Taming the Beast……Redneck Weddings!

Michael, Peter and myself would be at the auditions.  First I had to post a casting call and find a location for auditions. Rehearsal space or space in general in Los Angeles, is very expensive.  But I found a place for nothing with some rules, but it had a camera and in a great location in Hollywood.   Like most actors the moment I see the audition is too far away I start to think.  Do I want to go? … unless it is a paid gig.   So, I started my breakdowns on Actors Access part of the breakdown services.  And a way I went.

You think writing breakdowns for your characters is easy to write!. No.  You have to be really specific as to what want you want. Actors need information.  I guess being one I understood and I can relate. What do they want???? You are always asking that.   And another thing once I get the sides if the material is not good that is a red flag. When I get the sides for projects I have read some really bad stuff and I am like ….do I really want to commit to this.

So,  I made sure that it was a few lines. Lines that would tell what the character was. And then had them do improv.  Coming from Second City Improv training that is important to me.  So, that day we put them through the ringers.  We saw fifty people in four hours.  Our Gus, Andrew Stubblefield was at another audition there when the director for that project he was auditioning for urge him to audition for ours.  As I came out to greet people our hostess that was managing the front insisted that I see Andrew.  Looking at him I say OK.  He was wonderful and at the right place at the right time.   And then lovely Liz Lytle, she came in dressed like Caroline and nailed it. She is from the Groundlings and not only talented but very sexy.  There is some suggestive nudity in the role. After all Caroline is a nudist.  In the trailer we don’t show it but it is mentioned.   Liz had no problem with that.  She has a role in a film that will come out called Act Naturally.

Here is a trailer of the film Act Naturally.


Preacher was hard to cast.  We saw some really great guys. Some could play instruments. We even saw a Elvis Look a Like from Palm Springs. When he walked in you knew Elvis was in the Building.  But Michael and I went for Denis O’ Mahoney.  He looks nothing like Elvis but he was dark and interesting and could sing a little.   You would think the we would go for Elvis the Look Alike.  No not us.

Preacher Evans. Behind the scenes. Denis O’Mahoney

With the cast finalized….the location of the chapel was still not decided.  LaCanada was far away and North Hollywood was closer. We had looked at other locations but the other location where the grooms died was at a closed down shopping mall in North Hollywood that once was open back in the early ninties. But the Northridge earthquake happened and rumor has it that the owner got a nice settlement from the goverment and left it the way it is today. So, we picked the North Hollywood house easy to get people to commit for one day then two.

The house in North Hollywood was dumpy. Small porch a busy street not good. But a good front yard.  The owner did not live there. It was a rental.  The renter pretended to be the owner but little did I know that a older woman that lived down the street was taking care of the property.  She saw us on the property.  Who are you? We introduced ourselves.  She was supportive and welcomed us.  You talk to me from now on not the renter. OK.  So the coming weeks, I only spoke to her little did I know it would bite me in the butt  (the renter that is).

That in itself is a reality show.  Our shooting date kept changing which is not good.   We still had no crew to speak of.  Our DP went back to Texas and now we were in search for another one.  There was so much to do.   Michael took care of getting the crew and cameras. I have no idea what I am talking about when it comes to tech. But he was getting frustrated.  I started working on the set design and art department. There were times it seemed hopeless trying to get it all done.  Like I said in an earlier post I do my best writing in conflict so I re-wrote the trailer script.

This time Michael wanted confessionals and the script had no wedding scene (what is wrong with me) and now with hearing the actors reading it I had to make some changes.  In the end it would be 13 pages.

Redneck Weddings was was taking shape through all the bumps in the road. The project was becoming a big monster that was always hungry and it needed direction and none of us knew where it would take us!


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