Redneck Weddings Introduction! Those Redneck Dogs in My Life!

Sorry, I have not put out a new post until now.  My dog almost died this past Sunday.  I have been nursing her back to health.    She is doing much better!  Thank God.   And all you animal lovers out there you know the dreaded sentence by Vets ( we might have to put your dog to sleep).  She had bloat which happens to a lot of dogs when there stomach twists and they died from lack of blood to other organs.   I got her to a hospital in time.  It was touch and go because of her age but I could not let her go I had to save her.  Athena my dog is getting back to her old self.  They had to take out some of her stomach and her spleen.

Athena at home after surgery!


About my Kickstarter Introduction:

So, this blog is about my introduction for Kickstarter and how a simple one minute video clip can be very confusing at times.   Because it is just YOU!   For Redneck Weddings I went through a series of different locations or themes…first one was just me talking into the camera with a wedding veil on and over a friends Kyle Vale the actor that is in the wedding scene of the trailer!

He has a great camera and almost a year ago he brought his camera to the taping of the reading of the pilot Redneck Weddings.

He has a Dog named Penny.  A mix breed and I am sorry I don’t have her photo but she is a diva of sorts.   The outtakes of our pairing were very funny!

(The outtakes were deleted) So, that is why I am describing it.

During filming, I sat on the couch talking and of course Miss Penny would come over and lick me on my face as I was talking, sit next to me, look at the camera and yawn and walk away.  I guess Penny is a diva and a critic too.   A clue that my intro was boring!  Then I tried in filming in my place with old camera that we had.   But too dark and the sound was awful.   So, as I got closer to launching my Kickstarter Campaign I was not sure what to do.  My trailer is up on the site but they say that you should introduce yourself as just you.

So I thought why not go back to where I had the reading of the pilot the theatre and start talking about it.  Hard to believe but it is almost a year ago that I had my first reading of Redneck Weddings the pilot script.  Here is an invite to the reading that I also created.

But it was way too much money for a few hours.  That was nixed.   I kept writing different versions of it about four re-writes by the time I settled on what I had in mind which is just me being me.    I am what I am…you know the song.

About a week before I launched we filmed it on a flip phone in my backyard the intro that you can see on my Kickstarter site.  I managed the building where I live so I am always cleaning.  So when you go on it  you see the opening and know how I got the idea.

I want to say Thank You!

So, I am at the end of this blog.  I am waiting for funding for Redneck Weddings to be turned into a web series.   I will be back. I enjoy writing this blog about my passion project and I hope I can continue giving you the back story. Only next time it will be the actual pre-production of Redneck Weddings the Web Series if I am lucky enough to get to that point and of course there will be drama.

Redneck Weddings The Cast!

Thank you so much for your support and comments and I hope you had a good time reading my blog and I hope I have the opportunity to accomplish my goal of shooting six webisodes.  Please continue to send me comments!


The links:

Our Website:  (Website was designed and created by Me).  On our site you can see our Facebook page and twitter @redneckweddings

My interview on the Ben Wiggins Show Access Films


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