What One Day Can Do! Redneck Weddings Has a Bump in the Road!

You hear this in real estate often.  Location is everything.  Well location wise in productions is the same motto.  The look is important because it is such a visual medium.  A location can make or break a show.   Knowing that this is supposed to take place in Arkansas not in Los Angeles the choices were limited for us.

If we were a big budget production no problem a studio or green screen but this is “Redneck Weddings”.   With the North Hollywood location set and the owner of the property fine with us being on her rental property (shooting) and using her home/ backyard up the street as a holding area that was a really big break for us.

Raj, Michael, Peter, Dennis and me the week before made another visit.  A director and DP are always setting up the shots.  DP is always looking for the light and director in his notes and his mind are always figuring out angles and blocking.

So the  porch was going to have get dressed and prep before the shoot by me.

And we had to use electricity from the renter for lights and camera.  OK.

I will give him a call and give him something for his use.    The lady said it was fine to let him know.

So, couple days later on the week of the shoot I informed the Renter.  Well, he dictated what he wanted like the Roman Emperor “Nero” holding court.   I listened but I knew I was never going to be able to meet his requirements.  He was thinking big Hollywood production.

The next day another heated conversation occurred from the Renter.  I called the owner. She was  annoyed at him…  call my daughter she said.  I did.  She OK’d the shoot.  Back to the renter he was” not fine with it” what I offered was not enough.  You see in his mind he thought that he was the Owner. With e-mails and constant calls to get me to accept his terms.  No.  I don’t conform that easily.

I know what you are thinking the owner has the upper hand but not in this case. Daughter was like whatever the Renter wants to do.   So, you think logically we would use the owner’s house up the street.  No,  it was too LA looking.

The renter “I don’t want to do business with you”.  I said fine.  As a hung up the phone with two days to go before shooting and all the planning…. the end result


I called the director Michael “bad news we lost our location” I said.  Disappointed he said I have to digest this.   As my phone was ringing off the hook from the extras who were leaving messages confirming for the shoot that weekend.

I crawled into bed.  Defeated.  Nero had won.  I was about to lose the crew, cast and my sanity!

Six weeks of planning down the drain.


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