REDNECK WEDDINGS! Gobble Gobble! Turkey & All the Fixings of Food and Life

This year has been a very interesting year for me and not all together fun some up’s and downs.  But for the first time I am really feeling HOPE in my soul!   New avenues, new brave challenges and new creative outlets not just entertainment base but other directions too.  This year I did that on purpose.  Change is scary for a lot of people…. I have seen people miss out on opportunities that would have made their lives better if only they took that Leap.


I can only think or talk about myself right now that is only thing I can base it on but everyone who is reading this when you say thanks on Thanksgiving and Christmas think about what new adventures you can do to add to your soul as a person.  Everyone waits for News Years Eve to make those promises for the new year but I just feel that you should do it beforehand because most of the time when you are making those promises you may have had to much to drink or are having such a good time that you are not fully honest with yourself.  




I am a good cook.  Actually people have paid me a good amount of money to cook for them at their home sometimes for family parties or for the holidays.  Many Thanksgivings I spent cooking for other people but I remember them offering me some of the meal that I cooked for them to eat with them.  Even though, I did not know them well as I sat there with them I felt like I knew them for years that is what Food does it brings people together breaking bread no matter who you are it is the simple act of sharing.

Years ago, I remember when my Godmother died on Thanksgiving a hole in my soul and my heart, as I ate some turkey as tears came down my cheeks I remember her cooking and all thanksgiving dinners with her. I knew that as I sat there she was there too and that those memories of those amazing dishes that she would cook will be with me forever.

I have much to be thankful this holiday season!   I have grown and expanded my soul and mind and hopeful for the new year.

I have met new people and friends this year.  Redneck Weddings continues to grow in fan base and interest and I am writing more and will start acting soon.

I want to say thank you for reading my blog and all of those who continue to support the show.

Have a wonderful holiday!


God Bless


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