A Creative Spirit Trying to Fit In A Normal World.

As I said my final goodbyes to the folks at the Chapel I had gotten what I wanted a normal existence.  I was going to a another job that was about numbers and stats.  My future was a small tiny cubicle with a bunch of people who were so boring and dull compared to the folks at the chapel.  

There the event  of the day was:   who was the best sales person and  what printer was jammed!   I was making good money and I could go shopping during the weekend on myself and decorate the house.  Which was a project!  But as much as I wanted to be in that world from a distance it did not want me.  My mind began to drift and when I get bored I get in trouble.   So, that creative vibe was coming back and I could not stop it even if I tried.  Oh Lord.  Not again.  You see being really creative… it is like having an old lover that you can’t stop thinking about.   Or a bad one that takes and takes and you keep giving and you never get anything back. 

 Even today, I hate to say this but…. I feel like it is a curse.  I know people who just happy going to work everyday doing the same routine and they are happy.  Not me.    Even my family says you are so talented I wish I could be like you!  LOL.      And my friends…, back in New York (actor friends) keep asking me you can’t be happy you must be going crazy.  Yes you are so right.  Get involved with a theatre group.  You not acting …come on!   They would say.

So, that is what happened…I started taking classes at Second City in a nearby town.  Auditioning for community theater to feed my soul.   My classes at Second City (Improv) I started to bring in the characters of the chapel.  People would just laugh and they thought I was really something!    Not. 

You see us actors take family and friends or characters that they meet and use it.  Actors are storytellers but it is not as hard we are speaking someone else’s words.  Writers do the same but give out more or delete  what does not work or use that creative license  add a little a little there.  Just like making soup!  But I was not a writer.  Had no idea where to begin.  My husband who is a writer was no help either.  He would just say “tell the story”.   As I sat looking at all the material on the Chapel, how was I going turn this into something?    I knew I had something good.

 I know!  I will turn it into a stage play. After all I know something about that being on stage (my roots).   I will call it “Wedding Drops Chapel”.  And so it began as a play.     All I can say it was not going to be easy.


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