Redneck Weddings! Grabbing My Seat For Some New Adventures in Life and Death Scenes!

Hope everyone had a great holiday and I am wishing my follow followers of this blog and visitors a Happy New Year!

I have had a blast of good start in the New Year!  As the british would say getting my ducks in order with Redneck Weddings and other possibilities in producing more content for Redneck Weddings,to future productions from reality TV to animation.  It has been quite a ride sometimes bumpy like Bette Davis said in the movie All About Eve. 

Put your seat belt on it is going to be a bumpy ride…. all though I am not ready to announce anything about Redneck Weddings I can say that I am going to be in a feature film called Killers at Play.  This time I am just acting!

I play the unhappy wife Sara Thomas.  I have a very dramatic killing scene.  As an actor it is always fun but messy to be a part of that kind of theme.  Actors always joke around when I are you getting killed or did you get killed already.   I have been killed on stage and on The TV Show SVU  Episode “The Counterfeit” the character name is Paula Grace. Paula Grace is the innocent lab tech who dabbles in selling drugs in the truck of her car when a bad drug deal goes bad and she gets killed under the Frogs Neck Bridge in New York. The scene is me being on top of dirt, newspapers and my clothes half torn off.  They shot it in December in New York yeah little cold and cold liquid blood poring down my face.   I remember the director and producer shaking my hand afterwards “great death scene”.

I know it is bizarre but part of the job.

 I remember taking the subway to go home after shooting that scene I had a trailer on set to clean up my face and that but my hair no…not so lucky I had a hat on otherwise someone would have dial 911.     



I also got written up at the magazine.  It was a lot of fun meeting Arthur Blogburger.

I love to promote my cast and crew of my TV show Redneck Weddings.  My director Michael Indjeian of Redneck Weddings had the opportunity to produce and direct this spot for NJ Transit Yay!!  It will be running before and on the Super Bowl this year.


Super Bowl in New Jersey this year.  

Gotta go.  Being called back on set.

Redneck Weddings Website:












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