A Personal Note To All My Followers! Redneck Weddings Gets A Website!

Here I am on Sunday… my dogs are trying to get me to walk them to the park but Mommy is really excited about our Kickstarter launch that will happen on

 October 1st.

I know a lot of you guys have been following my journey developing “Redneck Weddings” since this past July when I started this blog!   Your comments and following is really appreciated!  So, before I launch my Kickstarter.com campaign next week I wanted to give you a little present for all of your support!



As a fan, you will see photos of the cast, me and best of all some footage of the show.   A piece called “Meet the Characters” click onto the photo and you will get the video.  If you like it you can comment on Youtube!

 Since I have been writing about this show you guys know the back story of how this all came about!  So, I think that is pretty cool to say the least.   

Thank you, so much for following my blog!

Best Wishes!

Catherine Natale



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