Redneck Weddings! Just A Creator of A TV Show in the Jungles of Hollywood

Hi Everyone,

The last couple of months have been exciting and filled with rejection.    I recently read an article in the Hollywood Reporter that the path of an successful creator of a TV show or writer in the world of TV is that failure is a passage for success.  The more you are out there and people are talking about you in some way you have success!

In Hollywood, nowhere else can you be one minute the toast of the town and the next be unemployed!  Being an actress well…forget about it….   let alone a creator of your own show.   I guess I am use to be rejected most people will cry or beat the wall I on the other hand think of it as a learning experience on what my completion is or what I can do to get better my “goals”.  The more No’s the more I get stubborn and say Yes I Can!  So, if this blog can perk you up I actually did my job.  Most very successful people have failed in some way.  

So for me it is the little things that add up to the big picture.   So, let me get you caught up since it has been a few months.   Redneck Weddings is on IMDb.  It has been getting hits on  “under funny films”  got 5 stars!  

Folks are asking for more content because of lack of funds, I am now contacting productions companies and one has actually expressed interest in the project.  

I also got interviewed by Kevin Silva who is doing a documentary called “Luck be a Lady”. About wedding chapels!

 Always amazed at people who comment from all over the world about this show. Thank you for your support.

 I will be cutting a music video for Redneck Weddings with Bob Valle who wrote a song about the show called you guessed it “Redneck Weddings”. His band will be playing along with him and I will posted it on here when we get it up on the Redneck Weddings youtube channel.

I am also working on another project called “All About Manos”.  I co-wrote it with Eden Young who’s mom wrote “Little Darlings” with Tatum O’Neil in the early 80’s.   We are to star in it next month!   So, it’s about moving forward and not losing focus.

I will continue to keep you posted as I crawl through the jungles of Hollywood. I am sure to meet some interesting characters along the way as usual.


The Best!


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