Turning Los Angeles into Arkansas and Trying to Get Courage!

With my director in place, I wrote the second re-write of the promo/trailer for Redneck Weddings.  The trailer has to be less than four mins and you must have an idea of the show with five main characters who are being introduced and the style of the show.  It is so vital on Kickstarter to convey what your show is about after all you are asking someone to help fund your project.

 But how was I going to make Los Angeles into Arkansas?  

Because I did not have much money….  most of the scenes were outside. Ha!  Better lighting but to find a house with a porch, big enough  for action and a front yard without a palm tree was a challenge.  But that was least of our worries getting a good version of a script was on me.   I took some of the dialogue from the webisodes and some from the pilot but it did not work.  The characters were still developing and Winnie was still bothering me.  So, I brought back the fact that she was murdered at the chapel.   Finally, I delivered the script to Michael.  He said it’s getting there.   I put out a Craigslist ad for  locations one for the chapel and other exteriors.     Michael and I began to scout. We saw a few places but there were two that seem to be a good choice one was in North Hollywood and the other one was in La Canada CA.  

In the meantime, I had some personal depressing experience happened to me.  I got word that the house that I rented… my tenant skipped town on us.  Disappeared with the house keys and garage opener.  I told Michael I would be back in a week and we would start casting.   Not fully realizing what I was about to witness.    My house was destroyed.  As I traveled back, to look at the house I braced myself for the worse. As I opened the front door I got a view that no homeowner wants to see.  My home fixtures were taken, my personal belongings were stolen, holes in the walls  you get the picture. Things that I had in a corner in the garage like photos of my family were gone that can never be replaced an antique mirror and trunk from the early 1900’s that my grandmother brought over from the old country.  

That week we started cleaning and painting the house  and my husband and I talked about moving back.  I even applied for a job in town when I was there.  But the job interview was cancelled the last minute, was it fate?  I drove into town and saw the wedding chapel and stood across the street like I did six years before when I first applied as a wedding consultant. Still there.  I wanted to call Michael and tell him.  It was over.  All my work and his was for not. I didn’t want to waste his time.   I would go to call him and stop myself.  Kept thinking this was all a dream.   The work on the house would be in the thousands and between paying the mortgage and a rent in Los Angeles we had to make a decision.  It would take a least two months to fix it.  My husband still had a job in Los Angeles.  So we drove back. He would look for a job and I myself  would do the same and we would go back.    What money we did have had go into the house. 

As I drove home, I was resigned to put Redneck Weddings back in the drawer.  It was a pipe dream. It was never going to get done.  My husband and I did not say much in the car, after all he had a project too.  It was like a death.   You put so much work into it and you feel like a fool for believing.  As we got back to Los Angeles, I realized that Redneck Weddings was the only positive thing in my life besides my husband Peter and the dogs.    I needed to hold on to some belief and courage.

Something inside of me came out from that experience like a soldier going to battle and claiming my territory.  I was going to pull myself  up no matter what and continue…… and somehow things would work out.  I only hoped that I made the right decision.  I called Michael as soon as I got back.   He asked how was your week away?

It was hell Michael.  I thought to myself ….You have no idea how close I came, from calling it quits Buddy.


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