My Start of a New Life in a Strange Town!

Life can be strange so many twists and turns one never knows what will happen.

Events in life really set the path sometimes for the future.  From 2000 to 2003 I went through a series of family loss’ that really put me in a funk.  One right after the other.

I needed a change. Start my life a new.  Which meant moving away from the East Coast where I have lived all my life, saying goodbye to friends and family.  Which was hard. Everyone kept telling me “You will be back”.

Back East, I had a regular job.  Like most actors we are usually UN-employed most of the time.  Frustrated with show business I decided to make a change.  I announced to my husband, we will move were no one knows us, live like regular people and quit the business.  There had to be something else I was good at!   So I bought a house. Think big right.  No more apartments that were cramped 900 hundred square feet anymore we would live finally with space, closets and a backyard for my lab.  So I embarked on my journey we packed up our bags, left most of our furniture behind since we could not afford to take it.

And a way we went.  No job prospects either. It was a leap of faith.  When I arrived, I started searching for a job. That is when I found an ad for a Wedding Consultant in town.  I planned my own wedding so, I have experience.   I stood on the corner across the street and took a good look at the Chapel and almost to didn’t  go in.    In a seedy area, in town  a lot of run down motels around it.  As a New Yorker I got it. I guess it would be good business for people who just got married.  But I don’t think decent couples would go to these motels!  You would have to sleep with your clothes on!

The chapel itself was old and looked like it was from another time era OR I was on a movie set and did not know it.  It was advertised as the “Oldest Wedding Chapel” in town. Which is not saying much.

But being desperate, I went for it after all it was all or nothing.  As I entered the chapel,  there were people waiting to be interviewed. They all looked nervous.   After all this was a big job in town. A prize! One guy had a tee shirt on that said “No beer. No Work”. Ugh?   As I filled out the application form, I noticed how old is was!  It looked like a form from the 80’s we were in 2005 people!  Not even a space or a mention for cell or e-mail.  This is going to be interesting.   As, I looked around the  room I realized I was over-dressed.  I looked too urban. Oh well, I guess I am not in New York anymore!  And from this point on there was no turning back.


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