Redneck Weddings Soup! Come and Get it!

Our Cast Photo of Redneck Weddings.

I am a pretty good cook.  Like most cooks, I just put in a little bit of this a little bit of that in the pot. Well….Meet the Characters was like that.  Way before we started shooting Michael and I would be like cooks preparing a recipe for the world.  Michael would call or ask me for more dialogue or those confessionals that the actor is speaking to the camera.  It’s set up like you the audience know their secret we call it in the business breaking the 4th wall.  A lot of shows are doing it such as The Office, Modern Family it keeps the audience invested.   It was done in some movies back in the 60’s.  I guess they were trying new ways to shoot.     The dialogue has to be on the spot and funny quickly otherwise it falls flat. 

So, at the time of shooting months before I had to write about five of them.  Give them to Michael for approval and then to the actors.  It was more work.  But it actually really made the piece  better.   The interviews again was like this is my secret world only you know (the audience).     And the scenes how to fit the scenes together with the confessionals and interviews so they are one story.   Uhmmmmm.

So, here I was months later in the edit trying to make that big pot of comedy soup! In the trailer, I (Breesy) opened the piece of Redneck Weddings but in Meet the characters it is sexy Caroline.  It felt right after all the chapel is the center of where everything happens! 

The opening credits were shot on location. Portraits shots of each character. That was Michael’s idea.  Low – Budget but it fit and you get a sense and a look of the show. So you see it is all in the recipe, planning or just putting all those flavors together.  The location again the Chapel where it all begins.   With Meet the Characters I wanted to get a feel of the south and the people so I took moments and kept switching back and forth. And with the great music from Peter (editor) we were still able to get the fun of the show.

But we had sound problems.   Some footage we could not use at all.  Interviews with Jack we could not hear very well.   So, we had to scrape that.   Some of my sound we doctored and of Michael’s voice wavered and he was not miked we fixed that.  At the time of shooting we just thought we would just get the actors response.  But at times it did not make sense what they were saying so we had to leave in the interviewers voice.  It ‘s pretty funny because he sounds like an outsider trying to get the scoop.    That edit went really fast. Within two weeks we had a good rough cut.  Michael continue to look at it and put down his thoughts but all in all we over came the problems had a good product.  

To take a look at Meet the Characters go on our website  click onto the cast photo and it will come up.


An Update:

Recently, I have started doing a lot of press on the show.  All to achieve my goal to shoot six webisodes through Kickstarter.  We just launched last week.   So, everyone out there we appreciate your support even a comment on Kickstarter would be great. If you enjoy my blog and the process please do.    A lot of fans from all over the world have started to read about Redneck Weddings here on this blog.   It makes a world of difference to the cast, crew and me the writer.  I have been getting all of your comments and thumbs up though my e-mail.  But please go to “our launch” on the website and just comment on Kickstarter. If you are a lucky person by all means take advantage of the rewards package.    

It means a lot of us!

I thought it would be fun at this time to give you links of my press kit.


 And a fan Rob Valle has actually composed an original song for Redneck Weddings!

Have a listen.

Next Week:

the filming of my introduction for Kickstarter. It is so hard being yourself!

I will show some outtakes of me trying to get it right  and talk about a dog named penny that kept up-staging me.   Penny got cut out. Artistic Differences.

 How I came up with the website design!



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