Redneck Weddings Comes to Life! Our Shoot!

We were back on!  Michael called the Owner and gave her the riot act.  What we were going to do and so forth.   She was familiar with it all having had other crews at her place in the past.   She let us use her backyard  and her side area for catering and holding.   The only problem was now the shoot was two days not one day as planned.

Our death scenes in North Hollywood’s vacant lot would have to be filmed another time. It was just to far away and with close to about 12 pages to shoot in LaCanada that is a lot of dialogue even with a big budget.

The cast and crew were all on deck and LaCanada is where we would be!   I was so tired and stressed leading up to the day of the Redneck Weddings  our shoot, I was not as prepared as I could have been as an actress.      I had a audition the night before  and then it hit me as I drove home….

The shoot was happening and after six years it was a feeling of excitement, the bizarre and a nervous feeling at the same time.  I had to let others work on the “baby” and had to trust that it would all work out.  I could not be in different places at once on the set so finally I had to let it GO.  That is tough like a nervous mother seeing her kid go off to school for the first time.

That morning seeing everyone working and setting up it was a great feeling.  In a million years, I would could not have ever imagined that this little idea I had from a crazy place I used to work at would be shot.  Produced!   It was no longer in the drawer after all these years it was a” living organism”.   Now it had finally come to life!  Amazing day, because we got done with all the scenes the crew worked real hard and the cast was awesome.

Here is behind the scenes shooting of Caroline!


Some photos:

Shoot of Redneck Weddings

Redneck Wedding Scene with Actor Kyle Vale and Ariel Jutus

Our Shoot in LaCanada