Casting Chaos…Like A Real Gunshot Redneck Wedding!

With my courage in place,  I began my call of action to finally get a promo/trailer in place in other words “pre-production” for a  Kickstarter is crowd-funding.  It has been getting a lot of attention lately but it is a great way for artists like me to get that project off the ground.   You can do anything from products, inventions, film etc.

Many successful people have gone on with their dream because of Kickstarter.  It is run my and of course Kickstarter.  Like I said the web is a very interesting place.  Now even famous directors are starting to put their goods on Kickstarter.  But I will say it is a lot of work.  I will discuss it on another post.

So back to casting….  It can be over whelming especially when there is no budget LOL. 

 With my faith in tact I had to believe in the impossible.   Michael Indjeian in place as Director, I plowed through.   I have done sales before but in the coming months this project would test my skills in sales and begging. 

Finally, I had a script that was OK not great but enough to audition actors with.  The first draft was 4 pages now this one was around 8 pages along.

Casting is everything. It can make or break a project.  Michael wanted to see people and of course I understood.  But there was one actor that I had to have for the role of Jack, Shelly Desai.

 In Redneck Weddings, Jack is a rich paranoid tycoon who is richer than Warren Buffett!   He hates the government and he happens to be the luckiest man alive because in his 70’s he is married to a very hot woman called Caroline who is only 22!   

Shelly has been my friend for about 10 years.  He was Carlos in “Men of Certain Age” with Ray Romano.  He actually won a “Peabody Award” for that role of Carlos.    He has been seen in other TV roles such as Ugly Betty, Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Hung and has been in numerous commercials. Shelly will be seen in Kevin James movie “In the Boom” that is opening in September.

 When I first came out to Los Angeles, he helped me get a commercial agent and gave me a lot of advice.  He has always has been my cheerleader along with doing some work on my husband’s pilot “Late Bloomers”.   He is a wonderful actor and a great friend and the one person who urge me to re-locate to Los Angeles. 

Shelly Desai as Jack

But everyone else was up for grabs.  At that time, I was so busy I had not made up my mind if I was going to play one of the roles .  “Catherine are going to be in it?”  Michael asked.  I still was not sure deep down. It is hard to be in something that you created and wrote you have this attachment. 

I don’t know how stars do it.  I don’t care how many assistants or crew you have you are still thinking about the project as a producer watching to see how it will shape up.  It can get in the way of the creative process of just being an actor.  So, emotionally involved it is hard to de-attach yourself.    So, with that up in the air we started thinking about what Redneck Weddings would look like! Here is some character breakdown:

A sexy I-Candy wedding chapel owner Caroline

A half-baked elvis wannabe who thinks he is Elvis and a Preacher.

A gay frustrated photographer who can make any woman beautiful and works the brides to be.

And some cowboys who would play the dead grooms.

The grooms were easy……

But the Elvis role was not going to easy.  You see he had to also have a preacher way about him too.  Was I going for the obvious or go the other way.  Like I said Casting is everything.   So, I started the casting process and I decided why not go for broke…. I will play “Breesy” the underdog the “Kiss of Death” Guitly of Never Being a Bride! After all, I was not only the creator,writer, producer, cater, art department, prop master,  but now an Actor in it!!!!  A jack of all trades.

Catherine Natale as Breesy. During the filming of Redneck Weddings

Next the auditions….my characters really come to life in a small audition room.  The moment of truth.

Just when you think you are done with re-writes!   I wish.


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