Re-Visiting the Past As A Writer To Be!

As I am going over today in (2012) all my re-writes  when I first thought of this as a play back in (2006)  it became so clear what a process this has all been.  I changed the titles of Redneck Weddings as a play so often. Too many characters coming in and out which is a mistake.  I think I was so frustrated with it!   The stacks of re-writes are evident of that!   In 2007 when I first heard it as a writer that is always an event for anyone the moment of truth.  The actors were reading it for the first time on a bare church stage.  I cringed at the sound of my lines and the characters were interesting, but had no focus.    The director said “Catherine this is not a play”. Then what is it… I said.  It is a Film he proclaimed.   I never wrote a screenplay. I can’t even write a play for God Sakes!  So, today as I sit here I have about 30 re-writes for a play and a valid attempt  for a screenplay.

Back then I felt dejected. I just put it away.  Gave up.  I could tell interesting stories at a party!

Looking back , I changed the titles of this project so often… how about “ Love & Marriage” or  “Tear Drops Chapel” .  Log-lines like” Try it You May Not like It”! LOL  I forgot about that one.  That had a horror tone to it about getting married!   One of the plot lines was… Winnie ends up coming back as a ghost to the chapel to get even that was in the screenplay.   

The characters kept creeping back in my head.   I would pass the chapel in town and saw that they fixed it up. Made it commercial looking.  A new owner perhaps.  I bet Preacher Evans was still there. Where was he going to GO!   

Redneck Weddings would be stuck in a drawer until a year later.  My husband being a writer had just been layoff at his regular job and I got the pink slip too.  So we moved to Los Angeles!    As I packed my belongings,  I packed the re-writes too.  Never throw out the re-writes you might need them again.   So, my life in Los Angeles began, as an Actress. Catherine was back in business where everyone is an Actor in a place called La La Land  that is not always what it is cracked up to be.


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