Two Different Worlds of Redneck Weddings! The Trailer vs Presentation. What to do!

With the trailer done I felt relieved.  But more determined then ever to follow my goal.   I found the show after six years.   I am never satisfied.  I always think the worse and I don’t have the best luck in the world.   Some people are just really lucky.  They seem to not have to try a great deal and step in cocky.    Me not so much.  So, relieved but hopeful I plowed on to the presentation.  I guess most people would just be OK with the trailer but I need to show more footage for pitching.

I went back to the old first cut the long one.  After looking at it I kept wondering what I should do.    Michael Indjeian was smart.  Before we starting filming the chapel scenes we started thinking about the extra footage.   So, I went back to the footage.   There were interviews like he was a reporter off camera with the actors improving.  It is pretty funny because Michael is from the east coast you can hear that and then you can hear southern accents it makes really funny.

One of the advice, I have for people who are looking to put something like this  is always have extra footage.  Sorta a plan B, C, D.   You get the picture.   And give the actors time to look at the script and give them more back story of each character.  It helps being an actress myself.   Luckily the actors had the material weeks in advance and we had a read through so any problems or questions were already asked.  Even right down to wardrobe, the look, the colors etc, hair style.  Caroline’s favorite color is Pink.   You will see pink in the sign, streamers on the poles of the chapel, her glass that she is drinking out of during the heart attack scene!  That is not by accident by no means.  That is all in the planning.

“Plan” would be the number one word I would give for anyone looking to produce a TV show.    So, because of that I had footage that only helped the project.   I was thinking to conventional and what I found out by doing the trailer that the unconventional was the show.

Looking at the old version it was not going to fly.   Looking at the trailer, it was like two different shows.   I had an idea why not combined everything.  Like a soup.  The confessionals, scenes and interviews as one.  Peter ( my husband and editor)  looked at me like I had two heads! Why can’t go back to the old version and just cut.  Make it shorter and get the point.

“No” I said.  So, of course I won.  The process would start again from scratch.  So, every night we would go through the material.  Joking around Peter would say “Thank God” you are not paying this.  This would cost you thousands of dollars in the edit room.

How right he was.  I was re-telling the story again.   There was so many things to think about not just Kickstarter but a website, promotional materials, press I needed a staff but it is just me.    One day I was hanging out with a friend of mine and she was tweeting  on her phone.  What are you doing Eden?  Tweeting.  Twitter?  I said.  I have no idea how to do that. Can you teach me?  Yeah sure.  So, she started tweeting about Redneck Weddings.  It was instant. Now I know why celebrities do it.  “Get on twitter Catherine” you need to be in the 21st century!   So, I am doing things because of this show that I never done before.    Since August I have now 121 twitter followers for Redneck Weddings.  I am also able to connect with advertisers that perhaps would be interested in advertising.  It all helps.   It’s work!  Like I have said before we all have ADD.   Talking about Press….. podcasts are a great tool to get the project out there.   I am on my second podcast.  We just launched a week ago.   I will be on tomorrow talking about the show.

The show that I am on Tomorrow is Accessfilms with Ben Wiggens.

I will also be profiled in the Bergen Record.    It is a Kickstarter article and Redneck Weddings will get its due.   So, Friday I will give you guys the link to the Bergen Record. As some of you may know I am from New Jersey.  That is pretty cool.

My website: “Meet the Characters” on site click into photo.  Our launch my Kickstarter is also on there too.

Friday ,  I will have a new post.  How I overcame some problems with the footage of Meet the Characters!  My Computer is about to go down!!!!  LOL


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