“Winging the Shoot” Redneck Style! Redneck Weddings!

As the second day of shooting came upon us.  I tossed and turned that night.  One more day of shooting!  But would it be as smooth as LaCanada?  I was almost done.  Like a runner running to the finish line after training for six years.  (working on my show for that long) it was great feeling.  I had beat the odds.

That morning,  I had breakfast for everyone.  I got a few friends to be Production Assistants my sound guys Don and Drew, DP Rajat Ghosh and his assistant Hoey, my Director Michael Indjeian,  my makeup person Molly Beall.

Everyone starting coming ….crew and actors in my small apartment in Los Angeles.  With my hair being done and makeup we did not get started shooting until after 8 AM.

The first the picnic (Gunshot).  Michael and Raj picked a spot behind a building across from the parking lot of the Gym.  Tucked away you would not see us.  With my props in order my lovely PA’s, Christy, Aaron and Kelly setting up.  My extras starting coming wandering around the vacant lot to finally they got to the right location.  That’s how tucked away it was the only people who got a view were the homeless.  The picnic scene went well. Ted Sroka was wonderful as Billie -Boy.

Breesy & Billy-Boy Picnic Scene Behind the Scenes

The second scene is when things got crazy.  This is the car crash hit scene.  My finance Beau Actor Steven Boyce in the show gets hit by a car.  Our location was out in the open in a vacant parking out. The stores were closed since 1992 so it looked real good.    I had to change to different outfits because each scene was different times.  So here I am changing to my different outfit on the side outside when a security guard catches us setting up.  Busted!!!!!  Turns out this vacant lot is private property.  The guard tells Michael and  Raj that we cannot film here.  Michael comes up to me and tells and says Well you know this area better than me. Where do we go? Michael asked.     Yikes.  Losing the location on the spot.  Michael annoyed said  “lets cancel the shoot“.  NO!  I said. We going to get this done today!  I said.

Remember two more scenes and then it is in the can!  OK.  There is a park a few blocks away.  I said  lets’ go!   Have the crew follow me.  So I hop in my car and start driving  around with makeup person Molly  behind me and realized that no one is following me.  I get an urgent text from Michael.  WHERE ARE U?????.    I come back and everyone figured out that the other side of a piece of land was the owned by the city.  So, that is where we shot.  Out in the open.  Steven and me and the extras still there filmed this car hit scene.  And no one bothered us.   We shot really close so no palm trees!

Next and last scene was the Heart Attack.  But where to filmed that one. You see we were going to film that scene at an old dinner on that vacant lot just the outside. It is an inside joke because in Texas you get a lot of food.  So, the scene is Benton Luke as Charlie dropping dead from a Heart Attack.   My line:  I guess he ate too many cheese burgers!.  Well, that setup did not happen. We just shot real tight and had us walking when he falls to the ground DEAD!.

Talk about winging it.  But you know sometimes…. not always the best way I will grant that.  But sometimes some really great stuff comes out because everyone pulls together no matter the difficulties during a shoot.

The cop car came around after we packed up.

Redneck Weddings was  done.    Now time to re-tell the story in the editing room but the project was alive and well.  In a recent conversation I had with Michael we spoke about how we first met and how fast things have come full circle on this project.    I guess this girl got LUCKY!

Next the editing process.

Where is the padded room so I can bang my head?


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