Redneck Weddings Gets Launched!

Sorry that I was not able to put out a new blog yesterday.  I was busy trying to promote Redneck Weddings.

Peter and Me talk about Show Biz and our Project Late Bloomers and Redneck Weddings

You see I have just launched October 1st on  I promised that I would blog about Kickstarter on an earlier post.   I felt that right now for all you people who have a great product or project just like mine I would give my insights and then start again talking about the edit on Friday!

Kickstarter is crowd-funding.  Own by Kickstarter and  They are really strict so many guidelines to follow but if you go to Kickstarter school on their site you have a better chance of getting accepted.   People on that site are looking for funding, it could be an invention, an app, book, TV show you name it is up there.   Kickstarter is the top of the line as far as crowd funding.  Hollywood has beckon with Kickstarter.   Industry people who don’t want to wait for someone to say YES I have the MONEY go to Kickstarter to try to get the funding.

Our ActorsE-Chat interview on camera My husband Peter and MOI!

So it is very legit.   As a person with a project I have to promise that I will follow through. All proceeds go to the project (period).   So where do I begin?  Well first, you have to be very clear on what you are proposing it is a pitch.  It gets fuzzy when it comes to entertainment.  Because the  project is always developing.  But you must have a great video of the show or an introduction piece of your invention (shot well) that explains the show and the characters or what you are trying to show.  People want to know what they are giving money to.   Make it short.  People have ADD.  Next is a whole blank white screen about the project you  write about !

Make it visual and clear and also be realistic about the amount you want. If you have an amount and ask for the moon and don’t reached it that is a drag because you get nothing.

Rewards:  Think creatively.  It must relate to your project. You must promise an reward system if people donate to your project.  And you have a certain amount of a time frame to deliver that gift.  You can’t mention that if you give 5,000 dollars that you will provide an  luxury around the world trip to someone when your project is a cooking show.

A world trip

Bribing is not allowed.   Another thing:  take your time.  I opened the account in May and did not launch until October.  That was a lot of this and that until I got my description just right.   Take your time and you will be better for it.

Kickstarter has 30 or 60 days to keep your project on their site.   I went for the sixty days. Because I need to advertise the project.  Get on radio shows, podcasts, articles it takes time.

That is up to you.  But you do have a choice.

Requirements:  You must be a USA citizen you must have a major credit card.   Also have to open an account.  My advice is to set that up before you are accepted by Kickstarter.  It takes time for their approval and then you have to submit to Kickstarter for approval only not to launch your project.  So all of this takes time and use social media to get the word out.   Like I said at a past post the internet is great!  Years ago this would never would have happened giving average folks like me a chance.    There are other sites Indiegogo but Kickstarter is where everyone goes to.

Funding:  If you don’t reach your goal you get nothing.  If you do Kickstarter and Amazon take up to 7 percent of the funding.     There have been a lot of success stories but it is work.

But if you have the passion go for it I DID!

I hope that this helps on your passion project!  Go for it!

My website:

Wish me luck!    I will be on the Ben Wiggens Show from Accessfilms October 10th!


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