Redneck Weddings The Saga Continues!

Hi Everyone,

I am amazed at all my fans that continue to view my blog even though I took a hiatus.  I am slowing getting back so stay with me and I will continue I am sure with more information and funny stories.

On a sad note:

Redneck Weddings did not get funded on Kickstarter this past October.  I was disappointed but more determined then ever to continue my show.  I have sent it to a number of festivals and production companies!

But the fan base is growing by social media.

I am now embarking on Indiegogo  fundraiser in a month to shoot a few promo spots for the show a way to market the project and add to “Meet the Characters” the pilot presentation for Redneck Weddings.     So, the quest continues… plan B.

So for those who are new to this blog check out the link below.  We also got on in “funny films”!

I am also in a film that I acted in called Wheels it is opening up the end of January with Christopher Hume from Pirates of the Caribbean I got to work with him he is sexy and very talented!  We have a fight scene he got beat up a little by me.

And I am co-writing a new webseries called ” All About Manos”  which I will be in with actress Eden Young.  A dark comedy about two women one is a stalker and the other character is a hoarder and they both live in Los Angeles!

So, if you are out there down and feeling un-inspired please..dust yourself off and press on!

Here is a funny photo to make your day!


She looks like me when I go shopping!

Take care!


Redneck Weddings Introduction! Those Redneck Dogs in My Life!

Sorry, I have not put out a new post until now.  My dog almost died this past Sunday.  I have been nursing her back to health.    She is doing much better!  Thank God.   And all you animal lovers out there you know the dreaded sentence by Vets ( we might have to put your dog to sleep).  She had bloat which happens to a lot of dogs when there stomach twists and they died from lack of blood to other organs.   I got her to a hospital in time.  It was touch and go because of her age but I could not let her go I had to save her.  Athena my dog is getting back to her old self.  They had to take out some of her stomach and her spleen.

Athena at home after surgery!


About my Kickstarter Introduction:

So, this blog is about my introduction for Kickstarter and how a simple one minute video clip can be very confusing at times.   Because it is just YOU!   For Redneck Weddings I went through a series of different locations or themes…first one was just me talking into the camera with a wedding veil on and over a friends Kyle Vale the actor that is in the wedding scene of the trailer!

He has a great camera and almost a year ago he brought his camera to the taping of the reading of the pilot Redneck Weddings.

He has a Dog named Penny.  A mix breed and I am sorry I don’t have her photo but she is a diva of sorts.   The outtakes of our pairing were very funny!

(The outtakes were deleted) So, that is why I am describing it.

During filming, I sat on the couch talking and of course Miss Penny would come over and lick me on my face as I was talking, sit next to me, look at the camera and yawn and walk away.  I guess Penny is a diva and a critic too.   A clue that my intro was boring!  Then I tried in filming in my place with old camera that we had.   But too dark and the sound was awful.   So, as I got closer to launching my Kickstarter Campaign I was not sure what to do.  My trailer is up on the site but they say that you should introduce yourself as just you.

So I thought why not go back to where I had the reading of the pilot the theatre and start talking about it.  Hard to believe but it is almost a year ago that I had my first reading of Redneck Weddings the pilot script.  Here is an invite to the reading that I also created.

But it was way too much money for a few hours.  That was nixed.   I kept writing different versions of it about four re-writes by the time I settled on what I had in mind which is just me being me.    I am what I am…you know the song.

About a week before I launched we filmed it on a flip phone in my backyard the intro that you can see on my Kickstarter site.  I managed the building where I live so I am always cleaning.  So when you go on it  you see the opening and know how I got the idea.

I want to say Thank You!

So, I am at the end of this blog.  I am waiting for funding for Redneck Weddings to be turned into a web series.   I will be back. I enjoy writing this blog about my passion project and I hope I can continue giving you the back story. Only next time it will be the actual pre-production of Redneck Weddings the Web Series if I am lucky enough to get to that point and of course there will be drama.

Redneck Weddings The Cast!

Thank you so much for your support and comments and I hope you had a good time reading my blog and I hope I have the opportunity to accomplish my goal of shooting six webisodes.  Please continue to send me comments!


The links:

Our Website:  (Website was designed and created by Me).  On our site you can see our Facebook page and twitter @redneckweddings

My interview on the Ben Wiggins Show Access Films

Redneck Weddings Soup! Come and Get it!

Our Cast Photo of Redneck Weddings.

I am a pretty good cook.  Like most cooks, I just put in a little bit of this a little bit of that in the pot. Well….Meet the Characters was like that.  Way before we started shooting Michael and I would be like cooks preparing a recipe for the world.  Michael would call or ask me for more dialogue or those confessionals that the actor is speaking to the camera.  It’s set up like you the audience know their secret we call it in the business breaking the 4th wall.  A lot of shows are doing it such as The Office, Modern Family it keeps the audience invested.   It was done in some movies back in the 60’s.  I guess they were trying new ways to shoot.     The dialogue has to be on the spot and funny quickly otherwise it falls flat. 

So, at the time of shooting months before I had to write about five of them.  Give them to Michael for approval and then to the actors.  It was more work.  But it actually really made the piece  better.   The interviews again was like this is my secret world only you know (the audience).     And the scenes how to fit the scenes together with the confessionals and interviews so they are one story.   Uhmmmmm.

So, here I was months later in the edit trying to make that big pot of comedy soup! In the trailer, I (Breesy) opened the piece of Redneck Weddings but in Meet the characters it is sexy Caroline.  It felt right after all the chapel is the center of where everything happens! 

The opening credits were shot on location. Portraits shots of each character. That was Michael’s idea.  Low – Budget but it fit and you get a sense and a look of the show. So you see it is all in the recipe, planning or just putting all those flavors together.  The location again the Chapel where it all begins.   With Meet the Characters I wanted to get a feel of the south and the people so I took moments and kept switching back and forth. And with the great music from Peter (editor) we were still able to get the fun of the show.

But we had sound problems.   Some footage we could not use at all.  Interviews with Jack we could not hear very well.   So, we had to scrape that.   Some of my sound we doctored and of Michael’s voice wavered and he was not miked we fixed that.  At the time of shooting we just thought we would just get the actors response.  But at times it did not make sense what they were saying so we had to leave in the interviewers voice.  It ‘s pretty funny because he sounds like an outsider trying to get the scoop.    That edit went really fast. Within two weeks we had a good rough cut.  Michael continue to look at it and put down his thoughts but all in all we over came the problems had a good product.  

To take a look at Meet the Characters go on our website  click onto the cast photo and it will come up.


An Update:

Recently, I have started doing a lot of press on the show.  All to achieve my goal to shoot six webisodes through Kickstarter.  We just launched last week.   So, everyone out there we appreciate your support even a comment on Kickstarter would be great. If you enjoy my blog and the process please do.    A lot of fans from all over the world have started to read about Redneck Weddings here on this blog.   It makes a world of difference to the cast, crew and me the writer.  I have been getting all of your comments and thumbs up though my e-mail.  But please go to “our launch” on the website and just comment on Kickstarter. If you are a lucky person by all means take advantage of the rewards package.    

It means a lot of us!

I thought it would be fun at this time to give you links of my press kit.


 And a fan Rob Valle has actually composed an original song for Redneck Weddings!

Have a listen.

Next Week:

the filming of my introduction for Kickstarter. It is so hard being yourself!

I will show some outtakes of me trying to get it right  and talk about a dog named penny that kept up-staging me.   Penny got cut out. Artistic Differences.

 How I came up with the website design!


Two Different Worlds of Redneck Weddings! The Trailer vs Presentation. What to do!

With the trailer done I felt relieved.  But more determined then ever to follow my goal.   I found the show after six years.   I am never satisfied.  I always think the worse and I don’t have the best luck in the world.   Some people are just really lucky.  They seem to not have to try a great deal and step in cocky.    Me not so much.  So, relieved but hopeful I plowed on to the presentation.  I guess most people would just be OK with the trailer but I need to show more footage for pitching.

I went back to the old first cut the long one.  After looking at it I kept wondering what I should do.    Michael Indjeian was smart.  Before we starting filming the chapel scenes we started thinking about the extra footage.   So, I went back to the footage.   There were interviews like he was a reporter off camera with the actors improving.  It is pretty funny because Michael is from the east coast you can hear that and then you can hear southern accents it makes really funny.

One of the advice, I have for people who are looking to put something like this  is always have extra footage.  Sorta a plan B, C, D.   You get the picture.   And give the actors time to look at the script and give them more back story of each character.  It helps being an actress myself.   Luckily the actors had the material weeks in advance and we had a read through so any problems or questions were already asked.  Even right down to wardrobe, the look, the colors etc, hair style.  Caroline’s favorite color is Pink.   You will see pink in the sign, streamers on the poles of the chapel, her glass that she is drinking out of during the heart attack scene!  That is not by accident by no means.  That is all in the planning.

“Plan” would be the number one word I would give for anyone looking to produce a TV show.    So, because of that I had footage that only helped the project.   I was thinking to conventional and what I found out by doing the trailer that the unconventional was the show.

Looking at the old version it was not going to fly.   Looking at the trailer, it was like two different shows.   I had an idea why not combined everything.  Like a soup.  The confessionals, scenes and interviews as one.  Peter ( my husband and editor)  looked at me like I had two heads! Why can’t go back to the old version and just cut.  Make it shorter and get the point.

“No” I said.  So, of course I won.  The process would start again from scratch.  So, every night we would go through the material.  Joking around Peter would say “Thank God” you are not paying this.  This would cost you thousands of dollars in the edit room.

How right he was.  I was re-telling the story again.   There was so many things to think about not just Kickstarter but a website, promotional materials, press I needed a staff but it is just me.    One day I was hanging out with a friend of mine and she was tweeting  on her phone.  What are you doing Eden?  Tweeting.  Twitter?  I said.  I have no idea how to do that. Can you teach me?  Yeah sure.  So, she started tweeting about Redneck Weddings.  It was instant. Now I know why celebrities do it.  “Get on twitter Catherine” you need to be in the 21st century!   So, I am doing things because of this show that I never done before.    Since August I have now 121 twitter followers for Redneck Weddings.  I am also able to connect with advertisers that perhaps would be interested in advertising.  It all helps.   It’s work!  Like I have said before we all have ADD.   Talking about Press….. podcasts are a great tool to get the project out there.   I am on my second podcast.  We just launched a week ago.   I will be on tomorrow talking about the show.

The show that I am on Tomorrow is Accessfilms with Ben Wiggens.

I will also be profiled in the Bergen Record.    It is a Kickstarter article and Redneck Weddings will get its due.   So, Friday I will give you guys the link to the Bergen Record. As some of you may know I am from New Jersey.  That is pretty cool.

My website: “Meet the Characters” on site click into photo.  Our launch my Kickstarter is also on there too.

Friday ,  I will have a new post.  How I overcame some problems with the footage of Meet the Characters!  My Computer is about to go down!!!!  LOL

The Trailer of Redneck Weddings! The Creative Process!

When I was a little kid anything that seemed really hard I would  tackle first  instead of taking the easier route.  On tests, I would go to the hardest questions first and get it over with and then get to the easy questions.   I know it seems butt backwards but that is me.    I knew the show could be better and I am a perfectionist.   My director Michael  is really a perfectionist which is good because it keeps me in check.  I will let things slide a little.  Life is not perfect.

So the trailer is what we would work on.   Harder because you have to tell a story in less than three minutes.  We all decided  that the trailer would go on Kickstarter.

I knew Breesy scenes would be the first to start the trailer, but I was stuck because Breesy was supposed to be in Texas not near the Chapel in Arkansas.  Part of the problem was that our location changing the last-minute filming the Chapel scenes.

We had filmed some scenes of just me talking into the camera. I looked real cute with the mailboxes beside me but in the distance you could kind of see that the chapel was in the back. It bothered me.  Maybe someone else would not have picked it up but I did.  They were transitional scenes  with lines like “let’s get back to Arkansas where I have a new life!”  I guess the state lines were pretty close. LOL.   It slowed it down too.  So, Peter (editor) and I clip, cut whatever you want to call it.  But what to do?   How do it start this?   Peter said lets just continue.  Next scene.

The death scenes, the lines I had after each guy died were funny but it slowed it down.  Here are some I guess he had to many cheeseburgers (into camera).   Beau gets hit by the car I run over pick up his head ” we had to get a big O casket for Beau” or another one was with Billie boy lying dead shot with the ring on my finger to camera “What good is a ring without a man?

In the first version the long one we had very dramatic music on that line.  Very over the top.   That was all cut from the trailer.  Sliced.  All you see is a few lines with the guys my reactions and that is it.  Editors are like that does it move the story if not it has to go.   We went on we had a scene were I just arrived at the chapel which was great so we started with that after the death scenes.  We just cut in mid scene (chapel).   Next scene, the Preacher and we started introducing each character.  Rough, but we started playing with each moment cutting and then going back to another character very quick cuts but each cut gave more background on the character.  The initial script was not followed as the long version.  After a week we started with the music.  Peter had some good tunes and put them in place.  We started to get the pace of the show.  Grab moments of the Actors just reactions and then go back and forth.  It became so much funnier than before!

The sound effects were put in to that is great for layering.  With a rough cut we had about 4 minutes way too long.  So we went back cut some more.  Grab moments from the first edit and cut other moments out that I did not want to but …..that is how it goes.   We got it down to a little over two minutes.   But we still had to figure out the beginning.  We went back and took a scene of the wedding at the chapel catching the bouquet but no idea where I was but  a voice over that was not good I sounded like I was on LSD.  No joke.

The voice overs were recorded after everyone went home on the day of filming at the chapel.  God I sounded tried.    So we cut something with the chapel and then we got the map of Texas and Arkansas and started playing with that.

My voice over was done with an image of Arkansas at the time the town was Mayberry and a little sound effect came up with a pop of the town Mayberry on the map.  Let’s get Back to Mayberry where I have a New Life!   Now the town is Cutler and I will get to why I changed it at a later blog.

So, those lines did not work.  A few days later I was going through the photos of the day of filming and there was a picture taken of me.    I look country and rustic.

Catherine Natale as Breesy Carson Photo Credit Alexsan Gharibian

So, why not have the still in the beginning I could be like a wanted person in Texas for being the “Kiss of Death“.  And that is how we solved that one.  Sometimes you have to think outside the box.   A pop up of big red letters ” Cursed” comes up I am at the chapel by that time.  We had to re-record my voiceover but it seem like it got to the point.

That is the breakthrough.  Weeks of turning to figure it out.  But through the trailer I got the vibe of the show.    Stingers all shows have it.

Wedding Drops Chapel.

They are like transitions with music. Seinfield had the popping noise, Big Bang has the planets that is what all shows do.  Branding it.  So why not Redneck Weddings.  So my sign, that I made put in with a great stinger music and presto it worked.  We have it as a still on the dirt ground of my background with some sexy music.   So, all of this adds to the show.    I found the show, the vibe and the show was growing.  The rooster in the end of the trailer came  as a last thought.  In the pilot script there is a chicken coop scene with Jack and Breesy.  So,  I drew a rooster and put the sound effect in the end.

The rooster in the end with Redneck Weddings title. Design by Catherine Natale

Remember when I mentioned that scene that Breesy walks up to the chapel and says ” Is this the Chapel for Ever-Lasting Love? ”  The beginning scene we would  start with that and just cut to the end.    Sort of a cliffhanger.    Michael saw the rough cut and raved about it.   We can fix this or that he said  but it really is the show.  Peter who is particular loved it too.    I thought it was finally going in the right direction.

Next the edit of ” Meet the Characters”.  How I got the idea to combine all of it.  The on camera character interviews, confessionals and scenes all at once.

I thought that since the trailer is on the Kickstarter only if you want to see it the finish version have a look.

Also in a past blog I talked about Kickstarter so have a look at what I did.   Feel free to comment on top of Kickstarter.  I like hearing some feedback.


Redneck Weddings Gets Launched!

Sorry that I was not able to put out a new blog yesterday.  I was busy trying to promote Redneck Weddings.

Peter and Me talk about Show Biz and our Project Late Bloomers and Redneck Weddings

You see I have just launched October 1st on  I promised that I would blog about Kickstarter on an earlier post.   I felt that right now for all you people who have a great product or project just like mine I would give my insights and then start again talking about the edit on Friday!

Kickstarter is crowd-funding.  Own by Kickstarter and  They are really strict so many guidelines to follow but if you go to Kickstarter school on their site you have a better chance of getting accepted.   People on that site are looking for funding, it could be an invention, an app, book, TV show you name it is up there.   Kickstarter is the top of the line as far as crowd funding.  Hollywood has beckon with Kickstarter.   Industry people who don’t want to wait for someone to say YES I have the MONEY go to Kickstarter to try to get the funding.

Our ActorsE-Chat interview on camera My husband Peter and MOI!

So it is very legit.   As a person with a project I have to promise that I will follow through. All proceeds go to the project (period).   So where do I begin?  Well first, you have to be very clear on what you are proposing it is a pitch.  It gets fuzzy when it comes to entertainment.  Because the  project is always developing.  But you must have a great video of the show or an introduction piece of your invention (shot well) that explains the show and the characters or what you are trying to show.  People want to know what they are giving money to.   Make it short.  People have ADD.  Next is a whole blank white screen about the project you  write about !

Make it visual and clear and also be realistic about the amount you want. If you have an amount and ask for the moon and don’t reached it that is a drag because you get nothing.

Rewards:  Think creatively.  It must relate to your project. You must promise an reward system if people donate to your project.  And you have a certain amount of a time frame to deliver that gift.  You can’t mention that if you give 5,000 dollars that you will provide an  luxury around the world trip to someone when your project is a cooking show.

A world trip

Bribing is not allowed.   Another thing:  take your time.  I opened the account in May and did not launch until October.  That was a lot of this and that until I got my description just right.   Take your time and you will be better for it.

Kickstarter has 30 or 60 days to keep your project on their site.   I went for the sixty days. Because I need to advertise the project.  Get on radio shows, podcasts, articles it takes time.

That is up to you.  But you do have a choice.

Requirements:  You must be a USA citizen you must have a major credit card.   Also have to open an account.  My advice is to set that up before you are accepted by Kickstarter.  It takes time for their approval and then you have to submit to Kickstarter for approval only not to launch your project.  So all of this takes time and use social media to get the word out.   Like I said at a past post the internet is great!  Years ago this would never would have happened giving average folks like me a chance.    There are other sites Indiegogo but Kickstarter is where everyone goes to.

Funding:  If you don’t reach your goal you get nothing.  If you do Kickstarter and Amazon take up to 7 percent of the funding.     There have been a lot of success stories but it is work.

But if you have the passion go for it I DID!

I hope that this helps on your passion project!  Go for it!

My website:

Wish me luck!    I will be on the Ben Wiggens Show from Accessfilms October 10th!

Casting Chaos…Like A Real Gunshot Redneck Wedding!

With my courage in place,  I began my call of action to finally get a promo/trailer in place in other words “pre-production” for a  Kickstarter is crowd-funding.  It has been getting a lot of attention lately but it is a great way for artists like me to get that project off the ground.   You can do anything from products, inventions, film etc.

Many successful people have gone on with their dream because of Kickstarter.  It is run my and of course Kickstarter.  Like I said the web is a very interesting place.  Now even famous directors are starting to put their goods on Kickstarter.  But I will say it is a lot of work.  I will discuss it on another post.

So back to casting….  It can be over whelming especially when there is no budget LOL. 

 With my faith in tact I had to believe in the impossible.   Michael Indjeian in place as Director, I plowed through.   I have done sales before but in the coming months this project would test my skills in sales and begging. 

Finally, I had a script that was OK not great but enough to audition actors with.  The first draft was 4 pages now this one was around 8 pages along.

Casting is everything. It can make or break a project.  Michael wanted to see people and of course I understood.  But there was one actor that I had to have for the role of Jack, Shelly Desai.

 In Redneck Weddings, Jack is a rich paranoid tycoon who is richer than Warren Buffett!   He hates the government and he happens to be the luckiest man alive because in his 70’s he is married to a very hot woman called Caroline who is only 22!   

Shelly has been my friend for about 10 years.  He was Carlos in “Men of Certain Age” with Ray Romano.  He actually won a “Peabody Award” for that role of Carlos.    He has been seen in other TV roles such as Ugly Betty, Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Hung and has been in numerous commercials. Shelly will be seen in Kevin James movie “In the Boom” that is opening in September.

 When I first came out to Los Angeles, he helped me get a commercial agent and gave me a lot of advice.  He has always has been my cheerleader along with doing some work on my husband’s pilot “Late Bloomers”.   He is a wonderful actor and a great friend and the one person who urge me to re-locate to Los Angeles. 

Shelly Desai as Jack

But everyone else was up for grabs.  At that time, I was so busy I had not made up my mind if I was going to play one of the roles .  “Catherine are going to be in it?”  Michael asked.  I still was not sure deep down. It is hard to be in something that you created and wrote you have this attachment. 

I don’t know how stars do it.  I don’t care how many assistants or crew you have you are still thinking about the project as a producer watching to see how it will shape up.  It can get in the way of the creative process of just being an actor.  So, emotionally involved it is hard to de-attach yourself.    So, with that up in the air we started thinking about what Redneck Weddings would look like! Here is some character breakdown:

A sexy I-Candy wedding chapel owner Caroline

A half-baked elvis wannabe who thinks he is Elvis and a Preacher.

A gay frustrated photographer who can make any woman beautiful and works the brides to be.

And some cowboys who would play the dead grooms.

The grooms were easy……

But the Elvis role was not going to easy.  You see he had to also have a preacher way about him too.  Was I going for the obvious or go the other way.  Like I said Casting is everything.   So, I started the casting process and I decided why not go for broke…. I will play “Breesy” the underdog the “Kiss of Death” Guitly of Never Being a Bride! After all, I was not only the creator,writer, producer, cater, art department, prop master,  but now an Actor in it!!!!  A jack of all trades.

Catherine Natale as Breesy. During the filming of Redneck Weddings

Next the auditions….my characters really come to life in a small audition room.  The moment of truth.

Just when you think you are done with re-writes!   I wish.