Redneck Weddings! Never a Dull Moment!

Hi Everyone, Thanks so much for your support. I enjoy your comments and feedback and the love that everyone has for this comedy Redneck Weddings.

As promised updates are in order. It has been a little while since I have written something on my blog. So many things and changes that I sometimes feel like I am in my own movie! LOL.

So, I will let you know that Redneck Weddings now a shoppers agreement with a production company called Panda Propaganda here in Los Angeles. Which means that my little show will be shopped around to see if it can actually get a home a good cable or internet home that is right for the project.

Also I just got done filming a new documentatry called “Luck Be a Lady” by Kevin Silva. He has been working on this project for over a year and was such a great sport he interviewed me about my experiences working in a Wedding Chapel. You know I mentioned Redneck Weddings.

What else? Oh we are going to put together a little music video for the show. Yes that right. A very catchy great country song was written for the show. Bob Valle has written and did the vocals for this very funny song. So we are going to put together a music video with the footage of the show, Bob singing and playing the banjo, guitar and drums along with additional footage that was shot of just me running around in a wedding dress as Breesy Carson one of the characters in the show.

The teaser is on our youtube channel. Go to
in search on youtube type in


And you will see me in all my glory.

Also another interview “Question Reality” with Prescilla Leona on Talk Radio LA Channel 1. I will be on her show Sunday June 9th. So feel free to call in and say Hi.

There are other things coming up that I will wait to vent about them.

I wanted to say Hi and best wishes to you all.


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