Redneck Weddings! Gets into the Hoboken International Film Festival May 30th to June 5th

Hi Everyone,

I have been busy with so many things and as I write on my blog I don’t know where to start.   Ha!  I want to thank everyone who continues to share this blog and follow it.  People say that I have a lot of passion, drive and heart I have learned that when you follow your heart you can never go wrong in anything that you tried to accomplish.  I know that sounds corny but sometimes what your parents or grandparents tell you it never goes out of fashion.  I guess I am an old soul.  I like old music I think I wrote about that on another post that Sammy Davis Jr and Frank Sinatra is what I like to hear.  It brings me back to my childhood and my memory of my Godmother and may I say my Mother who use to sing those songs back in the day.  My mother was my biggest fan and always encouraged me to continue even when things seem bleak.    I am so use to “No” that when something good happens I get like “Wow” this is happening to me?   So, as I ramble now I remember now what I wanted to tell you…

I guess you can now call me a published writer.  I am on a new online magazine called No Strings Attached. This online magazine is getting some great attention.  It’s about everything, travel, entertainment, News stories etc.    If you like my commentary I know you will like these two articles.  It’s great fun to write and they also say write what you know.  There are two subjects that I love acting and my dog Athena.

Here are some links:

A film that I worked on as an actress called Wheels got accepted into the Newport Beach Film Festival this past month.

Here is the trailer:

I also want to let you know that the Hoboken International Film Festival has accepted my TV Pilot Redneck Weddings.  Like Sally Field’s once said as she accepted her Oscar “They like me they like me they REALLY Like ME!”  It is under TV Pilots.  Hoboken International Film Festival is one of the top ten festivals in the USA.   The festival is May 30th to June 5th.   This will mark the debut for Redneck Weddings at a film festival.  It is in the running to be voted a nominee for best TV Pilot!  Let’s hope.

The screening will be on June 1st at 4 pm at the Paramount Theatre in Middletown NY.  So, anyone out there who would like to see it on the big screen feel free to come on by.  Tickets are very reasonable cheaper than a movie.

So there you go.






Redneck Weddings! Gets A Place to Call Home.

The next morning as I stared at my messy desk in my office and all the messages on my phone from the night before, I felt numb.   My head was pounding from a migraine I gulped down some Avil to make it stop.   Downstairs was all my art work , the props that I made, the wedding dress that I got for eight dollars at a second-hand place and the wedding veil that I made from scratch. Reminders of all the weeks of planning.  I kept thinking how can I solve this.  There was an old foreclosed house next door maybe I could dress it and it could perhaps work.

My cell went off.   It was Michael.  Have you talked to the Renter?   That guy I said.  No. Forget it.  He keeps giving mixed messages first no then yes.  Like a game.  A nut case.  Listen, maybe we can dress the house next door.  No one will know.  It’s abandoned I said.  Dead silence.  How many years have you been working on this project?  Six I said.  Well, I have been working it for six weeks!  Get on the phone and call the second location LaCanada CA.  OK.  But it is too far.  Get on the phone and call them… said Michael.

Alright. I will.  I hung up.  Well I guess I have no choice.  Two day notice?  No way. The owner will not agree to it.   Oh what the hell.   Always save your notes and numbers because in production you never know.   So, I called them.  Well, the owner  picked up.  I continue to talk to her explain what we needed .   Her porch is awesome big and very country like.  Here is a video of the opening of the show and the chapel.

I remember you…. she said.   Well, if you allow us to film on your porch you will be a hero to everyone….. yes you can come she said. No problem.

I hung up the phone and could not believe it.   I called Michael and told him.  Great!  The 1st Ad and me will call the crew.  You let the cast and extras know.

It was actually a blessing.  A lucky accident that happened.  It really made our production looked like it had more production.  Wedding Drops Chapel had a new look a better one.   A bad situation that turned into a good defining moment.

Thank you, Emperor Nero (The Renter)

Turning Los Angeles into Arkansas and Trying to Get Courage!

With my director in place, I wrote the second re-write of the promo/trailer for Redneck Weddings.  The trailer has to be less than four mins and you must have an idea of the show with five main characters who are being introduced and the style of the show.  It is so vital on Kickstarter to convey what your show is about after all you are asking someone to help fund your project.

 But how was I going to make Los Angeles into Arkansas?  

Because I did not have much money….  most of the scenes were outside. Ha!  Better lighting but to find a house with a porch, big enough  for action and a front yard without a palm tree was a challenge.  But that was least of our worries getting a good version of a script was on me.   I took some of the dialogue from the webisodes and some from the pilot but it did not work.  The characters were still developing and Winnie was still bothering me.  So, I brought back the fact that she was murdered at the chapel.   Finally, I delivered the script to Michael.  He said it’s getting there.   I put out a Craigslist ad for  locations one for the chapel and other exteriors.     Michael and I began to scout. We saw a few places but there were two that seem to be a good choice one was in North Hollywood and the other one was in La Canada CA.  

In the meantime, I had some personal depressing experience happened to me.  I got word that the house that I rented… my tenant skipped town on us.  Disappeared with the house keys and garage opener.  I told Michael I would be back in a week and we would start casting.   Not fully realizing what I was about to witness.    My house was destroyed.  As I traveled back, to look at the house I braced myself for the worse. As I opened the front door I got a view that no homeowner wants to see.  My home fixtures were taken, my personal belongings were stolen, holes in the walls  you get the picture. Things that I had in a corner in the garage like photos of my family were gone that can never be replaced an antique mirror and trunk from the early 1900’s that my grandmother brought over from the old country.  

That week we started cleaning and painting the house  and my husband and I talked about moving back.  I even applied for a job in town when I was there.  But the job interview was cancelled the last minute, was it fate?  I drove into town and saw the wedding chapel and stood across the street like I did six years before when I first applied as a wedding consultant. Still there.  I wanted to call Michael and tell him.  It was over.  All my work and his was for not. I didn’t want to waste his time.   I would go to call him and stop myself.  Kept thinking this was all a dream.   The work on the house would be in the thousands and between paying the mortgage and a rent in Los Angeles we had to make a decision.  It would take a least two months to fix it.  My husband still had a job in Los Angeles.  So we drove back. He would look for a job and I myself  would do the same and we would go back.    What money we did have had go into the house. 

As I drove home, I was resigned to put Redneck Weddings back in the drawer.  It was a pipe dream. It was never going to get done.  My husband and I did not say much in the car, after all he had a project too.  It was like a death.   You put so much work into it and you feel like a fool for believing.  As we got back to Los Angeles, I realized that Redneck Weddings was the only positive thing in my life besides my husband Peter and the dogs.    I needed to hold on to some belief and courage.

Something inside of me came out from that experience like a soldier going to battle and claiming my territory.  I was going to pull myself  up no matter what and continue…… and somehow things would work out.  I only hoped that I made the right decision.  I called Michael as soon as I got back.   He asked how was your week away?

It was hell Michael.  I thought to myself ….You have no idea how close I came, from calling it quits Buddy.

My Start of a New Life in a Strange Town!

Life can be strange so many twists and turns one never knows what will happen.

Events in life really set the path sometimes for the future.  From 2000 to 2003 I went through a series of family loss’ that really put me in a funk.  One right after the other.

I needed a change. Start my life a new.  Which meant moving away from the East Coast where I have lived all my life, saying goodbye to friends and family.  Which was hard. Everyone kept telling me “You will be back”.

Back East, I had a regular job.  Like most actors we are usually UN-employed most of the time.  Frustrated with show business I decided to make a change.  I announced to my husband, we will move were no one knows us, live like regular people and quit the business.  There had to be something else I was good at!   So I bought a house. Think big right.  No more apartments that were cramped 900 hundred square feet anymore we would live finally with space, closets and a backyard for my lab.  So I embarked on my journey we packed up our bags, left most of our furniture behind since we could not afford to take it.

And a way we went.  No job prospects either. It was a leap of faith.  When I arrived, I started searching for a job. That is when I found an ad for a Wedding Consultant in town.  I planned my own wedding so, I have experience.   I stood on the corner across the street and took a good look at the Chapel and almost to didn’t  go in.    In a seedy area, in town  a lot of run down motels around it.  As a New Yorker I got it. I guess it would be good business for people who just got married.  But I don’t think decent couples would go to these motels!  You would have to sleep with your clothes on!

The chapel itself was old and looked like it was from another time era OR I was on a movie set and did not know it.  It was advertised as the “Oldest Wedding Chapel” in town. Which is not saying much.

But being desperate, I went for it after all it was all or nothing.  As I entered the chapel,  there were people waiting to be interviewed. They all looked nervous.   After all this was a big job in town. A prize! One guy had a tee shirt on that said “No beer. No Work”. Ugh?   As I filled out the application form, I noticed how old is was!  It looked like a form from the 80’s we were in 2005 people!  Not even a space or a mention for cell or e-mail.  This is going to be interesting.   As, I looked around the  room I realized I was over-dressed.  I looked too urban. Oh well, I guess I am not in New York anymore!  And from this point on there was no turning back.