The life of being an Actress

As I am watching my husband edit one of the episodes of “Redneck Weddings” that I wrote,  I feel compelled to express myself on how this all started to everyone.  You see I have always thought of myself as a Actress not a writer.  My mom was a singer and always tried to push me in the performing arts.  Being shy and not quite cute as a kid I think my Mom was a little worried.

So to gain confidence and self esteem she took me to dance, singing and acting classes.  There was something that clicked when I performed as a kid nobody could bully me. I could feel comfortable for a time on that stage and somehow wanted.  That is how I got the bug.   Later on, the works of the masters would stir me and I realize that the written word was powerful and I was the instrument of interpretation.  How cool was that.

That is exactly what we actors do.   We study human behavior.   So, at this juncture writing should be easy right!  Not!

When I met my husband 21 years ago he was a writer and actor.  I use to see him look at the computer screen and stare at the cursor and when he finally did write a few pages of his film he would print them out with excitement  “read them”!

So, why would I want to write?  Because it is the best feeling in the world when you get it.  No one can tell you what to do or how to do it, the characters keep at you until you spill it out on the computer.   I guess my husband gave me the writing bug!

It is called freedom.

Next I will begin the journey of how Redneck Weddings the TV show started.


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