Friendship and Going Back in Time When Things Were Simple.

A footnote: My friend past last Saturday that this article is based on.   Prayers and peace.  May you rest in peace my friend.  I wrote this in 2012.

As I sit here to write this new post regarding Redneck Weddings… mind is wandering and I am thinking about an old friend who I have known since we were teenagers.  She has been diagnosed with cancer for a second time.  Young and active and a Mom of two it breaks my heart .  We live apart now.  But even though the miles between us my positive thoughts are with her.  My thoughts and prayers are with her and her family as she battles this horrible disease and I can’t help but remember the effects of this disease and what it  has done to some of my family members.

I know I am getting off track. But you see, we use to do shows together way back in New York.  She and I had acted together and later she would  dance up a storm in ballrooms and theatres in New York.  A girl from the lower east side she has courage and I know she will survive and put on her dancing shoes again.

Back then, we had no money.  I use to house sit apartments in the city, clean bathrooms at clubs, waitress to survive and stay at her parents place in the city at the time just to get away from New Jersey.

With my tip money we would go to a place called the Kiev and have two big bowls of soup with some bread. Memories…. life was simpler back then.  I kind of lived a bohemian life back then.  A couch to sleep on.   I would wake up with my makeup all smeared on my face from going clubbing the night before.  Waking up the next day to go to work or rehearsal or acting class  was the life back then.

We use to give each other clothes to wear for auditions. We would attend sometimes the same auditions and nothing usual changing into the same dress she had on prior (auditioning)  and me going into the audition room with the same dress on minutes later.  Many times her Mom would feed us.  Years later, because of her …. that is how I met my husband .    She started a theatre company,  he joined along with me, so in a way she was instrumental in finding my love.  That is how my husband and I met.

So, I hope you can understand why I am venting.   And thinking back……

God Bless You My Friend and Sister!   I love you!


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