Redneck Weddings! My Product Show Ideas and the Benefit of Social Media!

I am a very visual person crazy creative type!  If you just found my blog please feel free to read up on my show Redneck Weddings!   If you follow me I wanted to share some creative ideas for marketing and products for the show!

Since I started with this show, I have learned a lot about marketing and it is a JOB!  The social media people they have a job and it is not always easy to get the message out there.  I am still learning!   I just found how to use twitter over a year ago. I had a friend who I was meeting for dinner and she was on her cell tweeting about our dinner.  

I said what are you doing? tweeting!  What’s your show? She said.  Redneck Weddings I said. Ok let me send the tweet for people to go on your website!  She did and OMG instant reaction.  Can you teach me?  I said.  Like I had just discovered the wheel.

Sure she said.  You do not know how to TWEET Oh My God!  No I replied. I know I am lame.

She she showed me and I have been addicted since.  I have found Tumblr too or it found me.  I just started.  

So if you do anything creative today you must market yourself otherwise no one will find your project.

 There is never enough time in a day but I get to it somehow.  Hope you enjoyed looking at these photos and wish me luck.

My thumbs hurt!



Here are some product ideas that I created.

RW CUP redneck_weddingstexas_ladies_tee-rcdd27eb44e084b30a1b16ba4ccb2fdd8_8nhmp_325RW PREACHER redneck_weddings_tee-r04dff81cd2f54551ab1ab02ec03d1739_8nfl6_540

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