Redneck Weddings! Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Summer is almost over!  This year is going very fast.   Remember this 1980’s hit:

I wanted to send a “thank you” to all of the people who are following this blog.  It touches my heart!  I try to write from the heart because you can never go wrong with your heart and how you really feel.  When I started this blog which I had never done before I did not know how to do it but….. new worlds new challenges!

I love characters.  That is what makes writing so much fun.  God knows I have been with some characters in my life. I got this photo on my Facebook feed this morning and it kind of says it all.   I am always going through a lot of changes and some I like and the ones I don’t like I put up a fuss but then I move on.

letting things go. 2

And there are some good things to come.   My projects are moving ahead.    Redneck Weddings got accepted into another film festival for the pilot script at the Austin Revolution Film Festival one of only 12 that was accepted.  I got rejected by few others but that is OK.   Keep pressing on.    The music video the theme song  “Redneck Weddings” has been re-recorded and is on i-tunes.  With backup singers, Nashville talent and a Damm good fiddle.  Produced by Gary Carter who has worked with the best Randy Travis and Faith Hill to name a few.   The song Redneck Weddings written and sung my Rob Valle.

Rob Valle Website

The music video was shown at the Art All Night Film Festival and Event in Trenton in June.  That was awesome.

I am working on a webseries which I co-wrote with the wonderful Eden Young called “All About Manos”.  It’s about two high-school friends from New Jersey who take on Los Angeles in a funny way and about a more dark element “obsession”. Scripts have been written and we are going into pre-production.


I have found a few sites for writers and content producers such as and they are all free.

Well let me get back to work!

Happy Labor Day Weekend.

Be Safe!

Redneck Weddings! Like Jackie Gleason Once Said “Hamana-hamana-hamana-hamana”!

Hi Everyone,

I know it’s been a while but inspiration and ups and downs. You get the picture! Well, I will just talk about the positive

Happy 4th of July!

I hope everyone is well and I want to thank you for reading this blog.  I have done over 50 posts it’s seems like yesterday when I did my first every post or blog for that matter.

I have a few things to get off my chest.

Acting wise:  A film that I did called Killers at Play won “Best Thriller” at the Amsterdam Film Festival this year.  I played Sara who gets set up by the killers when her husband gets killed as the couple try to move out of their hometown.   It is a horror flick and it was great working with a great director Larry DeGala and Don Hewitt as by husband.   I love working with all that blood (fake) and first time in a horror film.  It was cool.

“Beyond the Pale” a film I did back in 1999 “Wow”.  IMDb (International Movie Database)  considers it the top ten Irish films of all time available on Amazon we made #8 on the list.  I played a fast hooker chick but with a heart of gold.

I am in the middle of getting a webseries together “All About Manos”  its a dark comedy.  Stepbrothers meets Thelma & Louise I will be shooting hopefully in late fall.   And I am involved with a reality show called “It’s A Wrap” very cool show about wrapping cars that is in development.   I guess that is why I have not had time to get to my blog!!!  LOL

Redneck Weddings is doing good too.  I actually wrote three episodes and a whole package for pitching along with budgets stay tuned for this too I see up-coming opportunities in that department too.  I re-tooled the show and made it darker and with some drama to it.

“Redneck Weddings” the Music Video into a festival this past month “Art all Night” in Trenton NJ.  It was shown to thousands of people who attended the festival.  It is a 24 hour film and art festival with actual artists from all over the world displaying their art and film.    And the theme TV Song Redneck Weddings got a new version re-recorded by Rob Valle who wrote the song in twenty minutes. It so catchy! It has the fiddle and vocals that really make it so much more fuller than before.  It is also on itunes for purchase or just listen for the sample of it.   Gary Carter produced it and worked on it with Rob Valle. I got the best musicians in Nashville.  Gary Carter has worked with Pam Tillis, Faith Hill, Randy Travis and Kenny Chesney to name a few.  So honored and thrill to listen to knowing that I started from nothing.

Here is Rob Valle Website

Go on i-tunes then store/music  (In search)  type: Rob Valle and you will see it.

Itunes link:

Here they are:

Gary Carter with Rob Valle working on Redneck Weddings Theme Song

Gary Carter with Rob Valle working on Redneck Weddings Theme Song

The last couple of months I have been working on a game show for the Game Show Network as a (stand-in) dry rehearsals but I got a chance to work with Billy Gardell from Mike and Molly!   What a nice guy and he was a stand up comedian for many years.  Well, he reminds me a little of Jackie Gleason. Bigger than life and he has a big heart.

Jackie Gleason at his best.

Here is a promo of the Show.  And if you look at this promo you can see me running down to play from my throne on set!

Happy 4th of July!

Lady Liberty!  USA

Lady Liberty! USA

Redneck Weddings gets on BTS Radio Show with Brian Shirley Wednesday Oct 23rd! And the Singing Greats That Influenced Me!

I like listening to standard music the “old music” as some people would say. But to me it is always in fashion.

Frank or Sammy Davis Jr the (Rat Pack) they were cool they sang the best music in the world. Today, in a very judgmental world I like to give my soul some positive vibe by listening to those old standards of yesterday. For example the song “The Candy Man” from Sammy Davis Jr. it is such a happy carefree song that you can’t help singing along.

Sammy Davis Jr. Candy Man!
What Kind of Fool I Am!
Rat Pack with Johnny Carson

I was introduced to the standard’s from my Mom whose was a singer and my godmother/Aunt Mary way back. Both ladies were opinionated and my godmother was about five foot tall but she could command a room and put all of her family in place with a look! I would go to her house and there was the great music playing on those old records remember those old record player that you don’t see anymore.

With a bottle of homemade wine, some pasta ( I got a little nip of the wine) she was in heaven sitting there thinking about her life as the music played. I think on my dad’s side I got my acting influence they were all good characters. Along with the acting I did not have a choice but sing too which was on my Mother side.

My mom was an opera singer and later became a Jazz singer. She had a trunk of old sheet music that she collected I have some of it. I used to bring in some old sheet music to my singing teachers and they would examine it and say where the hell did you get this!!!! Yes I can sing it runs in the family. My mom could sing, my mom’ mother Harriet could sing, my grandfather could play about six instruments, sung and wrote little songs, my aunts could all sing too. If anyone is jewish out there we are very musically inclined as a people and but also being part italian we can blow out a room too!!

When I was a little girl my Mom took me to see Sammy Davis Jr. perform. Till this day, I still remember him working that stage I was in awe of him as a performer especially when he sang “What Kind of Fool Am I” too young to know the meaning of the song but I felt his pain his passion and I could relate to it somehow and felt as if I was the one he was singing to.

When I was a little girl my Mom would have me sing little songs and she would encourage me to sing like her she would instruct me about performing and showed me how to use my hands and interpretation on how to sell the song. She was a mezzo – soprano and so am I. Most recently, I was singing some old songs. I have a tape from a singing teacher who was one of the best. Earl Wentz was known in New York he performed lot at cabaret clubs and he just knew what songs were the best for you. Because I have a big voice of course Liza, Judy and Lena was always in the selection. He died a couple of years ago and when I have the tape on now I always look up to the sky and say this one is for you Earl.

When I sing it brings me back to my childhood and that little nip of homemade wine and pasta and so many memories of my family and past teachers that really has shape me as an artist. Singing is an expression a release of energy that comes from your soul and my destiny was already in the stars even as a young kid.

I just thought that I would share this with you.

Redneck Weddings continues to be pitched and I am on another radio show. On Wednesday Oct 23rd with comedian Brian Shirley BTS Radio. I will be on at 5:15 east coast and 2:15 West Coast. Brian is a great comedian saw my pilot and loved it. We are going to be talking about comedy, my show and I guess about entertainment. So tune in.

here is a link:

Article was written about my show Redneck Weddings. The music Video that we did.

So, I hope I brought you back to a simple time, remembering the greats and what it is like to be a performer!

Thank you fans!

Redneck Weddings TV Show Holy Cow!!! A Music Video Called Redneck Weddings!

Holy Cow! Summer is here already!

I hope everyone is having a great summer! Summer always brings people together! Cookouts, walks on the lake or swimming it’s a time to spend with the family or that special someone. I have been having a good summer so far! So much so, I wanted to share my new music video that we did called “Redneck Weddings”.

In my last post, I mentioned that it was coming out and we were working on it. Presto! Here it is. Rob Valle a great songwriter and musician! He wrote this song “Redneck Weddings” after seeing the pilot presentation “Meet the Characters”.

Rob Valle

Rob Valle

Rob was so inspired watching the presentation “Meet the Characters” that he wrote this song in twenty minutes. This song is a gift, a love note to my show Redneck Weddings. As I have said, in past blogs about this show “music” is key. This show needs a lot of music because it is just a fun show like the old TV shows of the past.

I remember the TV shows of the 80’s that theme song would come on and you knew right away without looking at the TV set what show was on. Theme songs are so important they brand the show and hopefully captured the tone or mood of the show.

I want to thank you Rob on such a great job and giving the show more life and your belief in the show “Redneck Weddings”.

Link to the music video Redneck Weddings:

Rob Valle link:!/robvalle

Kudos to my wonderful husband Peter Papageorgiou who put it all together.

I was recently interviewed on LA talk Radio the host Priscilla Leona “Question Reality” on Sunday’s channel 1 at 5 pm. (LA time)

I had a great time on the show June 9th you can listen to my interview on there website. Priscilla has become a fan of the show! Question Reality is a great show that centers on Entertainment and the business. Great for that newcomer or seasoned performer! Informative and funny! So, please check it out.

LA Talk Radio:

Thank you for all your support and my followers of the show it is appreciated!

Share, comment if you like the show and you would love to see more. After you see the Music Video “Redneck Weddings” you will be stomping your feet and singing out loud. I promise!

So my journey continues… you take care now!

Redneckweddingstv youtubechannel:
facebook page: please like us!
twitter: @redneckweddings
Rooftopcomedy Link:

Redneck Weddings! Do I Comprise and Take the Easy Way Out or Keep My Vision?

As Peter and I sat in our small room in our apartment we stood at the computer monitor watching each take of Redneck Weddings.  What are we editing first?   As we watched, each scene we would put them in order and put the script to the side.  Move this here that here…the one take that we would like to use did not always match the other take.  Continuity is important remember the film Citizen Kane that I mentioned in the last post.   Let me just say that editing is very expensive.  I was very lucky to have my husband Peter who can do it. It would run around $50.00 to $100.00 an hour.  The edit would last from June to early August. That is a lot of hours.

We set out a direction to go.

The plan was to edit the long presentation for pitching and then the trailer. That is easier.  A trailer on a whole is about three minutes long and you have to tell the story in that short time. A beginning and an end in a few minutes.  A lot harder to do!    Michael went off to another project and wanted to see a rough cut when it was done.  Some directors want to be there for each session and some do not ….only the rough cut.

So, it was just Peter and I.  Everyone else went their way.   You know that song by Aerosmith “Living on the Edge”    and there is a sound effect in the song like an echo of the end of the world!  Exactly!

Peter is very opinionated and direct!    As a married couple, for the past 17 years we have gotten into fights or artistic disagreements to put it politely.   This was no exception.    We are both artists and have very different ways of working.   But once we commit our aim is always about the project so after the yelling…. we would  sit down and start again.    As we watched each take I  could see some mistakes but nevertheless the footage looked great.

So, we started cutting.

Catherine do you want the scene?  Peter would say.  This one?  I would say ” Peter what do you think”?  Catherine it is your project!  But if I were you, I would pick this scene.   Peter would say.   OK I said.  That is what we will do.  I try to learn from people.  Way back I worked on a film as an actress here goes:

I knew someone who shot a feature with a partner of his they wrote a feature together.   I won’t mention the film but he allowed his partner to take over and the film became something that he had not had in mind as a writer of the feature or even as a director.

I was  comprising because it is really hard and the easy way out.    Finally with a lot of frustration I just picked up the script and went by each scene and the shot list.   We finally got a rough edit.  But deep down I knew it was not what I wanted nor did it have any resemblance of what kind of show I had in mind!

I still was not able to convey at that time what I wanted.  So we kept cutting.

We go it down to 13 minutes long remember we had three hours of footage.  A presentation should be up to ten minutes long.  The powers that be don’t have time.   I showed it to Michael.  Well it is getting there.  He said.  Everyone knew that we would have to go back and start from scratch.  After two weeks of working at it every night.   I finally gave up!

I just said OK let’s forget about the pitch and do the trailer.   So that long version was put to the side and we started doing the trailer.  We did not erase it.  We just kept it as a reference or perhaps go back to it to get quick moments.

Peter Papagerogiou at Work.

As we started the trailer, I could see this show needed a lot of music.  Michael suggested going on Audiojungle .com that is a really good site for  music and if you pay you can get the rights to it.  Musicians put their music on that site and if you have a show like mine and no money for music rights it can come in handy.    But Peter who loves music! He  had his own source garage band program.  That program once you buy it you own the rights has sample music and you can also make your own tunes.   So, that is what we did.    Music is so important it helps the story come alive.

I still was confused as how to start the trailer.  I have never done this before.  Always make sure you film a lot of B-Roll because it can make or break your project.

Unfortunately,  the character ” Breesy”  did not have a whole lot of B-Roll.     Yikes!    I am the main character.

But that is what happens when there is no budget!


On a side note.

We are about to launch our Kickstarter campaign on Oct 1st so on Oct 2nd go to click on “Our Launch” on the home page.  There you will see the trailer that I wrote about on this blog today.

I will also be on ActorsE-Chat on Tuesday Oct 2nd and  Peter my husband will be on the show talking about his project ” Late Bloomers” along with Redneck Weddings.  It is filmed live west coast time at around 10 AM in the morning and will later be available to watch and listen to on their website.   So, if you have any questions or comments please feel free to write in during the show.  Below is a link to the press release at the bottom  of the press release you will see the  instructions on how to write into the show live.

All very exciting!  Wish me luck.


The link to ActorsE-Chat.