Redneck Weddings! Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Summer is almost over!  This year is going very fast.   Remember this 1980’s hit:

I wanted to send a “thank you” to all of the people who are following this blog.  It touches my heart!  I try to write from the heart because you can never go wrong with your heart and how you really feel.  When I started this blog which I had never done before I did not know how to do it but….. new worlds new challenges!

I love characters.  That is what makes writing so much fun.  God knows I have been with some characters in my life. I got this photo on my Facebook feed this morning and it kind of says it all.   I am always going through a lot of changes and some I like and the ones I don’t like I put up a fuss but then I move on.

letting things go. 2

And there are some good things to come.   My projects are moving ahead.    Redneck Weddings got accepted into another film festival for the pilot script at the Austin Revolution Film Festival one of only 12 that was accepted.  I got rejected by few others but that is OK.   Keep pressing on.    The music video the theme song  “Redneck Weddings” has been re-recorded and is on i-tunes.  With backup singers, Nashville talent and a Damm good fiddle.  Produced by Gary Carter who has worked with the best Randy Travis and Faith Hill to name a few.   The song Redneck Weddings written and sung my Rob Valle.

Rob Valle Website

The music video was shown at the Art All Night Film Festival and Event in Trenton in June.  That was awesome.

I am working on a webseries which I co-wrote with the wonderful Eden Young called “All About Manos”.  It’s about two high-school friends from New Jersey who take on Los Angeles in a funny way and about a more dark element “obsession”. Scripts have been written and we are going into pre-production.


I have found a few sites for writers and content producers such as and they are all free.

Well let me get back to work!

Happy Labor Day Weekend.

Be Safe!

Redneck Wedding! Creating a Holiday Goofy Production!

Wanted to wish everyone a wonderful holiday and a Happy New Year.

Christmas time I am the goofy person who does her shopping last-minute, starts cooking Christmas Eve and continues cooking through Christmas Day! So much food like I have an army to feed.

I sing Christmas songs and decorate my place like with Christmas lights and all the garland inside my place. My dogs get dressed up in red and unwrapped their presents. Yup.

I know call me crazy….

The other day I rescued a small dog about to get hit by cars he was such a cute little dog he had been beat up as I held him in my arms I could see how grateful he was and I was too.

On a side note I got cast in a Feature thriller I told you I wanted to do some acting work on my last post and my show Redneck Weddings continues to grow! I will be profiled in some magazines we which I will keep everyone posted.

Happy Holidays wishing everyone the best.

Next on the Horizon….And into the Sunset.. Writing, Acting and Making Your Mark.

I am getting ansty. I get that way. I think a lot of people who have a creative spirit do. As most of you guys know I created a show called Redneck Weddings. Doing press and so forth which is all exciting . In some of these interviews I get that dreaded question. WHAT AM I WRITING NEXT…

Most recently, I had a friend ask me to write something for her which is very nice of her. She is has been in some cult movies of the past and is a very dramatic actress. I say that in a good way. So, being someone who has not written a great deal and has acted more so I get where she is coming from I quote what she said to me “Catherine I want to make a mark that I existed “now” not just thirty years ago. I want a role that I can sink my teeth in. I am so much more.” Being an artist.

Very heavy stuff. I can relate. I remember seeing my name in credits in a movie saying well someone 100 years from now will know hey who is this Catherine Natale???
Crowned Queen

So, in some way I have made a little mark in this universe. I bet you guys reading this never thought about that well I just thought that it was profound and something to express in the creative hub.

I am also getting antsy to get back on stage. Once you come up from stage you always have it in you. Being on camera is fine but not the same as getting that interaction with an audience. It is like going to Church. I always felt that theatre was like a symbol of church in a humanistic type of way. As an actress not only are you an instrument to the playwright and director but you have the opportunity to inspire and touch someone in a profound way. There is nothing like feeling a sea of humanity waiting to see what will happen on stage or not a pin drop heard from the audience because they are on the edge of their seats or hearing people cry in the audience because somehow you have touched them brought them to a place.

So I am thinking about my next script maybe a drama perhaps a film script. Always one for the challenge.

So in the meantime while I decide what I am going to write next.

I got written up my Max It Magazine on my show Redneck Weddings and the Music Video. Very cool. Feel Free to share.


A New Year and a new beginning.  I don’t make New Year Resolutions because I end up breaking them and I begin to feel guilty.   I am usually a very quiet person and kinda of shy.

Most performers are!  I think we give so much of ourselves professionally that we end up wanting to hibernate!  Like Garbo: “I want to be left alone”!

And then there are some performers that love the spotlight and are on all the time.  Which quite frankly, can be annoying.   You don’t have a chance to recoup or re-group.  Much to the contrary,  most actors live very boring lives we end up living in cycles of a lot of money or no money.  All the celebrity stories most are over exaggerated.  I have met some really nice famous people and some very sad unhappy souls too.   I feel that they would have been unhappy no matter what they were involved in.

What famous people go through on a daily existence.  I have experienced a little of bit what it must be like.  I remember I did a play in New York. It got good reviews and I was very excited to be mentioned in some papers with my photo at the time.

After the show I decided to go and eat at a local dinner in New York.  Nothing special I was lucky to have $10 dollars in my wallet back then.   I was really hungry.  Most performers don’t eat heavy before going on so you eat late very “European” or you go out for a cocktail after a performance to continue the good cheer if it was a good night.

There I was alone eating a cheeseburger and sure enough a family was staring at me watching me eat the cheeseburger and whispering to each other.  I felt like a caged animal or a zoo animal!  Of course they did not mean it and had no idea that I was real they just thought that I was the character in the show and yet I looked a little different to them.  As they watched me eat I got up to change my seat so I could have some peace.  Sure enough one of them comes up to my table  my mouth is full and asks for an autograph and goes on about the show.

Before you know it I was taking photos with them and then everyone else in the dinner begins to stare at me too.  I quickly paid for my cheeseburger and left like I was a criminal running away from the cops.

So, It is not all that.

Another time I am walking down West 44th Street.  I just auditioned for a Broadway show as I am walking out I start walking down 44th street pass Sardi’s.


Years ago, groupies or fans would hang out outside and wait for the famous to walk in.  I guess it was a slow day a man with an autograph book who was hanging outside the door of Sardi’s started following me! As I looked behind me I saw his stare and started running down the street the more I ran the more he ran towards me.

Finally being the New Yorker I am I yelled out… “What do you want? Please don’t rob me”!  He replied. Can I have an autograph please?  Why would you want an autograph from me?

I am nobody Sir.

Aren’t you Stockard Channing? he said out of breath.

No I am not. I replied.

Oh well. You sure look like her. You’re an actress right?  I nodded.

I saw you coming out of the Theater. He said

Well… can I have your autograph anyway. It might be worth something one day.  So, I signed his book. As I am signing it people are beginning to stare at us walking down the street.

I gotta go. I said.

Thank you (he looked at his book) ugh Catherine. Famous one day.  I am sure. You are very pretty. he said.

Right. Thank you..  I felt like I was in a Woody Allen Movie.

I can think of one time, when it was a benefit to me and a short film my husband wrote and directed called “Big Man on Mulberry Street”.  I play a “Mol” of sorts called Angela and we got a Bobby De Niro lookalike to play my boyfriend.  We started filming by the Long Island Pier outside but it did not work so the crew turned around and saw a dinner up the road.  We decided to call it a day.  But we thought it would be a good place to film. We ask if we could film a small scene with one camera at a booth. Not thinking we would get a chance to actually filmed it in this dinner we would settle for a  cup of coffee and food.  We were all tried and cold just going in any place warm worked.

Big Man on Mulberry Street.

Big Man on Mulberry Street.

The owner looked at us and saw the lookalike our Bobby DeNiro thought that it was him and introduce himself  to the actor that was playing it in our short film.  Pleasure to meet you Mr.DeNiro.   The actor going along with it said “likewise” and gave that Bobby grin.  Of course you can film!  Order what you want it is on the house.  We looked at each other in amazement like we just won a prize.  My husband mentioned that he would credit the restaurant in the film credits.

Great! said the Owner.  But I want to take a picture of my idol with me in it. That would make me a happy man and framed it on that wall. Bobby was here.  We all nodded our heads we didn’t want to destroy his moment.  We better film this scene quick before he finds out.

Being famous must be a strange existence.

Redneck Weddings The Saga Continues!

Hi Everyone,

I am amazed at all my fans that continue to view my blog even though I took a hiatus.  I am slowing getting back so stay with me and I will continue I am sure with more information and funny stories.

On a sad note:

Redneck Weddings did not get funded on Kickstarter this past October.  I was disappointed but more determined then ever to continue my show.  I have sent it to a number of festivals and production companies!

But the fan base is growing by social media.

I am now embarking on Indiegogo  fundraiser in a month to shoot a few promo spots for the show a way to market the project and add to “Meet the Characters” the pilot presentation for Redneck Weddings.     So, the quest continues… plan B.

So for those who are new to this blog check out the link below.  We also got on in “funny films”!

I am also in a film that I acted in called Wheels it is opening up the end of January with Christopher Hume from Pirates of the Caribbean I got to work with him he is sexy and very talented!  We have a fight scene he got beat up a little by me.

And I am co-writing a new webseries called ” All About Manos”  which I will be in with actress Eden Young.  A dark comedy about two women one is a stalker and the other character is a hoarder and they both live in Los Angeles!

So, if you are out there down and feeling un-inspired please..dust yourself off and press on!

Here is a funny photo to make your day!


She looks like me when I go shopping!

Take care!

Redneck Weddings Soup! Come and Get it!

Our Cast Photo of Redneck Weddings.

I am a pretty good cook.  Like most cooks, I just put in a little bit of this a little bit of that in the pot. Well….Meet the Characters was like that.  Way before we started shooting Michael and I would be like cooks preparing a recipe for the world.  Michael would call or ask me for more dialogue or those confessionals that the actor is speaking to the camera.  It’s set up like you the audience know their secret we call it in the business breaking the 4th wall.  A lot of shows are doing it such as The Office, Modern Family it keeps the audience invested.   It was done in some movies back in the 60’s.  I guess they were trying new ways to shoot.     The dialogue has to be on the spot and funny quickly otherwise it falls flat. 

So, at the time of shooting months before I had to write about five of them.  Give them to Michael for approval and then to the actors.  It was more work.  But it actually really made the piece  better.   The interviews again was like this is my secret world only you know (the audience).     And the scenes how to fit the scenes together with the confessionals and interviews so they are one story.   Uhmmmmm.

So, here I was months later in the edit trying to make that big pot of comedy soup! In the trailer, I (Breesy) opened the piece of Redneck Weddings but in Meet the characters it is sexy Caroline.  It felt right after all the chapel is the center of where everything happens! 

The opening credits were shot on location. Portraits shots of each character. That was Michael’s idea.  Low – Budget but it fit and you get a sense and a look of the show. So you see it is all in the recipe, planning or just putting all those flavors together.  The location again the Chapel where it all begins.   With Meet the Characters I wanted to get a feel of the south and the people so I took moments and kept switching back and forth. And with the great music from Peter (editor) we were still able to get the fun of the show.

But we had sound problems.   Some footage we could not use at all.  Interviews with Jack we could not hear very well.   So, we had to scrape that.   Some of my sound we doctored and of Michael’s voice wavered and he was not miked we fixed that.  At the time of shooting we just thought we would just get the actors response.  But at times it did not make sense what they were saying so we had to leave in the interviewers voice.  It ‘s pretty funny because he sounds like an outsider trying to get the scoop.    That edit went really fast. Within two weeks we had a good rough cut.  Michael continue to look at it and put down his thoughts but all in all we over came the problems had a good product.  

To take a look at Meet the Characters go on our website  click onto the cast photo and it will come up.


An Update:

Recently, I have started doing a lot of press on the show.  All to achieve my goal to shoot six webisodes through Kickstarter.  We just launched last week.   So, everyone out there we appreciate your support even a comment on Kickstarter would be great. If you enjoy my blog and the process please do.    A lot of fans from all over the world have started to read about Redneck Weddings here on this blog.   It makes a world of difference to the cast, crew and me the writer.  I have been getting all of your comments and thumbs up though my e-mail.  But please go to “our launch” on the website and just comment on Kickstarter. If you are a lucky person by all means take advantage of the rewards package.    

It means a lot of us!

I thought it would be fun at this time to give you links of my press kit.


 And a fan Rob Valle has actually composed an original song for Redneck Weddings!

Have a listen.

Next Week:

the filming of my introduction for Kickstarter. It is so hard being yourself!

I will show some outtakes of me trying to get it right  and talk about a dog named penny that kept up-staging me.   Penny got cut out. Artistic Differences.

 How I came up with the website design!


A Personal Note To All My Followers! Redneck Weddings Gets A Website!

Here I am on Sunday… my dogs are trying to get me to walk them to the park but Mommy is really excited about our Kickstarter launch that will happen on

 October 1st.

I know a lot of you guys have been following my journey developing “Redneck Weddings” since this past July when I started this blog!   Your comments and following is really appreciated!  So, before I launch my campaign next week I wanted to give you a little present for all of your support!


As a fan, you will see photos of the cast, me and best of all some footage of the show.   A piece called “Meet the Characters” click onto the photo and you will get the video.  If you like it you can comment on Youtube!

 Since I have been writing about this show you guys know the back story of how this all came about!  So, I think that is pretty cool to say the least.   

Thank you, so much for following my blog!

Best Wishes!

Catherine Natale


“Winging the Shoot” Redneck Style! Redneck Weddings!

As the second day of shooting came upon us.  I tossed and turned that night.  One more day of shooting!  But would it be as smooth as LaCanada?  I was almost done.  Like a runner running to the finish line after training for six years.  (working on my show for that long) it was great feeling.  I had beat the odds.

That morning,  I had breakfast for everyone.  I got a few friends to be Production Assistants my sound guys Don and Drew, DP Rajat Ghosh and his assistant Hoey, my Director Michael Indjeian,  my makeup person Molly Beall.

Everyone starting coming ….crew and actors in my small apartment in Los Angeles.  With my hair being done and makeup we did not get started shooting until after 8 AM.

The first the picnic (Gunshot).  Michael and Raj picked a spot behind a building across from the parking lot of the Gym.  Tucked away you would not see us.  With my props in order my lovely PA’s, Christy, Aaron and Kelly setting up.  My extras starting coming wandering around the vacant lot to finally they got to the right location.  That’s how tucked away it was the only people who got a view were the homeless.  The picnic scene went well. Ted Sroka was wonderful as Billie -Boy.

Breesy & Billy-Boy Picnic Scene Behind the Scenes

The second scene is when things got crazy.  This is the car crash hit scene.  My finance Beau Actor Steven Boyce in the show gets hit by a car.  Our location was out in the open in a vacant parking out. The stores were closed since 1992 so it looked real good.    I had to change to different outfits because each scene was different times.  So here I am changing to my different outfit on the side outside when a security guard catches us setting up.  Busted!!!!!  Turns out this vacant lot is private property.  The guard tells Michael and  Raj that we cannot film here.  Michael comes up to me and tells and says Well you know this area better than me. Where do we go? Michael asked.     Yikes.  Losing the location on the spot.  Michael annoyed said  “lets cancel the shoot“.  NO!  I said. We going to get this done today!  I said.

Remember two more scenes and then it is in the can!  OK.  There is a park a few blocks away.  I said  lets’ go!   Have the crew follow me.  So I hop in my car and start driving  around with makeup person Molly  behind me and realized that no one is following me.  I get an urgent text from Michael.  WHERE ARE U?????.    I come back and everyone figured out that the other side of a piece of land was the owned by the city.  So, that is where we shot.  Out in the open.  Steven and me and the extras still there filmed this car hit scene.  And no one bothered us.   We shot really close so no palm trees!

Next and last scene was the Heart Attack.  But where to filmed that one. You see we were going to film that scene at an old dinner on that vacant lot just the outside. It is an inside joke because in Texas you get a lot of food.  So, the scene is Benton Luke as Charlie dropping dead from a Heart Attack.   My line:  I guess he ate too many cheese burgers!.  Well, that setup did not happen. We just shot real tight and had us walking when he falls to the ground DEAD!.

Talk about winging it.  But you know sometimes…. not always the best way I will grant that.  But sometimes some really great stuff comes out because everyone pulls together no matter the difficulties during a shoot.

The cop car came around after we packed up.

Redneck Weddings was  done.    Now time to re-tell the story in the editing room but the project was alive and well.  In a recent conversation I had with Michael we spoke about how we first met and how fast things have come full circle on this project.    I guess this girl got LUCKY!

Next the editing process.

Where is the padded room so I can bang my head?

Redneck Weddings Comes to Life! Our Shoot!

We were back on!  Michael called the Owner and gave her the riot act.  What we were going to do and so forth.   She was familiar with it all having had other crews at her place in the past.   She let us use her backyard  and her side area for catering and holding.   The only problem was now the shoot was two days not one day as planned.

Our death scenes in North Hollywood’s vacant lot would have to be filmed another time. It was just to far away and with close to about 12 pages to shoot in LaCanada that is a lot of dialogue even with a big budget.

The cast and crew were all on deck and LaCanada is where we would be!   I was so tired and stressed leading up to the day of the Redneck Weddings  our shoot, I was not as prepared as I could have been as an actress.      I had a audition the night before  and then it hit me as I drove home….

The shoot was happening and after six years it was a feeling of excitement, the bizarre and a nervous feeling at the same time.  I had to let others work on the “baby” and had to trust that it would all work out.  I could not be in different places at once on the set so finally I had to let it GO.  That is tough like a nervous mother seeing her kid go off to school for the first time.

That morning seeing everyone working and setting up it was a great feeling.  In a million years, I would could not have ever imagined that this little idea I had from a crazy place I used to work at would be shot.  Produced!   It was no longer in the drawer after all these years it was a” living organism”.   Now it had finally come to life!  Amazing day, because we got done with all the scenes the crew worked real hard and the cast was awesome.

Here is behind the scenes shooting of Caroline!

Some photos:

Shoot of Redneck Weddings

Redneck Wedding Scene with Actor Kyle Vale and Ariel Jutus

Our Shoot in LaCanada

My Start of a New Life in a Strange Town!

Life can be strange so many twists and turns one never knows what will happen.

Events in life really set the path sometimes for the future.  From 2000 to 2003 I went through a series of family loss’ that really put me in a funk.  One right after the other.

I needed a change. Start my life a new.  Which meant moving away from the East Coast where I have lived all my life, saying goodbye to friends and family.  Which was hard. Everyone kept telling me “You will be back”.

Back East, I had a regular job.  Like most actors we are usually UN-employed most of the time.  Frustrated with show business I decided to make a change.  I announced to my husband, we will move were no one knows us, live like regular people and quit the business.  There had to be something else I was good at!   So I bought a house. Think big right.  No more apartments that were cramped 900 hundred square feet anymore we would live finally with space, closets and a backyard for my lab.  So I embarked on my journey we packed up our bags, left most of our furniture behind since we could not afford to take it.

And a way we went.  No job prospects either. It was a leap of faith.  When I arrived, I started searching for a job. That is when I found an ad for a Wedding Consultant in town.  I planned my own wedding so, I have experience.   I stood on the corner across the street and took a good look at the Chapel and almost to didn’t  go in.    In a seedy area, in town  a lot of run down motels around it.  As a New Yorker I got it. I guess it would be good business for people who just got married.  But I don’t think decent couples would go to these motels!  You would have to sleep with your clothes on!

The chapel itself was old and looked like it was from another time era OR I was on a movie set and did not know it.  It was advertised as the “Oldest Wedding Chapel” in town. Which is not saying much.

But being desperate, I went for it after all it was all or nothing.  As I entered the chapel,  there were people waiting to be interviewed. They all looked nervous.   After all this was a big job in town. A prize! One guy had a tee shirt on that said “No beer. No Work”. Ugh?   As I filled out the application form, I noticed how old is was!  It looked like a form from the 80’s we were in 2005 people!  Not even a space or a mention for cell or e-mail.  This is going to be interesting.   As, I looked around the  room I realized I was over-dressed.  I looked too urban. Oh well, I guess I am not in New York anymore!  And from this point on there was no turning back.