My First Time Blogging and Writing a TV Show Called Redneck Weddings.

I wanted to start this blog because I get ask quite often.

 How do I get into Show Biz!  


How did you come up with this show. 

I thought this would help people out there who want to write or perform.

So, this blog is about talking about Redneck Weddings,  but it is also about following your dreams no matter how crazy there are or impossible.   Because nothing is impossible if you just have the guts and passion to push through.

So, while I learn this system of blogging.  I am pushing through with this because I have no idea what I am doing. Not technically inclined.   Please be patience.

Catherine Natale

I hope to make new friends!

Her is the redneck weddings official page.

Please check it out.

Take care,



  1. Hi there…i think I heard about your show way up here in Canada. Hope it is going well…my son is in theatre too…the business side but he loves the creative vibe…I am an amateur writer….retired teacher…take good care…enjoyed your blog!


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