The Crew Begins To Take Shape for Redneck Weddings!

With no real crew in place everything was up in the air.  But sometimes you get a little break and a surprise.  At the auditions of Redneck Weddings an actor named Benton Luke walked in to read for one of the dead fiance’.  A small role.  We thought his heart attack was funny.  You see he is from Texas originally. Here is Benton with Micheal on the day of the shoot.

The joke is that everyone in Texas eats a lot.  He is coming out of the restaurant and has a heart attack and drops dead on me!  After reading for the role he mentioned that he can edit, shoot and so forth.    Michael wrote it down.  Well Benton ended up being Charlie and shooting the chapel scenes.  He is a great guy and loves the project.

But still no Director of  Photography or crew. I started going through my resumes gave Michael a bunch of names to call.   No budget not interested.   We had set a shoot date for April 29th and we had to think quick.   The lady with the house in North Hollywood was going away to Europe for a month in the beginning of May.

Liz Lytle who was cast as Caroline was not available the following week .  So the shoot had to be the 29th.   After meeting Benton his friend would be willing to pitch in but it was going to cost me a few hundred dollars.  No thanks. I had the editing covered by my husband he would do it so that will save me money but the crew?

After Benton left Michael and I just started at one another.   What are you thinking?  Michael asked.

I know what Michael was thinking.  This is going to be a disaster.

I had to figure out a way.  As I went through the resumes of DP I kept sending them to Michael he kept calling and a few seem OK.  Some gave the LA rub.  What I mean by that is never returning the call he though they seemed interested.

I came upon a guy named Rajat Ghosh.  He had a crane, camera and what we needed.

Michael came by again and told me about a call he was waiting for but of course never happened.  I urged him to call Rajat like now.  He did and we got our DP and his assistant.  Whew like two weeks before the shoot date.   By that time I was working on the art department.    Here is a few Signs that was used in the trailer.

Still there was so much more work to do more crew to fill and makeup and costumes and casting extras.  Things were beginning to take shape.  Rajat and Michael and I went to the chapel location in North Hollywood again.   Everything seemed fine and the preparations were starting to come together.  One thing we lack was a sound guy.  What good is a project without good sound.

By that time we got our 1st AD Dennis Harris who had worked on Extreme Makeover.  I had searched for makeup and found April Love Academy. They are wonderful Laura Morales is a god sent along with her staff.

Laura Morales

But trouble was brewing…. something we least expected was about to happen.


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