Our Humble Move to Los Angeles! Where It Is All Or Nothing!

Here we are newbies in Los Angeles where it is always sunny! We moved into an old crappy apartment. My husband picked it not me. Here big dogs are not always welcome so you don’t have too much choice. I cried for days at the sight of this apartment. I kept cleaning the kitchen like five times before I could use it. Prior to us moving to this place, the past tenant decided he was going to wreck it before he left.   We had to move in quickly, because we were staying at a motel with two dogs one we sneaked in and when they found out they chase us out!  But it was OK if hookers and drug addicts  were there at the motel.  I went from an apartment to a house and back to an apartment. We rented the house. Someone can enjoy it!

Once we moved in, I could hear gun shots at night at my new place in Los Angeles!. At first I thought, that they were firecrackers than when we came home one day, the neighborhood was surrounded by a swat team with cops ready to shoot a dangerous suspect with a gun. Sacrifice!

Wisely, I started searching for the New York connections here in Los Angeles. People who I knew from the East Coast who moved to Los Angeles. My friends from the East Coast who heard I was moving to Los Angeles would help out too. Make a call to this guy or someone can get you this for a lot cheaper. People have to like you or want to help you. You can’t do it on your own in the entertainment field or any business for that matter. That is why this is a networking town.

There are a lot of people here in LA who say they want to do something and never get it done. Or they do it and never show it or finish the project. Being honest Maybe it is the weather…I don’t know. Me I am a doer. Always have been because nothing has ever been given to me. So to re-connect with the New York Gang was important to me. In fact, I know people in the industry who are from the East Coast…… who only deal with people from the East here in Los Angeles.   I wonder why.

So, I started as an actress again. Actually I was really surprised at the amount of roles for someone my age. I am not 21 in case you realized that. I got an agent, manager within a few months.   I was booking small roles and getting callbacks.

But I soon realized that this place was like a big black hole. Everyone is doing what you are doing. I had friends who had been here for twenty years and had not gone to the next step. Talented people. I wanted more after all if I was going to live in Beruit I better have something to show for it.

So, I had to stand out. I turned back to my re-writes of “Redneck Weddings”.  As I took them out and read them those characters jump back at me. Screaming at me like lost friends who I ignored somehow.  I lost my belief in them and myself. My husband had an idea for a TV pilot before he moved to Los Angeles. He started writing it in our small apartment here in Los Angeles. I submitted for roles on the Internet. I marveled at the pace he was writing and how his characters were just coming out. The plan was that I was to help him with pre-production which I have done in the past. We are a team. For now, the re-writes went back in the box.

And this crappy apartment became a production office of sorts. It was his project that would lead me back and I would finally find my path. It’s great to share your journey with someone you love and a few kisses from your paw kids! After all, this family is in it together!   Below is a photo of me in a New York dinner from a scene of “Big Man on Mulberry Street” a short film my husband wrote.  And yes that is a Bobby DeNiro look a like!


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