Redneck Weddings, Web Series and My Memories of the South!

After looking at my reading on tape, the character of Gus still bothered me.  The british accent was not working. 

In real life, Gus was very dry and a little condescending but nevertheless  “funny”  in “I don’t care kind of way”  and that is why he could get away with taking photographs  of provocative poses with his subjects the (brides) and not get beat up by the groom which was pretty cool to me!  

 I wondered how far he could go before the Preacher would catch on or Dottie.   The fact he was gay helped too.  People in town just thought he was eccentric but I knew…. it was not hard to figure it out. Afterwards, he would always give me a wink as he handed me over the CD of the photographs that he took he gave it to me like it was  “million dollars” to show the couple, so we could up the commission. 

  As he went over the photos, he  would comment to the bride… how beautiful she was and how much she needed to have them so when she is older she can show everyone what a beauty she once was.   The groom just sat there looking like “can we get outta here”!   

So, as I sat there looking at the tape I realized that the accent had to go.  And to jazzed up Gus maybe he has a gift.  He can make any woman beautiful!  Maybe he is an outsider from another part of the south.  I still did not have a location really set in the pilot.  It kept being called Mayberry.  I know not very original.     This Norther has traveled to the south many times the Carolinas, Georgia the beautiful scenic views of Virginia and the Appalachian  Mountains like time has stood still.

 I have always been amazed at how friendly the people are down in the South.    We would park our car on one of our trips and get out of the car and people would start waving at us!  We did not know them and seemed odd to us.  We could have been murders or robbers but Howdy!   I also thought back on a step-grandmother on my Mom’s side named “Puss” and how it would take her weeks to clean her house and the many stories of her life.  

As I traveled across country to re-locate  I started driving through Tennessee, Arkansas and Texas.   

I saw great people who just were just so open and ready to give you the tour.   One woman in Tennessee, a waitress was serving me my grits, she just started talking to me about her family and how her ex-husband stole her credit cards and max them out and her boyfriend was trying to hunt him down with a gun.   She also mentioned that she had been shot and showed me her gun shot scars on her arm and this was early in the morning imagine in the evening. 

I decided to put this pilot in Arkansas.   Arkansas is really beautiful.   The landscapes of that state are interesting. It has wonderful trees and grass and then it has those very dramatic lake swap areas of the ” Hot Springs”  fit for a horror flick.    I love that.  So, it was Mayberry, Arkansas    There is no Mayberry in Arkansas.   Later on, I would change it to Cutler, Arkansas more original and no such town in Arkansas either. 

With another re-write of the pilot it seemed ready to go.  But to whom?  I started writing to networks.  The response in the mail  don’t bother us or they would not even open it since it was “unsolicited”.   With no agent or manager in literary, there was no way I would get my moment to pitch this show.     Production companies and producers always want a name attached.   So,  I thought of making this into a web series.  Yeah TV for the internet.   Another new adventure that I had never done before……  

Like Betty Davis said in the film  “All About Eve ” Put on Your Seat Belts. It ‘s Going to be a Bumpy Ride!

Our facebook page of the show:!/pages/Redneck-Weddings/131800780233767


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