Redneck Weddings! Gets A Place to Call Home.

The next morning as I stared at my messy desk in my office and all the messages on my phone from the night before, I felt numb.   My head was pounding from a migraine I gulped down some Avil to make it stop.   Downstairs was all my art work , the props that I made, the wedding dress that I got for eight dollars at a second-hand place and the wedding veil that I made from scratch. Reminders of all the weeks of planning.  I kept thinking how can I solve this.  There was an old foreclosed house next door maybe I could dress it and it could perhaps work.

My cell went off.   It was Michael.  Have you talked to the Renter?   That guy I said.  No. Forget it.  He keeps giving mixed messages first no then yes.  Like a game.  A nut case.  Listen, maybe we can dress the house next door.  No one will know.  It’s abandoned I said.  Dead silence.  How many years have you been working on this project?  Six I said.  Well, I have been working it for six weeks!  Get on the phone and call the second location LaCanada CA.  OK.  But it is too far.  Get on the phone and call them… said Michael.

Alright. I will.  I hung up.  Well I guess I have no choice.  Two day notice?  No way. The owner will not agree to it.   Oh what the hell.   Always save your notes and numbers because in production you never know.   So, I called them.  Well, the owner  picked up.  I continue to talk to her explain what we needed .   Her porch is awesome big and very country like.  Here is a video of the opening of the show and the chapel.

I remember you…. she said.   Well, if you allow us to film on your porch you will be a hero to everyone….. yes you can come she said. No problem.

I hung up the phone and could not believe it.   I called Michael and told him.  Great!  The 1st Ad and me will call the crew.  You let the cast and extras know.

It was actually a blessing.  A lucky accident that happened.  It really made our production looked like it had more production.  Wedding Drops Chapel had a new look a better one.   A bad situation that turned into a good defining moment.

Thank you, Emperor Nero (The Renter)


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