Redneck Weddings! Like Jackie Gleason Once Said “Hamana-hamana-hamana-hamana”!

Hi Everyone,

I know it’s been a while but inspiration and ups and downs. You get the picture! Well, I will just talk about the positive

Happy 4th of July!

I hope everyone is well and I want to thank you for reading this blog.  I have done over 50 posts it’s seems like yesterday when I did my first every post or blog for that matter.

I have a few things to get off my chest.

Acting wise:  A film that I did called Killers at Play won “Best Thriller” at the Amsterdam Film Festival this year.  I played Sara who gets set up by the killers when her husband gets killed as the couple try to move out of their hometown.   It is a horror flick and it was great working with a great director Larry DeGala and Don Hewitt as by husband.   I love working with all that blood (fake) and first time in a horror film.  It was cool.

“Beyond the Pale” a film I did back in 1999 “Wow”.  IMDb (International Movie Database)  considers it the top ten Irish films of all time available on Amazon we made #8 on the list.  I played a fast hooker chick but with a heart of gold.

I am in the middle of getting a webseries together “All About Manos”  its a dark comedy.  Stepbrothers meets Thelma & Louise I will be shooting hopefully in late fall.   And I am involved with a reality show called “It’s A Wrap” very cool show about wrapping cars that is in development.   I guess that is why I have not had time to get to my blog!!!  LOL

Redneck Weddings is doing good too.  I actually wrote three episodes and a whole package for pitching along with budgets stay tuned for this too I see up-coming opportunities in that department too.  I re-tooled the show and made it darker and with some drama to it.

“Redneck Weddings” the Music Video into a festival this past month “Art all Night” in Trenton NJ.  It was shown to thousands of people who attended the festival.  It is a 24 hour film and art festival with actual artists from all over the world displaying their art and film.    And the theme TV Song Redneck Weddings got a new version re-recorded by Rob Valle who wrote the song in twenty minutes. It so catchy! It has the fiddle and vocals that really make it so much more fuller than before.  It is also on itunes for purchase or just listen for the sample of it.   Gary Carter produced it and worked on it with Rob Valle. I got the best musicians in Nashville.  Gary Carter has worked with Pam Tillis, Faith Hill, Randy Travis and Kenny Chesney to name a few.  So honored and thrill to listen to knowing that I started from nothing.

Here is Rob Valle Website

Go on i-tunes then store/music  (In search)  type: Rob Valle and you will see it.

Itunes link:

Here they are:

Gary Carter with Rob Valle working on Redneck Weddings Theme Song

Gary Carter with Rob Valle working on Redneck Weddings Theme Song

The last couple of months I have been working on a game show for the Game Show Network as a (stand-in) dry rehearsals but I got a chance to work with Billy Gardell from Mike and Molly!   What a nice guy and he was a stand up comedian for many years.  Well, he reminds me a little of Jackie Gleason. Bigger than life and he has a big heart.

Jackie Gleason at his best.

Here is a promo of the Show.  And if you look at this promo you can see me running down to play from my throne on set!

Happy 4th of July!

Lady Liberty!  USA

Lady Liberty! USA

Redneck Weddings! My Influences in Comedy and Sketch Comedy!

I have been doing improv for quite sometime LOOK AT MY FACE RIGHT. Even now, when I audition can you improv? Yeah, sure why not.   Way back about hundred years ago when I was teen I had a gig with Planned Parenthood it was one of my first jobs!  Basically, I worked with a improv group that would go to schools and talk to teens about life, peer pressure and being responsible.  That was first acting job or improv gig!

Max it magazine catherine shot


Here is a list of basic improv that you should remember and what I learned!

Say Yes and, always after Yes add  (new information), Avoid Questions, Location and the Details and never block doing the opposite of saying “yes” and last but not least RELATIONSHIP and WHO you are!

Later, I would end up doing improv in acting class to loosen up and learn to listen and to be quick on my feet and after studying at Second City I really appreciate the masters.  At Second City one of the exercise’s was:  we would stand in two’s face each other and quickly establish what I just mentioned above within one minute without the other person knowing anything before hand.  

My influences growing up were  Billy Crystal, Steve Martin, Richard Pryor, Jim Belushi the one and only Robin Williams. Robin’s passing left us all in shock and he left us way too soon.   

Robin Williams  On his star in Los Angeles.


I began to think couple of days ago what that meant the “influences”.   We tend to take it for granted that they somehow will be with us forever a friend who we can laugh with.   

Robin Williams allow and created a space for the unusual and the quirky with his influence in comedy sitcom’s today and stand-up are forever changed and his wonderful character work in Mrs. DoubtFire to Goodwill Hunting and Night of the Museum will last generations to come.  

Crowned Queen


I also realized that his comedy influenced me as an actress but also as a writer because without his genius and many like him before I would have not had the courage to write “Redneck Weddings”.  



To be able to create bold characters and the off- center-ness and the sketch tone in my comedy pilot, because of them I had the freedom to go there! Without the Greats, leading the way and making it acceptable to be freaky or out there or just reflect real life the world would be a lot different and may I add TV would have been a lot different too!

Bless Gary Marshall,  one of the producers that created Mork & Mindy to see Robin’s Gift an let him be able to do his thing!

Even talk show hosts were influenced by Robin, Richard, Jim the whole industry for that matter. 

Old TV Set


Jimmy Fallon honoring Robin Williams on the Johnny Carson Show.

Blues Brothers:


It will be interesting to see who comes up ten years from now and what new trend of comedy will endure but like what Marlon Brando did for film acting Robin, Jim and Richard did for comedy. They took us to places and characters that we all knew and gave us a slice of life and that is why it was so funny!

All I can say, they must be having one big party in the sky!

They made their mark!  

May you all rest in peace. 


Redneck Weddings! Grabbing My Seat For Some New Adventures in Life and Death Scenes!

Hope everyone had a great holiday and I am wishing my follow followers of this blog and visitors a Happy New Year!

I have had a blast of good start in the New Year!  As the british would say getting my ducks in order with Redneck Weddings and other possibilities in producing more content for Redneck Weddings,to future productions from reality TV to animation.  It has been quite a ride sometimes bumpy like Bette Davis said in the movie All About Eve. 

Put your seat belt on it is going to be a bumpy ride…. all though I am not ready to announce anything about Redneck Weddings I can say that I am going to be in a feature film called Killers at Play.  This time I am just acting!

I play the unhappy wife Sara Thomas.  I have a very dramatic killing scene.  As an actor it is always fun but messy to be a part of that kind of theme.  Actors always joke around when I are you getting killed or did you get killed already.   I have been killed on stage and on The TV Show SVU  Episode “The Counterfeit” the character name is Paula Grace. Paula Grace is the innocent lab tech who dabbles in selling drugs in the truck of her car when a bad drug deal goes bad and she gets killed under the Frogs Neck Bridge in New York. The scene is me being on top of dirt, newspapers and my clothes half torn off.  They shot it in December in New York yeah little cold and cold liquid blood poring down my face.   I remember the director and producer shaking my hand afterwards “great death scene”.

I know it is bizarre but part of the job.

 I remember taking the subway to go home after shooting that scene I had a trailer on set to clean up my face and that but my hair no…not so lucky I had a hat on otherwise someone would have dial 911.     



I also got written up at the magazine.  It was a lot of fun meeting Arthur Blogburger.

I love to promote my cast and crew of my TV show Redneck Weddings.  My director Michael Indjeian of Redneck Weddings had the opportunity to produce and direct this spot for NJ Transit Yay!!  It will be running before and on the Super Bowl this year.


Super Bowl in New Jersey this year.  

Gotta go.  Being called back on set.

Redneck Weddings Website:











REDNECK WEDDINGS! Gobble Gobble! Turkey & All the Fixings of Food and Life

This year has been a very interesting year for me and not all together fun some up’s and downs.  But for the first time I am really feeling HOPE in my soul!   New avenues, new brave challenges and new creative outlets not just entertainment base but other directions too.  This year I did that on purpose.  Change is scary for a lot of people…. I have seen people miss out on opportunities that would have made their lives better if only they took that Leap.


I can only think or talk about myself right now that is only thing I can base it on but everyone who is reading this when you say thanks on Thanksgiving and Christmas think about what new adventures you can do to add to your soul as a person.  Everyone waits for News Years Eve to make those promises for the new year but I just feel that you should do it beforehand because most of the time when you are making those promises you may have had to much to drink or are having such a good time that you are not fully honest with yourself.  




I am a good cook.  Actually people have paid me a good amount of money to cook for them at their home sometimes for family parties or for the holidays.  Many Thanksgivings I spent cooking for other people but I remember them offering me some of the meal that I cooked for them to eat with them.  Even though, I did not know them well as I sat there with them I felt like I knew them for years that is what Food does it brings people together breaking bread no matter who you are it is the simple act of sharing.

Years ago, I remember when my Godmother died on Thanksgiving a hole in my soul and my heart, as I ate some turkey as tears came down my cheeks I remember her cooking and all thanksgiving dinners with her. I knew that as I sat there she was there too and that those memories of those amazing dishes that she would cook will be with me forever.

I have much to be thankful this holiday season!   I have grown and expanded my soul and mind and hopeful for the new year.

I have met new people and friends this year.  Redneck Weddings continues to grow in fan base and interest and I am writing more and will start acting soon.

I want to say thank you for reading my blog and all of those who continue to support the show.

Have a wonderful holiday!


God Bless


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Redneck Weddings on IMDb

Creator and Writer/Actress of Redneck Weddings! 






Redneck Weddings gets on BTS Radio Show with Brian Shirley Wednesday Oct 23rd! And the Singing Greats That Influenced Me!

I like listening to standard music the “old music” as some people would say. But to me it is always in fashion.

Frank or Sammy Davis Jr the (Rat Pack) they were cool they sang the best music in the world. Today, in a very judgmental world I like to give my soul some positive vibe by listening to those old standards of yesterday. For example the song “The Candy Man” from Sammy Davis Jr. it is such a happy carefree song that you can’t help singing along.

Sammy Davis Jr. Candy Man!
What Kind of Fool I Am!
Rat Pack with Johnny Carson

I was introduced to the standard’s from my Mom whose was a singer and my godmother/Aunt Mary way back. Both ladies were opinionated and my godmother was about five foot tall but she could command a room and put all of her family in place with a look! I would go to her house and there was the great music playing on those old records remember those old record player that you don’t see anymore.

With a bottle of homemade wine, some pasta ( I got a little nip of the wine) she was in heaven sitting there thinking about her life as the music played. I think on my dad’s side I got my acting influence they were all good characters. Along with the acting I did not have a choice but sing too which was on my Mother side.

My mom was an opera singer and later became a Jazz singer. She had a trunk of old sheet music that she collected I have some of it. I used to bring in some old sheet music to my singing teachers and they would examine it and say where the hell did you get this!!!! Yes I can sing it runs in the family. My mom could sing, my mom’ mother Harriet could sing, my grandfather could play about six instruments, sung and wrote little songs, my aunts could all sing too. If anyone is jewish out there we are very musically inclined as a people and but also being part italian we can blow out a room too!!

When I was a little girl my Mom took me to see Sammy Davis Jr. perform. Till this day, I still remember him working that stage I was in awe of him as a performer especially when he sang “What Kind of Fool Am I” too young to know the meaning of the song but I felt his pain his passion and I could relate to it somehow and felt as if I was the one he was singing to.

When I was a little girl my Mom would have me sing little songs and she would encourage me to sing like her she would instruct me about performing and showed me how to use my hands and interpretation on how to sell the song. She was a mezzo – soprano and so am I. Most recently, I was singing some old songs. I have a tape from a singing teacher who was one of the best. Earl Wentz was known in New York he performed lot at cabaret clubs and he just knew what songs were the best for you. Because I have a big voice of course Liza, Judy and Lena was always in the selection. He died a couple of years ago and when I have the tape on now I always look up to the sky and say this one is for you Earl.

When I sing it brings me back to my childhood and that little nip of homemade wine and pasta and so many memories of my family and past teachers that really has shape me as an artist. Singing is an expression a release of energy that comes from your soul and my destiny was already in the stars even as a young kid.

I just thought that I would share this with you.

Redneck Weddings continues to be pitched and I am on another radio show. On Wednesday Oct 23rd with comedian Brian Shirley BTS Radio. I will be on at 5:15 east coast and 2:15 West Coast. Brian is a great comedian saw my pilot and loved it. We are going to be talking about comedy, my show and I guess about entertainment. So tune in.

here is a link:

Article was written about my show Redneck Weddings. The music Video that we did.

So, I hope I brought you back to a simple time, remembering the greats and what it is like to be a performer!

Thank you fans!

Next on the Horizon….And into the Sunset.. Writing, Acting and Making Your Mark.

I am getting ansty. I get that way. I think a lot of people who have a creative spirit do. As most of you guys know I created a show called Redneck Weddings. Doing press and so forth which is all exciting . In some of these interviews I get that dreaded question. WHAT AM I WRITING NEXT…

Most recently, I had a friend ask me to write something for her which is very nice of her. She is has been in some cult movies of the past and is a very dramatic actress. I say that in a good way. So, being someone who has not written a great deal and has acted more so I get where she is coming from I quote what she said to me “Catherine I want to make a mark that I existed “now” not just thirty years ago. I want a role that I can sink my teeth in. I am so much more.” Being an artist.

Very heavy stuff. I can relate. I remember seeing my name in credits in a movie saying well someone 100 years from now will know hey who is this Catherine Natale???
Crowned Queen

So, in some way I have made a little mark in this universe. I bet you guys reading this never thought about that well I just thought that it was profound and something to express in the creative hub.

I am also getting antsy to get back on stage. Once you come up from stage you always have it in you. Being on camera is fine but not the same as getting that interaction with an audience. It is like going to Church. I always felt that theatre was like a symbol of church in a humanistic type of way. As an actress not only are you an instrument to the playwright and director but you have the opportunity to inspire and touch someone in a profound way. There is nothing like feeling a sea of humanity waiting to see what will happen on stage or not a pin drop heard from the audience because they are on the edge of their seats or hearing people cry in the audience because somehow you have touched them brought them to a place.

So I am thinking about my next script maybe a drama perhaps a film script. Always one for the challenge.

So in the meantime while I decide what I am going to write next.

I got written up my Max It Magazine on my show Redneck Weddings and the Music Video. Very cool. Feel Free to share.


“Redneck Weddings” Gets On Vegas Unwrapped Internet Radio Show with Aaron Phillips & Ricky Cash!

Vegas Unwrapped Radio with Aaron Phillips and Ricky Cash, Catherine Natale and Peter Papageorgiou

Vegas Unwrapped Radio with Aaron Phillips and Ricky Cash, Catherine Natale and Peter Papageorgiou

Hi Everyone,

I had a great time with Aaron Phillips and Ricky Cash on Vegas Unwrapped. This podcast was special because my hubby was on too Peter Papageorgiou who also has a great TV pilot Late Bloomers. Since we both worked on each others shows it was great to chat with my Goonba’s from New York and New Jersey Phillips & Cash!


It was like a east coast reunion with a lot of laughs and just talking about the business of show. In case you have not heard of them they have a great entertainment show in Las Vegas KLAV AM and they talk about life, entertainment or whatever is happening in Vegas. I would also like to thank Andi Dupper KLAV AM amazing PR person who contacted us and assisted as before the show!

Interview on Vegas Unwrapped

Those of you who are just starting to follow my blog I wrote a show called “Redneck Weddings” that was inspired by a wedding chapel in Las Vegas so it was fitting to go on and chat with the High Priest (Aaron Phillips) and Moses (Ricky Cash.) We talked about how my husband Peter and I met to what TV shows we like to what the industry is doing now to a reality show that is about to come about called TV Pilot Wars that will be about us! That’s right! A husband and wife who have two different TV shows and the drama of getting our dream to become a reality (a reality show)! In Trouble Zone Productions will be involved in this show. How Exciting!

Catherine Natale & Peter Papageorgiou

Catherine Natale & Peter Papageorgiou

Late bloomers group cropped @750

Late Bloomers pilot:

So, as you can see there has been a lot going on with Redneck Weddings. Besides the reality show…. I have a non – exclusive shoppers agreement with Panda Propaganda in Los Angeles and I may have another shoppers agreement in the near future.

Group shot of Redneck Weddings 400 with no title

Links: Music Video of Redneck Weddings:

Redneck Weddings Website:
Redneck Weddings Facebook Page:
IMDb page:

“Redneck Weddings” will be on Vegas Unwrapped Radio Show!

Hope everyone is well!

I have been busy with my show Redneck Weddings and doing some continued press. Redneck Weddings is getting noticed and not confirmed yet…. but I might have another production company interested in shopping or pitching the show!

It always seems unreal or amazing to me that this little show that I started by little short stories about a wedding chapel would balloon to something bigger than I had ever thought. I think what I am trying to say is that you must have courage and believe and push forward no matter how bleak things seemed in the present or future sometimes adversity can be your best friend if you take a stand. I am stubborn my husband of 18 years is always telling me that!


I will be in a documentary called “Luck Be a Lady” by Kevin Silva that will open in theaters in the fall. I was interviewed by Kevin I had sent him an e-mail when I found out about his documentary which is about Wedding Chapels in Las Vegas! How perfect is that! He interviewed me on camera and I made the cut I will be in Luck Be a Lady!

Also I will be on Vegas Unwrapped it is a internet radio show on Klav 1230 AM that broadcasts from Las Vegas the hosts are Aaron Phillips and Ricky Cash I will be on Thursday August 15th between 7:15 pm to 9:00 PM (West Coast) my husband Peter Papageorgiou will also be on talking about our pilots yes we both of shows in development! His is Late Bloomers a wacky comedy about four guys who just turned forty and looking for a better chapter in their life. So they move from NY and give Los Angeles a shot.

be a friend on Facebook they have a page!

Late bloomers group cropped @750

Best of luck to everyone! Keep truckin!

You can find me on twitter and facebook through my website and get a taste of the show.

Redneck Weddings! Just A Creator of A TV Show in the Jungles of Hollywood

Hi Everyone,

The last couple of months have been exciting and filled with rejection.    I recently read an article in the Hollywood Reporter that the path of an successful creator of a TV show or writer in the world of TV is that failure is a passage for success.  The more you are out there and people are talking about you in some way you have success!

In Hollywood, nowhere else can you be one minute the toast of the town and the next be unemployed!  Being an actress well…forget about it….   let alone a creator of your own show.   I guess I am use to be rejected most people will cry or beat the wall I on the other hand think of it as a learning experience on what my completion is or what I can do to get better my “goals”.  The more No’s the more I get stubborn and say Yes I Can!  So, if this blog can perk you up I actually did my job.  Most very successful people have failed in some way.  

So for me it is the little things that add up to the big picture.   So, let me get you caught up since it has been a few months.   Redneck Weddings is on IMDb.  It has been getting hits on  “under funny films”  got 5 stars!  

Folks are asking for more content because of lack of funds, I am now contacting productions companies and one has actually expressed interest in the project.  

I also got interviewed by Kevin Silva who is doing a documentary called “Luck be a Lady”. About wedding chapels!

 Always amazed at people who comment from all over the world about this show. Thank you for your support.

 I will be cutting a music video for Redneck Weddings with Bob Valle who wrote a song about the show called you guessed it “Redneck Weddings”. His band will be playing along with him and I will posted it on here when we get it up on the Redneck Weddings youtube channel.

I am also working on another project called “All About Manos”.  I co-wrote it with Eden Young who’s mom wrote “Little Darlings” with Tatum O’Neil in the early 80’s.   We are to star in it next month!   So, it’s about moving forward and not losing focus.

I will continue to keep you posted as I crawl through the jungles of Hollywood. I am sure to meet some interesting characters along the way as usual.


The Best!


Redneck Weddings IMDb

Show website:

Luck be a Lady IMDb

Redneck Weddings Youtube:


HI Everyone,

Happy New Year 2013!   I wanted to thank everyone who continues to visit my blog here even after I have taken a break.  Your love and support is greatly appreciated.  2013 will be a good year.  “Redneck Weddings” has been submitted to various comedy festivals, production companies and I will continue to seek funding on Indiegogo next month.

I am also working on a children’s cartoon series and another web series for the new year!


Today you can see me on ABC in the Film Burlesque with Cher and Christina Aguilera!

It is having it’s network debut.  Nice way to start the New Year!

For those of you who are new to this blog “Welcome” for those who are fans stay tuned for more blog posts and of course my opinions.

Thank you!