Redneck Weddings! Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Summer is almost over!  This year is going very fast.   Remember this 1980’s hit:

I wanted to send a “thank you” to all of the people who are following this blog.  It touches my heart!  I try to write from the heart because you can never go wrong with your heart and how you really feel.  When I started this blog which I had never done before I did not know how to do it but….. new worlds new challenges!

I love characters.  That is what makes writing so much fun.  God knows I have been with some characters in my life. I got this photo on my Facebook feed this morning and it kind of says it all.   I am always going through a lot of changes and some I like and the ones I don’t like I put up a fuss but then I move on.

letting things go. 2

And there are some good things to come.   My projects are moving ahead.    Redneck Weddings got accepted into another film festival for the pilot script at the Austin Revolution Film Festival one of only 12 that was accepted.  I got rejected by few others but that is OK.   Keep pressing on.    The music video the theme song  “Redneck Weddings” has been re-recorded and is on i-tunes.  With backup singers, Nashville talent and a Damm good fiddle.  Produced by Gary Carter who has worked with the best Randy Travis and Faith Hill to name a few.   The song Redneck Weddings written and sung my Rob Valle.

Rob Valle Website

The music video was shown at the Art All Night Film Festival and Event in Trenton in June.  That was awesome.

I am working on a webseries which I co-wrote with the wonderful Eden Young called “All About Manos”.  It’s about two high-school friends from New Jersey who take on Los Angeles in a funny way and about a more dark element “obsession”. Scripts have been written and we are going into pre-production.


I have found a few sites for writers and content producers such as and they are all free.

Well let me get back to work!

Happy Labor Day Weekend.

Be Safe!

Redneck Weddings TV Show Holy Cow!!! A Music Video Called Redneck Weddings!

Holy Cow! Summer is here already!

I hope everyone is having a great summer! Summer always brings people together! Cookouts, walks on the lake or swimming it’s a time to spend with the family or that special someone. I have been having a good summer so far! So much so, I wanted to share my new music video that we did called “Redneck Weddings”.

In my last post, I mentioned that it was coming out and we were working on it. Presto! Here it is. Rob Valle a great songwriter and musician! He wrote this song “Redneck Weddings” after seeing the pilot presentation “Meet the Characters”.

Rob Valle

Rob Valle

Rob was so inspired watching the presentation “Meet the Characters” that he wrote this song in twenty minutes. This song is a gift, a love note to my show Redneck Weddings. As I have said, in past blogs about this show “music” is key. This show needs a lot of music because it is just a fun show like the old TV shows of the past.

I remember the TV shows of the 80’s that theme song would come on and you knew right away without looking at the TV set what show was on. Theme songs are so important they brand the show and hopefully captured the tone or mood of the show.

I want to thank you Rob on such a great job and giving the show more life and your belief in the show “Redneck Weddings”.

Link to the music video Redneck Weddings:

Rob Valle link:!/robvalle

Kudos to my wonderful husband Peter Papageorgiou who put it all together.

I was recently interviewed on LA talk Radio the host Priscilla Leona “Question Reality” on Sunday’s channel 1 at 5 pm. (LA time)

I had a great time on the show June 9th you can listen to my interview on there website. Priscilla has become a fan of the show! Question Reality is a great show that centers on Entertainment and the business. Great for that newcomer or seasoned performer! Informative and funny! So, please check it out.

LA Talk Radio:

Thank you for all your support and my followers of the show it is appreciated!

Share, comment if you like the show and you would love to see more. After you see the Music Video “Redneck Weddings” you will be stomping your feet and singing out loud. I promise!

So my journey continues… you take care now!

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The Trailer of Redneck Weddings! The Creative Process!

When I was a little kid anything that seemed really hard I would  tackle first  instead of taking the easier route.  On tests, I would go to the hardest questions first and get it over with and then get to the easy questions.   I know it seems butt backwards but that is me.    I knew the show could be better and I am a perfectionist.   My director Michael  is really a perfectionist which is good because it keeps me in check.  I will let things slide a little.  Life is not perfect.

So the trailer is what we would work on.   Harder because you have to tell a story in less than three minutes.  We all decided  that the trailer would go on Kickstarter.

I knew Breesy scenes would be the first to start the trailer, but I was stuck because Breesy was supposed to be in Texas not near the Chapel in Arkansas.  Part of the problem was that our location changing the last-minute filming the Chapel scenes.

We had filmed some scenes of just me talking into the camera. I looked real cute with the mailboxes beside me but in the distance you could kind of see that the chapel was in the back. It bothered me.  Maybe someone else would not have picked it up but I did.  They were transitional scenes  with lines like “let’s get back to Arkansas where I have a new life!”  I guess the state lines were pretty close. LOL.   It slowed it down too.  So, Peter (editor) and I clip, cut whatever you want to call it.  But what to do?   How do it start this?   Peter said lets just continue.  Next scene.

The death scenes, the lines I had after each guy died were funny but it slowed it down.  Here are some I guess he had to many cheeseburgers (into camera).   Beau gets hit by the car I run over pick up his head ” we had to get a big O casket for Beau” or another one was with Billie boy lying dead shot with the ring on my finger to camera “What good is a ring without a man?

In the first version the long one we had very dramatic music on that line.  Very over the top.   That was all cut from the trailer.  Sliced.  All you see is a few lines with the guys my reactions and that is it.  Editors are like that does it move the story if not it has to go.   We went on we had a scene were I just arrived at the chapel which was great so we started with that after the death scenes.  We just cut in mid scene (chapel).   Next scene, the Preacher and we started introducing each character.  Rough, but we started playing with each moment cutting and then going back to another character very quick cuts but each cut gave more background on the character.  The initial script was not followed as the long version.  After a week we started with the music.  Peter had some good tunes and put them in place.  We started to get the pace of the show.  Grab moments of the Actors just reactions and then go back and forth.  It became so much funnier than before!

The sound effects were put in to that is great for layering.  With a rough cut we had about 4 minutes way too long.  So we went back cut some more.  Grab moments from the first edit and cut other moments out that I did not want to but …..that is how it goes.   We got it down to a little over two minutes.   But we still had to figure out the beginning.  We went back and took a scene of the wedding at the chapel catching the bouquet but no idea where I was but  a voice over that was not good I sounded like I was on LSD.  No joke.

The voice overs were recorded after everyone went home on the day of filming at the chapel.  God I sounded tried.    So we cut something with the chapel and then we got the map of Texas and Arkansas and started playing with that.

My voice over was done with an image of Arkansas at the time the town was Mayberry and a little sound effect came up with a pop of the town Mayberry on the map.  Let’s get Back to Mayberry where I have a New Life!   Now the town is Cutler and I will get to why I changed it at a later blog.

So, those lines did not work.  A few days later I was going through the photos of the day of filming and there was a picture taken of me.    I look country and rustic.

Catherine Natale as Breesy Carson Photo Credit Alexsan Gharibian

So, why not have the still in the beginning I could be like a wanted person in Texas for being the “Kiss of Death“.  And that is how we solved that one.  Sometimes you have to think outside the box.   A pop up of big red letters ” Cursed” comes up I am at the chapel by that time.  We had to re-record my voiceover but it seem like it got to the point.

That is the breakthrough.  Weeks of turning to figure it out.  But through the trailer I got the vibe of the show.    Stingers all shows have it.

Wedding Drops Chapel.

They are like transitions with music. Seinfield had the popping noise, Big Bang has the planets that is what all shows do.  Branding it.  So why not Redneck Weddings.  So my sign, that I made put in with a great stinger music and presto it worked.  We have it as a still on the dirt ground of my background with some sexy music.   So, all of this adds to the show.    I found the show, the vibe and the show was growing.  The rooster in the end of the trailer came  as a last thought.  In the pilot script there is a chicken coop scene with Jack and Breesy.  So,  I drew a rooster and put the sound effect in the end.

The rooster in the end with Redneck Weddings title. Design by Catherine Natale

Remember when I mentioned that scene that Breesy walks up to the chapel and says ” Is this the Chapel for Ever-Lasting Love? ”  The beginning scene we would  start with that and just cut to the end.    Sort of a cliffhanger.    Michael saw the rough cut and raved about it.   We can fix this or that he said  but it really is the show.  Peter who is particular loved it too.    I thought it was finally going in the right direction.

Next the edit of ” Meet the Characters”.  How I got the idea to combine all of it.  The on camera character interviews, confessionals and scenes all at once.

I thought that since the trailer is on the Kickstarter only if you want to see it the finish version have a look.

Also in a past blog I talked about Kickstarter so have a look at what I did.   Feel free to comment on top of Kickstarter.  I like hearing some feedback.


Redneck Weddings Comes to Life! Our Shoot!

We were back on!  Michael called the Owner and gave her the riot act.  What we were going to do and so forth.   She was familiar with it all having had other crews at her place in the past.   She let us use her backyard  and her side area for catering and holding.   The only problem was now the shoot was two days not one day as planned.

Our death scenes in North Hollywood’s vacant lot would have to be filmed another time. It was just to far away and with close to about 12 pages to shoot in LaCanada that is a lot of dialogue even with a big budget.

The cast and crew were all on deck and LaCanada is where we would be!   I was so tired and stressed leading up to the day of the Redneck Weddings  our shoot, I was not as prepared as I could have been as an actress.      I had a audition the night before  and then it hit me as I drove home….

The shoot was happening and after six years it was a feeling of excitement, the bizarre and a nervous feeling at the same time.  I had to let others work on the “baby” and had to trust that it would all work out.  I could not be in different places at once on the set so finally I had to let it GO.  That is tough like a nervous mother seeing her kid go off to school for the first time.

That morning seeing everyone working and setting up it was a great feeling.  In a million years, I would could not have ever imagined that this little idea I had from a crazy place I used to work at would be shot.  Produced!   It was no longer in the drawer after all these years it was a” living organism”.   Now it had finally come to life!  Amazing day, because we got done with all the scenes the crew worked real hard and the cast was awesome.

Here is behind the scenes shooting of Caroline!

Some photos:

Shoot of Redneck Weddings

Redneck Wedding Scene with Actor Kyle Vale and Ariel Jutus

Our Shoot in LaCanada