A Unknown “Character Actress” in the Jungles of Hollywood!

As I sit here writing this new article for my blog, my attention span of talking about my web series is getting side-track.  You see I am going over a few scenes for an audition I have this week.  I am reading for a role as a” hoarder”!  I get really great character roles.  I play a lot of quirky characters, Mom’s and  a lot of comedy and once in a while, I get to play a crazy person that either gets stuffed in the truck of a car or ends up in an asylum.  I have a good scream and can cry on a moment’s notice. 

All in the life of an Actress! I love being a character actress I can get old and fat  (somewhat) and no one cares.  I am  “Real” and “Different” or “Earthy”  as they put it in Los Angeles.    I don’t look like the typical actress here.  I am not blonde and hot and certainly not twenty – one anymore.   Character actors do not work until they are much older.  But we get those roles that leading ladies just don’t get and I get this  comment  “Oh You look  familiar, I have seen you somewhere but I don’t know where” from people.    Perfect existence.    In fact, recently, I was at a callback and it was for a TV show pilot that I played a “Mom” whose daughter gets saved by a wolf and I think she is dead but the wolf rescues her and I thank the Wolf.  Very touching scene only my type would get called in for that.

 At that callback of the wolf show, I spoke to another lady who was auditioning… we just started talking.  I told her about my pilot “Redneck Weddings”  and when I said that I was working on it for the past six years she just looked at me with amazement.  “Oh I try to write. I have all these ideas, but I could not work on something for six years”.  That is way too long.

As I write this piece about being an actress in Hollywood like a scene in a  TV movie or a bad reality show…. I just got word that I have an audition tomorrow  for a network show comedy show that is really popular and is a really good credit IF I get it.   I can’t say the show I am auditioning for… but I am auditioning for two roles, so my chances are better then usual and this show really digs my look. 

Ha ha!   

Wish me luck I have to go off and study!  I promise I will get back to the web series.

Me (Catherine Natale) as a person from the 1960’s My Madmen Shot.

Catherine Natale


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