Redneck Weddings The Saga Continues!

Hi Everyone,

I am amazed at all my fans that continue to view my blog even though I took a hiatus.  I am slowing getting back so stay with me and I will continue I am sure with more information and funny stories.

On a sad note:

Redneck Weddings did not get funded on Kickstarter this past October.  I was disappointed but more determined then ever to continue my show.  I have sent it to a number of festivals and production companies!

But the fan base is growing by social media.

I am now embarking on Indiegogo  fundraiser in a month to shoot a few promo spots for the show a way to market the project and add to “Meet the Characters” the pilot presentation for Redneck Weddings.     So, the quest continues… plan B.

So for those who are new to this blog check out the link below.  We also got on in “funny films”!

I am also in a film that I acted in called Wheels it is opening up the end of January with Christopher Hume from Pirates of the Caribbean I got to work with him he is sexy and very talented!  We have a fight scene he got beat up a little by me.

And I am co-writing a new webseries called ” All About Manos”  which I will be in with actress Eden Young.  A dark comedy about two women one is a stalker and the other character is a hoarder and they both live in Los Angeles!

So, if you are out there down and feeling un-inspired please..dust yourself off and press on!

Here is a funny photo to make your day!


She looks like me when I go shopping!

Take care!


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