Growing Up With Television And Having Some Creative License!

After working on my husbands project I had an epiphany!  “Redneck Weddings” was not a play or a film it was a fun TV show.   Now, as a child I never really watched a whole lot of television.  My parents were kind of strict and they would rather have me read a book, or practice my tap dancing or send me off to the park than look at mindless TV.   TV might corrupt me!   If my parents were still living today what  would they think of video games!

So, I had no really influences as a kid growing up.  My husband Peter did.  He would watch TV all the time. Being a child of the 60’s  it was the center piece of the living room in my parents house. My father would watch his news, sports and my Mom would have it on when she was cleaning. Back then it meant that you had some means buying a TV was very expensive.  Not everyone had a TV. Hard to believe it now but back then it was special.  Little did my parents know that I would go over other kids houses and watch TV shows when I could.   

As I grew up, I caught up somewhat but never had a favorite show so they was no attachment to this medium.    

Now, I watch more DVD‘s  and TV then before and my husband is always commenting on old TV shows so I learned from him.    Even today he is still an influence and always kicks me in the butt.  You do need someone in your life that is supportive and believes in you.      Now I have to watch it either on youtube or a DVD when you are auditioning for some of these shows sometimes it can make or break you not getting that role.  Producers and Directors are not fond of  the reply  ” I never watched the show”.  But I will if I get the part”.

So when the madness was over shooting wise on my husband’s project I turned to my re-writes.  I started looking at scripts on the internet about how to write for TV.  It is really different from film  TV  is quicker.  And the internet forget about it everyone has ADD.   I started writing bio’s of each character along with the situations of the Chapel

But somehow it was disjointed.  So on my lovely computer I started deleting or rearranging getting to the point more and more. 

The characters changed too some creative license.  Here is how it went back then.

Gus is now British not Irish, the boss of the chapel is “Carolyn” who is in her 60’s and a bitch and Nomi is now” Breesy” who is a drug addict and has been married too many times and her ex-husbands come back to visit her in town and blackmail her.  These are few of the beginnings and Winnie  comes back from the dead because she is mad on how the chapel had been run to the ground.    Oh and Winnie dates a sexed up Frank Sinatra in heaven!  I forgot to mention that.  Winnie comes back and forth to the chapel and only Breesy and Gus see her and I forgot to say that Winnie is the mother of Carolyn and she hates her daughter.  That is how I started this TV show!  Crazy right.  A little depressing but it had imagination.  

After I got done with the first draft of the pilot script  I had it read by a few actors .  My actor friends looked at me  somewhat supportive but shaking their heads.   That was a bad sign.  So much for being brave!    A weird start to say the least.  I guess they thought this project would not go anywhere after all how I could I top that.


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