Redneck Weddings ….The Call to Action the “Inner-Web”!

After the reading of my TV pilot at the end of October last year,  I realized that the Internet was my best resource, at least to continue to develop “Redneck Weddings”.  Today, anyone can create content with a lot of work and commitment.  Because of the internet average person like me can produce in a small way.  Years ago, it would be impossible to do!  What a lot artists do now on youtube etc.  I mean some projects don’t look professional but there are people who have really great content… they get themselves out there.   Technology has opened up a Pandora box.   Everyone is looking for content no one knowns the next big hit . Cable and Networks are always on the look out and the one place they go to is the Web.

  The web is like space “boundless”!

Even celebrity’s are getting involved with “web series” format.  Top agencies have whole departments for their clients so they can get exposure for bigger and better things.   But they have staff and the connections that I or someone who just has an idea does not have.  So, for me it is “grassroots” getting on to social media and working those boards. It is a job I am not going to lie .   Be prepared to WORK and the belief system from a lot of people and yourself.    And not everyone will like your project. Rejection at it’s best.  I guess being an actor, I am use to it to a point but writing is so personal that you can’t  help getting your feelings hurt after they read your masterpiece.  

Last year, around the time of the Holidays  I started writing those webisodes.  Not easy to do.  Webisodes are little stories that have a beginning and end within 4 to 5 pages.  When writing for the web it has to be quick.  Again, something that I had never done before another step on my journey to developing this show.  

When I create I do my best work when I have some conflict.  I don’t know why but when I am real happy I suck!  So, the holidays are a good time for me.   But also a sad time having lost most of my family. When I think about  my immediate family at dinner-time growing up  I am the only one left living at that dinner table now.   If you have lost anyone special in your life the holidays are always tough.  

So, writing this became my escape.  Comedy always comes from conflict.  The funniest comedians usually are the saddest people in real life.  Their mission is to make other people laugh so they can laugh too.

So, as I plow though these little situations (scripts)  my imagination took hold.  These scripts became a little bit more edgier.   I was getting more of the tone of the characters on how they would speak to one another and seeing it visually the way it should be shot and with the internet I could be edgy.   So, the project again was taking on a new life.  One that I could not imagine years before when they were just outlines of situations.   

My husband is always my best critic.  I began the re-writes of these six scripts in total.  My husband would ask me why this or why that.  “Get to the point please” he would say.  Back to re-write hell but that is the only way.   By the New Year all six webisodes were done and my tears and blood where on those pages! 

And now I was ready to put it all in motion .  Start Pre-Production. With no money to do it.  How was I going to this?  One of the biggest hurdles was seeing my characters on tape, come to life so to speak.     

“Redneck Weddings” almost ended up back in the drawer for a second time.  At the start of the New Year  this project would test my will and determination more than any role I had ever done as an Actress.

I had nothing to lose!   As one of the characters in “Redneck Weddings”   calls the internet the “Inner-Web” the internet would be become a great testing ground!   But how was I going to set it in motion?

I am a perfectionist and it has to be done right.

The call to action was about to take place.

Stayed tuned!

 Twitter:   @redneckweddings


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