love to take photos.  Later on, I would see him instruct his subjects the (brides) into very suggestive poses on their wedding day.  Not kidding. Everyone would laugh as he tried to get the light just right. The groom did not know what to say and had a very uncomfortable look on his face.  Gus would walk in at times, pissed off and go in the back for some tea. He would say “The loonies will be out tonight.”  And sure enough Nomi would fill me in on the events that happened the night before. Time to write it down.  One of my duties was to go across the street to the courthouse to drum up business.  The preacher and me. I would hand out flyer’s and the preacher would sing.  He had on a really bad sequin jacket but like a good performer he gave his all to the fans! The Preacher was a local celebrity of sorts he would open car dealerships, restaurants, sing at funerals. Other Elvis look-likes from other towns would torment him with fancier cars and would try to steal away business from him.

Nomi…. I found out had been married so many times that she lost count. And that making flowers was her therapy for the brides that would come in.  I myself, would start to get attached to some of these brides even though I had been married for some time.

Winnie the Ghost:

As time went on I got stuck doing the night shift.    Well, little did I know the Chapel was haunted.  The ghost was named Winnie.  Apparently she was the original owner of the chapel.  She would make her presence known to me and everyone.  I would hear noises in the back. I would yell out. Hello!  Hello!   As I traveled to the back no one was there.  Blinds would go up and down as I sat in the kitchen. Candles would burn out during a ceremony.  One night, while I was watching TV in that cluttered room where I was hired months before… I saw her in the next room. She seem to be cooking or making something.

There are so many situations and stories that are covered in the show.  All I know is my print- outs of what happened at the Chapel was beginning to grow.

Five months later,  I found a new job.  A better one.  Little did I know that the Chapel never left me even to this day.    Now I will take you to another journey.  How “Redneck Weddings” would become a show and how it would consume me for the next six years. And that creative groove that I lost started creeping back.