Nursing the Baby & Finding A Director For “Redneck Weddings”!

The New Year, did not start very well.  I lost another job and my husband’s job was on the skids.  As I celebrated I kept looking at these little scripts and my pilot.  Deep down I knew I could not do it alone.  I began asking my husband who he knew so we could just start shooting (something).  The one person who shot my husbands pilot had gone back to Costa Rica for good.  I needed a team.  We had an old camera that did not work well and the camera we borrowed for my husband’s TV pilot came from a friend that lives on the East Coast he was not going to ship it back since he needed it for another project.

I am very much a NOW person.  I hate to wait for people and I get really frustrated from time to time.  It’s almost like, I have six months to live.  I want it NOW.  Like a kid on a sugar binge.  That’s me.  And being an actress, we are constantly waiting for that e-mail or phone to ring with some good news so you can see how that goes with me.   As my Manager  likes to put it, I have no patience!   I began searching for a Director.  The director is really important.  He sets the tone and you need someone who is in charge for the cast and crew.  I dabbled in perhaps directing it.  That is always tricky.  Because as a writer, you have this image of what it should be but not always the best way since you have no other take on it or viewpoint.    I needed to trust someone with my baby.  But who?   I didn’t know anyone who was going to work for nothing.  I was asking for a lot.  And it had to be the right person.  So I ran an ad in  Great website for entertainment base jobs.   Told a little about the project did not want to give it away.  Well I got over one hundred resumes.  People want to work and everyone wants to network.    That’s the thing not everyone is capable.  People were fascinated about the title “Redneck Weddings”.   Many thought that it was a reality show.  After all, there are so many coming up. But this show is different.  This show is scripted and the characters are not fully over the top they actually have wants and needs unlike some of the other shows.  I wanted to make this show have some class!  

 I started picking the resumes that I felt had some experience.    Setting up appointments.  I started to really think about how I wanted it shot.  That helps the director the style of the show  and what he can do.  This show would be shot like The Office, Modern Family or Arrested Development.   So, out of those 100 resumes I picked 5 people to see.  Yeah that is right.   The meetings were like a first date.  I had the webisodes with me at the meeting.  No, I did not  e- mail them the scripts  and have people run away with the loot! 

That does happened even if it  is copyrighted.   The hard copies were at the meeting and they read them before we even talked.   

Like a bad date some wanted to re-write the pilot and webisodes. No I don’t think so.  That was a signal that they wanted to own the show.  I own the show.  Some wanted to charge me a package deal….the little money I did have was not going to do it.

But there was one guy, who I will not named who stood out.  He had worked on some great movies “Stepbrothers” , “Borat” and “The Night of the Museum”  to name a few.   After reading my scripts, he sat down and said “you are going to get a lot of letters”.  I said “I guess you don’t like the project”.  No, I do” he said.  “I think it is great …..the characters… it has never been done before”.

The question is “Catherine are you going to be in it? ”  I had never thought about being in it.  Believe or not it never occurred to me.   What kind of actress am I???  It’s hard to be in something that you wrote and I know big and small stars do it all the time.  I was not feeling comfortable in being in it. 

  “I have not decided” I told him.      I left the restaurant knowing he was my guy.     That week he accepted the job.  But a few weeks later he declined.  He got a paid job.  Can’t blame him.  So now I was back to square one.     

I posted another ad for a director.  I another fifty resumes.  As I scrolled down and checked everyone’s IMDb credits I came across I guy named Michael Indjeian.  I like the fact that he shot commercials and had won an award for Best Drama at the Long Island Film Festival a short film he did. 

Michael Indjeian IMDb.

But another thing was that he came from New Jersey…Cliffiside Park.   He grew up about 10 minutes away from where I grew up in New Jersey as a kid.  So, if I could not trust a guy from Jersey, who could I trust?    We set up a meeting and I got my director!    He had just arrived in Los Angeles to live and was looking to make his mark.  He is about as driven as me.  In the coming weeks, my project was beginning to take form it was a start of a team.     Within that time, I set my sights on a site called  It helps fund projects.  I would have to go back and write a trailer for this project.  But it was better than trying to shoot webisodes with no money.  A call to action.  My webisodes would have to wait for now.  You know that old Rolling Stones song you can’t always get want you want but you get what you need…

Below is Michael in the middle with  Actor Steven Boyce & Myself.

Redneck Weddings Shoot


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